I'm awesome and you know it -Apollo

Apollo is the Sun God of Olympus. He is also the God of Prophecy and Truth. Other areas that are claimed by Apollo are:

  • Plague, Medicine, and Healing
  • Archery
  • Music/Poetry/Lyre
  • Art
  • Knowledge
  • Oracles

Apollo appears to be a busy God, and is very much so, but he is also one of the more relaxed Gods. He has a bit of a dramatic flair and is one of the 12 Olympians. Even when the Greek Gods became known to the Roman Empire, Apollo was one of the few Gods to keep his Grecian name.

Apollo is the son of Leto and Zeus, his twin sister Artemis was born first and assisted in the birth of her brother. They were born on the floating island of Delos which later became a sacred place to Apollo. For more information on the mythology of Apollo, please visit this page.

Apollo likes to spend his time in various disguises and exploring the world. He has found many relations and doesn't seem to commit himself to many people. Those he has committed himself to are very special indeed. He is the guide of the Oracle of Delphi whom he uses to bring the Olympian influence to the World's balance. However it is said that the last Oracle of Delphi, Annie "Victoria" Barns died in 1912.

He currently favors his only son Blake Turner who was born from his affair with the mortal woman Samantha Turner. He treasures this family greatly and strives to have them protected. He has blessed Blake greatly and has rubbed off on his son.

Apollo is cocky, and brash. He is commonly seen as having a "jock-like" attitude. However he does care deeply for people and seems to downplay this. Apollo's actual appearance is a youngish muscular man who has blonde hair and golden-flecked light brown eyes. He almost always has a smile on his face.

He enjoys wearing casual clothes refusing to dress up unless it is a very special occasion.

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