Blake Turner

Blake Turner is the son of Samantha Turner and the greek god Apollo. He has golden blonde hair and gold eyes and is incredibly handsome. Blake is currently dating and living with Addison Smith and works as an IT Technician for the BSA.

Blake is 25 years old, and was raised primarily by his mother in the northern part of England on an isolated rural area. He grew up surrounded by his cousins and supernatural family often being dragged to meetings. Blake has an extremely good relationship with his mother, who cares deeply about him. Blake doesn't talk much about his father, however he maintains a decent relationship with him, even if they don't see eye to eye.

Blake is also close to his Great Uncle Hades and Aunt Persephone and their daughter Melinoe. He gets along with practically everyone in the olympic family save for his ex girlfriend (and cousin, its a long story) Annette.

Blake moved to London after finishing schooling and began working at a small cafe as a barista. He plays every Saturday at a bar, promoting his music.

Blake met Addison online after becoming bored one day and hacking into the BSA mainframe. He later discovered that a dance was to occur and after dealing with the Blue Queen, a famous hacker who was Addison in disguise, he decided he wanted to see the dance for himself. During the time between then and the dance, Addison and Blake met face to face at the small cafe that he worked at after she was suggested it by Raine and Klaara.

Addison slowly began getting closer to Blake, who reciprocated the emotions. After she was stood up by her then-boyfriend and ex-fiancé Elliot, Blake and Addison danced and Blake's life changed permanently. Blake was not only threatened by Raj, but he was also extended an offer to work for the IT Department for the BSA. He moved in shortly afterwards and was confronted by the Director about his Divine Heritage.

For a long time, Blake did not speak about his home life or his father to Addison, causing strife in the relationship as she experienced changes as she got closer to becoming the Oracle of Delphi. Addison finally confronted Blake with her suspicions and he admitted his divine heritage to her, repairing the fracturing relationship. After her kidnapping, and close call to death, Blake has become a bit more protective of Addison, and in order to be closer to her and to progress their relationship together Blake moved in with Addison expanding their condos into one single unit.

Blake is the chosen Demi-god of Apollo and has been blessed with his father's abilities in creativity of music, poetry, lyrics, and light manipulation. Blake is also a skilled Archer and has a bow given to him by his father that allows him to shoot arrows made of light. While Blake knows about healing, it is all self-taught and he did not inherit the ability of his father to Heal or Predict the future instead only being able to glean "feelings" that can stir him in the right direction leading to periods of great luck.

Blake drives a black Infiniti QX70.

Blake recently got a baby falcon of which he has yet to name.

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