Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and the wilderness (as well as a few other things). She is probably one of the most venerated of the the Big 12. She is the twin sister of Apollo, and is the older of the two. Artemis is the product of one of Zeus' most famous and prolific affairs with the Titan Leto. She is also the protector of young girls and a virgin. In the Roman Pantheon she was called Diana (which, interestingly enough, is the first name of her mortal alias).

Like her twin brother and a goodly portion of her other siblings, Artemis is a very beautiful Goddess. She most commonly takes the form of a teenaged girl of about 16-18. She wears many neutral colours (most commonly grey) and is usually seen in a t-shirt or tank top and blue jeans. She has a vast collection of combat boots that is said to make Aphrodite violently ill. Like her brother, she has grey eyes that glow gold when she uses her magics or she is angry. The moon goddess wears very little jewellery.

Artemis has been known to kill men (accidentally and on purpose) who try and get close to her. She has killed about a dozen men who have tried to rape her, turned one of her would-be rapists into a girl, and accidentally killed her love, Orion. To quote Apollo: "Seriously dude…you don't wanna crush on my sister. No…no…seriously."

She has a good relationship with most of the other gods and goddesses. She is very close with her brother, even though they have been known to have fights that level cities. As well, and similar to her brother, she is very close with Hades and Persephone (her uncle and aunt). Her relationship with Aphrodite is a strained one, because Artemis does not approve of her half-sisters promiscuous behaviour.

Artemis has taken up residence in a huge ranch in rural Australia where she lives with a group of a dozen young women (none older than 20) who form her retinue. She drives a blue 1967 Mustang.

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