Abe Snowman

Abraham "Abe" Snowman (real name unpronounceable by humans) is a Yeti from Northern Canada. His official papers list his birthplace as Resolute (Canada's most Northern city), however he was actually born in the middle of nowhere in the Northwest Territories. He appears to be a man of about 60, with heavily greying hair. He stands at about 7 feet tall and is most often clad in khaki's and long-sleeved polo shirts. He wears round glasses for reading.

Abe was discovered by a team of Bureau agents searching for an Inuit relic called aluiqqanaq auk (lit. avalanche blood), a mysterious liquid that could conjure avalanches from nothing. After a lengthy pursuit, a young Abe was taken to Toronto, where he was raised and educated as a human. At eighteen, he spent a brief period of time working for CSIS before being transferred into the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs.

After approximately 40 years of service to the Bureau, he was promoted to Branch Director of the Canadian Bureau office. He is a friendly man and is incredibly smart. To those just meeting him, he may come across as grumpy and stern. When angry he never shouts, he speaks calmly and gets…well…mean.

His powers include increased strength, ice manipulation (limited), and a howl that can destroy rock and metal and knock people off their feet.

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