Alexander Blackwood, First Earl of Blackwood

Arguably one of the richest and most powerful supernaturals in the world, Alexander Blackwood is the current head of the Blackwood family. He is a pyromancer of immense power. He is reputed and feared for his imposing presence - when he walks into a room, people notice him. He is married to Felicia Churchill-Blackwood, an English Nymph with whom he has three children:

  • Valentina Blackwood (29) - Pyromancer
  • Martin Blackwood (28) - Electrokinetisist
  • Abigail Blackwood (17) - Aquamancer

He also has two grandchildren through his eldest daughter and Michael Weyland. The children are twins, male and female, and they are named Alexander II and Alyssa.

When he was a younger man, he served in the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs alongside a slightly young Raj, a young Finnish man named Marko, and later in his time at the Bureau, a younger Katarina Saari. They were four members of a well-known iteration of Team 2, known as the Golden Team because of their success rate.

After retiring from the Bureau, Alexander Blackwood was granted a life peerage (as the First Earl of Blackwood) by the Queen of England. His Earldom is a large chunk of Scottish highlands near Inverness.

The Earl of Blackwood owns a huge company

Mr. Zharkov is usual seen being driven around in a heavily modified Jaguar XJ L Ultimate, which is said to be bulletproof, bomb proof, and it's believe to have several kinds of anti-magic armouring as well. He is often accompanied by two to four Range Rovers filled with security personnel.

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