Australia And New Zealand

Full Name of Political Body

The Australia and New Zealand Alliance (ANZA)

General Information

After the economic collapse of 2013, both Australia and New Zealand were left largely intact due to their strong export ties with the economic superpower that is China.
However, it was quickly recognized that in order to survive this new, harder world, the two nations would need to band together and help each other out. After a lengthy set of tribunals, most of which were spent arguing what to call their new alliance, then arguing over which nations name would appear first in official documents. The two nations eventually decided to remain largely independent, but have each others backs.
The final verdict was that both countries would hold massive re-elections, and be very co-dependent. these re-elections had a more drastic effect than the original political parties had expected, as the people took the chance to put some less useless people in power. The ANZA Party. The ANZA party undertook a large reevaluation of their nations priorities, and made major changes to trade and military policy. This led to the growth of both nations military forces, and a lager internalization of trade and industry, leading to hastier recovery of the two nations. In a happy after effect, both nations resolved to become more environmentally friendly, too.

Leader Bio

Due to the nature of the countries alliance, each has it's own leader. These two leaders confer and collaborate on all important issues, and on many less important ones too.


Leading Australia is former Prime Minister John Howard. His policies lean heavily toward forming strong relationships with other nations, particularly through export. As such, his leadership was rather welcome in these times.


Leading New Zealand is former Prime Minister Helen Clark. Her strong economic sense and humanitarian bent, along with her long running popularity with the people, led to her almost universal acceptance as political leader of New Zealand.

Political Structure

Politically, The ANZA largely follows the ways of their respective nations from pre-collapse days. However, there are the notable exceptions of a larger focus on military sizes, and environmental concerns, along with a trade policy with as many nations as possible and a large internalization of the job market with a strong focus on mining, industry, and farming.

Economic Structure

Due to the economic tactics of the two nations collaboration, The ANZA has steadily growing economy. This is due largely to the countries large amount of exportation, along with their largely self sufficient nature and ties with various political allies such as the British Empire, and the Northern United States.

Flag Information

Both Australia and New Zealand kept their original flags, however they drew up a new one to act as the flag for both nations as an alliance, which takes the form of the combined Aboriginal and Maori flags.

Misc. Information

The ANZA immediately made the decision to compete as a team together in the Olympic games, as each nation recognized the others prowess in many sports, and resolved to make "The ultimate rugby team". They have gone on to have great success in this endeavor.
However, the nations are also fiercely competitive in many regards, particularly against each other. This is widely regarded to be the cause for the annual "Iron man" contest held between the two countries each year.

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