Welcome to Block by Block

Block by Block is a text-based roleplaying game centered around the agents and the goings on of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, a global entity specializing all things supernatural - from the rights of beings to the protection of mundanes from dangerous magics. From their HQ in London, agents travel across the globe in search of fearsome fascinations and and shocking sights. Bureau agents often point out that they're protecting the world, one impossible thing at a time.

The RP is set in the year 2018, ten years after the world of the supernatural was exposed to the world, and is a comedic, urban fantasy setting that is an alternate history version of the real world.

Players take on the rolls of field agents, employed from across the world as a result of their various skill sets and proceed to run around on all sorts of missions.

Note: I do not claim ownership of any outside media, and will take down any pictures or mp3 files at the request of their respective owners. Any similarities to other content or real life situations or people are purely coincidental or a direct parody.


Please excuse the mess and conflicting information during this RP's reboot.

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