Aurore Chevalier

Aurore Chevalier, the Branch Office Director of 'The Chateau' in France, is a soft spoken woman in her mid-40s. She was born in France, specifically the city of Marseilles. As a child she fell into an old crypt and was 'attacked' by a hostile relic contained within the formerly sealed space. The relic, which was destroyed in the attack, gave then 12 year old Chevalier the ability to manipulate light. Much to the embarrassment of the Bureau, she was not actually discovered until the age of 35. At the time of her discovery she was an elementary school teacher in her hometown and had taught herself to control her powers in her spare time (show off).

Aurore was hired by the Bureau as a consultant initially, moving from Branch Office to Branch Office to work with younger supernaturals in Bureau custody (including one Addison Eichmann on Team 2). In 2002, the BAT she was flying on suffered a mechanical failure and crashed over Nevada. Agent Chevalier sustained a serious spinal injuries. While she had a full recovery in Tibet, the results of these injuries made travel difficult. As a result, the Director promoted her to the Branch Director of the office in Paris, a role which she fills very well.

Agent Chevalier is a meek and shy woman - the kind of person you'd expect to work with children. She is kind, caring, and empathetic to all those who meet her. She is also incredibly optimistic. Agents who work under her all say that she is an excellent boss that takes care of her agents like they are her family.

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