Air Elemental

The oldest of the Elementals, known as wisps, Wind Witches, Sky Beings, and the Firstkind. Their bodies are made of concentrated sky stuff (clouds, wind, etc.). They always appear the same, as tall, billow cloud formations and speak like the howling wind. Like all elementals, they embody the element that they are made of.

Physical Attributes:

An Air Elemental is a type of elemental being that can be found living in all parts of the world. They embody the calm of a summer breeze and all the fury and hatred of a hurricane.

Natural Appearance:
The bodies of Air Elementals are made up of a collection of clouds and wind. As such, their form is constantly shifting in size and shape. They are vaguely humanoid in appearance, normally having two arms, two legs, and a face. They stand anywhere from 8 to 15 feet tall, regardless of gender. Compared to male Air Elementals, females are normally the larger of the two. Their faces are made of the same swirling storms as the rest of their bodies, and their expressions embody total apathy, with empty white eyes and a bored smirk.

Female Air Elementals tend to be made of more furious weather (raging storms, etc.), while their male counterparts are more calm and quiet. Both male and female Air Elementals spend an equal amount of time in their Illusory forms.

Illusory Appearance:
The Illusory forms of air elements are neigh indistinguishable from humans. Males and Females often appear as exceptionally healthy, elderly humans of both sexes. They have slightly tanned skin and gleaming platinum blonde hair that always appears to be wind swept. They dress in flowing white and grey silks that always flutter as if caught in a faint breeze. Both genders in this form have grey eyes, that always gaze at things with absolute apathy. Their wrinkled faces always uncaring…almost bored.

Female Air Elementals, while in this form also take on a regal quality that sets them apart from humans. They are somehow always in command of the room, as if they have some kind of authority. Male Air Elementals, while they share the regal quality of their female counterpart, they also appear more stoic (effectively displaying little to no emotion) than the average human being.

Both sexes of Air Elemental in this form are also physically ideal, in their height, weight, and attractiveness.

The final noticeable difference between the Air Elemental Illusory form is the way that they move. Air Elementals appear to glide when they walk, as if their feet never touch the ground. In a moving crowd of people, Air Elementals of both sexes would stand out as the most gracefully moving member of the crowd.

Racial Abilities:

Air Elementals, like their cousins of the other elements are adept at controlling their element, in this case air. An adult Air Elemental has the power to do anything from still a twister to call up a hurricane. They have near complete control over the weather around them, though often they need help from Water Elementals for larger weather-based magics. This species of Elemental can even control the air breathed in by all living beings on Earth. They are, without a doubt, very powerful fighters when they choose to be.

Air Elementals, outside of their own Illusory forms are very weak in the area of Illusions, unlike most of their counterparts, as a result they shy away from the use of Illusions, unless they have to.

When an Air Elemental is destroyed there is a large discharge of magical energy, often referred to as death-throes. The resulting storm this causes is a violent thunder and windstorm, marked by a deep grey funnel cloud above the spot the Elemental was felled. The older the Elemental, the more severe the storm gets. Rumour has it an elder Air Elemental's death-throes can wipe cities of the face of the planet.


Like most Elementals they favor places away from human development and can be normally found above lands without cities. Air Elementals are not a reclusive race of supernatural creature, though they shy away from from humanity. Rather, they are bored as a result of the eternal existence and see very little need to interact with anyone but other elementals. They are cold and apathetic in most situations, though many of the younger Air Elementals are quick to anger. Most Air Elementals are calculating and manipulative in their dealings with other beings, and whether for entertainment or personal gain, they always out come out on top.


Air Elemental culture is a total matriarchy, extending back to the first Air Elemental known as the Skymother. Female Air Elementals are always at the lead of packs. Male Air Elementals are submissive inside their own culture, and are workers and servants to the much less common Female Air Elementals.


As far as it is know, Air Elementals have always existed in this realm. Like all Elementals, their actual birth is not known to human researchers, and is a closely guarded secrets. Since the beginning of recorded supernatural history, Air Elementals have been seen as arbitrators of the conflicts and wars between their brothers and sister elementals, as well as other supernatural beings.

It is only in recent times that Air Elementals have become more of a problem for humanity. Two notable events in recent human history with Air Elemental involvement were the devastation caused by the hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. Hurricane Katrina, the more devastating of the two superstorms, was a result of a violent coup in Air Elemental society. The actual war took place four years prior to the actual hurricane. The four year long conflict caused an overabundance of supernatural energy released at the end of the war in the form of Katrina.

Hurricane Sandy, while smaller and less severe was the result of a much more gruesome act on the part of the Air Elementals. The current matriarch of the Air Elementals, Nacreous, took it upon herself to punish humanity for poisoning the air of 'her sky.' The venerable elemental summoned a storm in 2012 that caused severe damage in the States.

Currently there is a possible ongoing war between the Air Elementals and the Ice Elementals. Ice Elementals have been increasingly losing territory of the north and south their lands melting and giving way to the territory of Water Elementals and Earth Elementals. Despite usually being on good relations with the Air Elementals there is possible evidence that the disappearance of Ice Elemental territory is the Air Elementals' doing.

Well-Known Air Elementals:

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