Ares, son of Zeus and Hera, is the Greek god of war. His roman nickname was Mars. He is one of the twelve Olympians and is a TOTAL asshole. He is associated mostly with the violent, untamed aspects of war and is usually in contrast with the goddess Athena, who is associated with wisdom and tactics on the battle field. That being said, Ares is not a stupid man by any means.

He stands just shy of seven feet tall and weighs close to three hundred pounds of raw muscle. His body is covered in beautiful tattoos that all depict victory or represent strength. He always wears designer clothing - usually a dress shirt (untucked), dark wash jeans (both with and without tears), slip on shoes, and aviator sunglasses, as well as some form of silver jewelry (most commonly a torc bracelet and a ring). He has short, dark hair that is always neatly cut.

Ares is a well known womanizer amongst both deities and mortals. He has had public affairs with some 31 women, and there are at least a dozen more unverifiable claims, as well as two well known, failed courtships. The first failed courtship was with Persephone and was resolved amicably.

However, many years later, Ares tried to court Hades' daughter Melinoe, which resulted in Ares underpants being filled with ten thousand insects (Hades has denied any responsibility for this act). It is not known how many children Ares has sired, however his favored half-mortal child is William Green, a police officer from Las Vegas. Officer Green was the result of an exotic dancer that Ares grew fond of. Most recently, Officer Green has fallen under the control of Cassandra, enraging Ares.

Ares lives on a ranch outside of Las Vegas, from which he operates a well known and widely used private military company, a boot camp-style fitness organization, and a hunting company. He owns a 6x6 G-Class Mercedes SUV.

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