There is a rule above all others on Mount Olympus: do NOT fuck with Athena. Seriously.

She is the virgin goddess of knowledge, war, and about a dozen other things, and is a very serious woman. Her Roman name was Minerva. She is arguably the most impressive of the twelve Olympians because of her vast array of talents and her undeniable smarts and wits. She takes the form of a late 50s, early 60s brunette woman with blonde highlights. She is always seen in a skirt-suit (usually purple, grey, or navy blue) and she always wears glasses and a stern look on her face. She is the only daughter of Zeus and his first wife Metis. Athena is accompanied by a great horned owl with no name.

The goddess Athena enjoys a good relationship with many of the Olympians, however not all of her relationships are impulsive. She and Ares regularly have longwinded arguments surrounding their unique approaches to doing things. Athena believes that Ares is impulsive and entirely too quick to take action, and almost always makes rash decisions. Like her sister Artemis, she disapproves of Aphrodite's promiscuousness, however Athena keeps her displeasure to herself. As well, while she has a good enough relationship with her father, she also is regularly upset by his misogynistic behavior. She enjoys a very strong relationship with her younger twin siblings Artemis and Apollo, though once again…she doesn't like Apollo's attitude sometimes. There is a rumor that she has no sense of humour whatsoever - Athena claims this is not true.

Athena adopted a daughter named Johanna Rainmayr who is currently her favored (and only child). The two have an exceptional relationship, however it is strained currently because Athena does not approve of her fiancee, Tekam…the son of Thoth.

Athena has taken up residence in Malmo, a large city in the south of Sweden. She teaches part time at Cambridge University in the British Empire. She is also a consultant for the Bureau on a semi-regular basis, and she is he one who designed and built the Bureau's library. Athena drives a white Fiat Panda.

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