Bloody Mary Bloody Mary

Gwen: The loudspeakers crackle to life. "Team 2, to the Briefing Room."
[7:07pm] Tox|Tab: Mike sighs. "She won't tell me. Says she wants it to be a secret for a little while."
[7:08pm] Tox|Tab: Mike looks up and sighs. "Once more into the breach."
[7:08pm] Tox|Tab: He goes!
[7:09pm] Alivi: Raine looks up. "Well then…" He places his book down and picks up his bag and walks to the briefing room
[7:14pm] Alivi: Raine sits down in the breifing room
[7:17pm] Gwen: Addison sits as well. The Director is sitting, lost in thought holding an old picture.
[7:17pm] Tox|Tab: He clears his throat. "Boss?"
[7:17pm] Alivi: Raine watches the Director, patiently.
[7:19pm] Gwen: "Hmm? Oh! Terribly sorry! I was just thinking back on old times." He holds out the picture. It appears to be a picture of the Director and Tsar Nicholas the second making silly faces at a camera. "I miss old Nick…have I ever told you about the time I had Rasputin put to death…because it's HILARIOUS."
[7:20pm] Alivi: "…oh?" Raine tilts his head.
[7:21pm] Tox|Tab: Mike tilts his head. "No, you haven't…"
[7:22pm] Gwen: "The bastard stole…something…so I had him shot, poisoned, drowned, set on fire, strangled…and…" He seems to get confused, then he starts humming the tune of Ra Ra Rasputin, obviously trying to recall the story of Rasputin.
[7:22pm] Alivi: "….wow… overkill?"
[7:23pm] Tox|Tab: Mike nods, content to let the Director's mind wander.
[7:26pm] Gwen: He looks to Raine. "What he stole made him very hard to kill. ANYWAYS…" He stands and waves his hand over the large screen behind him. "I've got good news and bad news team. The good news, is that we've begun translations of the Prophets notes. The Lady is obsessing over a cave, or underground complex." As he speaks lines of the Prophet's scribbles appear on the screen. "She doesn't know where it is…however, she often refers to it
[7:26pm] Gwen: as an amplifier."
[7:27pm] Alivi: "I see…'
[7:27pm] Tox|Tab: "An amplifier…?" Does anything in Mike's Journal mention an Amplifier?
[7:28pm] Gwen: "The bad news…we have no idea what the hell that means. No matter, our researchers are working on it as we speak, and it has nothing to do with this evenings mission." Nothing in Mike's journal.
[7:28pm] Alivi: "I see…"
[7:29pm] Tox|Tab: He shakes his head. "My Scribe mentioned nothing of an Amplifier… so what's the job?"
[7:29pm] Gwen: "Do you know the story of Bloody Mary?"
[7:30pm] Tox|Tab: "The children's game? Look in a mirror, blah blah?"
[7:30pm] Alivi: "…What?"
[7:30pm] Alivi: Raine seems confused.
[7:33pm] Gwen: "Yes. Say her name three times in front of a bathroom mirror and she kills you."
[7:34pm] Tox|Tab: "What of it?"
[7:35pm] Alivi: "Why….does that happen?"
[7:38pm] Gwen: "Because Mary Sanguis got herself hexed in the early 1600s by a witch>'
[7:39pm] Alivi: "….oh…"
[7:40pm] Tox|Tab: "So you're saying that is a thing that literally happens?" he asks seriously.
[7:41pm] Gwen: "Yes. She was apprehended in 1880, and put in a Bureau run care home. She's escaped."
[7:42pm] Alivi: "…….I see…"
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[7:43pm] Tox|Tab: What should we be on the lookout for?"
[7:44pm] Alivi: "Wait wait wait….she escaped now? I thought she was caught in 1880, shouldn't she be dead?"
[7:46pm] Gwen: "The witch cursed her with immortality."
[7:47pm] Tox|Tab: Immortality can be a bitch," he observes dryly.
[7:47pm] Alivi: "….how is living forever a curse again?"
[7:48pm] Tox|Tab: "Growing old, watching everyone you love and care about — " Mike winces, shutting the hell up.
[7:49pm] Gwen: The Director waves his hand, and a young red head's picture appears. "That is Mary. She's HUGELY dangerous."
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[7:52pm] Alivi: "…I see…"
[7:53pm] Tox|Tab: Raine, perception please
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[7:55pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[7:55pm] Glacon: Alivi: 12 (1d10+6=6)
[7:56pm] Tox|Tab: Raine catches the very tail end of a guilty glance Mike shoots at the Director, such that he might dismiss it as imagination.
[7:57pm] Alivi: Raine sighs
[7:59pm] Gwen: "She was last seen in Amsterdam."
[7:59pm] Tox|Tab: "What should we expect?"
[8:04pm] Gwen: "She's violent and blood thirsty. We're not sure how she kills…even after all these years."
[8:05pm] Alivi: "Well….let's get going. Faster we move, faster we get back, and the faster I can start reading the rest of my book."
[8:05pm] Tox|Tab: "What are our rules of engagement?" he asks.
[8:05pm] Gwen: Addison stands and moves to the door. The Director looks to Mike. "She is to be contained, not killed."
[8:06pm] Tox|Tab: He nods. "Understood. What resources will we have on site?"
[8:06pm] Gwen: "Everything you bring with you."
[8:07pm] Tox|Tab: He frowns. "No assets we can call on?"
[8:08pm] Gwen: "This has to be discreet Agent Weyland. She's been in contact with the Bureau for a very long time…she knows our tricks."
[8:09pm] Tox|Tab: "Very well. Shake up the usual game and approach her in a way she doesn't expect." He rises. "That sound on the level?"
[8:09pm] Gwen: The Director nods once. "You got it."
[8:09pm] Alivi: "We can't always rely on fancy things Mike….don't tell me you got spoiled?"
[8:10pm] Tox|Tab: He raises a finger. "What is that usual game, as far as she knows?"
[8:14pm] Gwen: "I don't understand the question?"
[8:15pm] Alivi: "We will figure it out on the way Mike, come on, the longer we wait the faster she is gonna move."
[8:15pm] Tox|Tab: "What I mean is, how does she expect the Bureau to act?"
[8:15pm] Gwen: "Like the Bureau."
[8:16pm] Tox|Tab: "Fair enough. We'all be on the usual freq if you need to reach us." He heads out.
[8:17pm] Alivi: Raine follows.
[8:22pm] Tox|Tab: To the plaaaane.
[8:27pm] Gwen: The plane ride is uneventful as always. They land smoothly and soon, the whirring noise of the take of the plain is heard.
[8:27pm] Gwen: *plane
[8:28pm] Tox|Tab: "Off we go," he mutters, heading out.
[8:28pm] Alivi: Raine follows, "Feels weird with just….three of us…"
[8:29pm] Tox|Tab: "Yeah…I don't like going in with no support. Feels…wrong."
[8:29pm] Gwen: Addison nods. "Yeah. But we'll be fine."
[8:29pm] Alivi: "We never had support before, why is this different?"
[8:30pm] Alivi: "Just…usually there is more of team 2 with us."
[8:30pm] Tox|Tab: "There're only the three of us, with no available assets in-theater if we come up short." He huffs, proceeding on.
[8:31pm] Gwen: "We're not killing. We're just taking her down.
[8:32pm] Tox|Tab: "Still." He sighs.
[8:33pm] Gwen: "Why can't we just call her up? Like…find a mirror, invoke her name and then zap?"
[8:33pm] Alivi: "Exactly…"
[8:33pm] Alivi: "Wanna try it Addison?"
[8:34pm] Alivi: "I can create a reflective surface…."
[8:35pm] Tox|Tab: "Doesn't that strike you as too easy?" He counters. "Forewarned is forearmed, yes, but still. Wouldn't the care home have tried that before calling us in?"
[8:35pm] Alivi: "But its a BSA care home…."
[8:36pm] Alivi: "What is the harm…in trying? Why is it so important for you to have fancy assets rather than us doing what we used to?"
[8:38pm] Tox|Tab: Mike frowns. "Is there something objectionable in thinking running in half-cocked is a terrible idea? I mean, if it's the best we got, sure, got it, but…" He frowns. "You have a point, though, we could wander forever and not find her trail."
[8:38pm] Alivi: "Exactly. We need a hint something and why not go back to the basic. The foundation. We can try it or unless you have a better idea let me know."
[8:38pm] Gwen: "Especially because she travels by mirror."
[8:38pm] Alivi: Raine seems to be getting frusterated.
[8:39pm] Tox|Tab: Mike considers. "Alright. Let's do it to it. How do we capture her when she comes through?"
[8:40pm] Alivi: "Well if I create the mirror of ice…maybe we can babbage it from both sides?"
[8:41pm] Gwen: "Sounds good to me."
[8:41pm] Tox|Tab: "Babbage the mirror?" Mike seems confused. "Walk me through how that would go down."
[8:42pm] Alivi: Raine attempts to summon up a particularly reflective piece of ice.
[8:43pm] Gwen: "Well, it's some kind of portal magic. The Babbage should knock it out, right?"
[8:44pm] Alivi: 1d10+8 (Tag supercooled crystals)
[8:44pm] Glacon: Alivi: (Tag supercooled crystals): 18 (1d10+8=10)
[8:44pm] Alivi: 1d10+18
[8:44pm] Glacon: Alivi: 26 (1d10+18=8)
[8:44pm] Tox|Tab: "Stands to reason. So if we knock it out after she comes through, she won't be able to use it to warp away — hopefully."
[8:45pm] Gwen: "Should theoretically knock her out of her…dimension…and into ours."
[8:46pm] Tox|Tab: "At which point she should be no more powerful than an average girl?"
[8:50pm] Alivi: "Perhaps, perhaps not…."
[8:51pm] Alivi: Raine succeeds, he makes a rather good sized reflective mirror made of ice in the shape of an oval. Levitating in the center of their group.
[8:51pm] Alivi: "Ok….. so who wants to summon her…"
[8:52pm] Gwen: "You two are better shots than I."
[8:53pm] Alivi: "Alright…." Raine stands on one side of the mirror and takes out his babbage. "Now….Addison, stand in front of Mike…and summon her….Mike…cover Addison."
[8:53pm] Tox|Tab: "Doesn't matter to me, but I — exactly. Whoever summons her is going to have to…keep her busy. I'd also say that would suggest me…"
[8:54pm] Tox|Tab: "But if this is the way we're going to do this, so be it. You sure about this, Addy?"
[8:54pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Addison.
[8:54pm] Tox|Tab: Mike steps behind Addy and draws down.
[8:55pm] Gwen: Addison nods. "I got this…"
[8:55pm] Alivi: Raine smiles, "You do…"
[8:59pm] Tox|Tab: "Maybe a better idea — could you hide behind me, say what you gotta say then duck back so she has to go around, buying us some time?"
[9:00pm] Gwen: "you have to be looking into the mirror."
[9:01pm] Tox|Tab: "Well yeah. Look at the mirror while standing behind me."
[9:23pm] Gwen: "I'm not sure that's how it works."
[9:25pm] Alivi: "…let's just try it."
[9:25pm] Tox|Tab: "Harm in trying? If all it is is looking in the mirror, then that should work fine, no?"
[9:27pm] Gwen: Addison wanders behind Mike and looks to the mirror. "Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary!" There is a blast of purple light from the mirror.
[9:27pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike, "Mike what is going on?"
[9:28pm] Tox|Tab: Mike tenses up, focusing on the mirror. "She's comin', get yerself ready!" His finger tightens.
[9:28pm] Alivi: Raine aims ready to fire.
[9:28pm] Tox|Tab: "When she clears the mirror, blast it then help Addy!"
[9:28pm] Alivi: "Got it."
[9:32pm] Gwen: It's like a movie special effect from Flash Gordon. Mary comes flying out of the portal, cleavers first. She's dressed in a black dress that is obviously stained with blood. In her hands there are two rusted cleavers. She cackles and then lunges at Addison with supernatural speed.
[9:33pm] Alivi: Can raine shatter the mirror?
[9:33pm] Gwen: Sure!
[9:33pm] Tox|Tab: "Not on my watch, you medieval /bitch!/" he snarls, hosing the now-empty mirror with fire.
[9:33pm] Alivi: Raine shatters the mirror causing it to vanish, he fires the babbage!
[9:34pm] Alivi: what do I roll?
[9:34pm] Tox|Tab: 1d10+8 pistol fire spec I think?
[9:34pm] Glacon: Tox|Tab: pistol fire spec I think?: 16 (1d10+8=8)
[9:34pm] Alivi: 1d10
[9:34pm] Glacon: Alivi: 5 (1d10=5)
[9:36pm] Gwen: Mike his her as the mirror is destroy. All evidence of magic is gone…leaving an out of place Victoria girl…probably not much older than Addison standing on the tarmac of the Amsterdam Airport.
[9:36pm] Tox|Tab: Mike lowers the whirring Babbage. "Ey. Mary?" He holsters it and steps towards her.
[9:36pm] Alivi: "Contain her!"
[9:37pm] Tox|Tab: Which quickly turns into a bear hug if and when she turns to face him.
[9:38pm] Gwen: Her cleavers clatter to the floor, but she does struggle.
[9:40pm] Tox|Tab: "Hey. /Hey./ Stop squirmin'. You're not — going anywhere." He tightens up.
[9:41pm] Alivi: "Its ok…"
[9:41pm] Tox|Tab: It should be noted that he's not being excessive, or sounding at all mean.
[9:45pm] Gwen: She stops and looks up at him. "I suppose you're the new Bureau agent?"
[9:47pm] Tox|Tab: He looks down at her, a half-smile on his face. "To you, I probably am pretty new. Naw, I've been leading Team 2 fer…almost a year now."
[9:48pm] Alivi: Raine seems confused.
[9:49pm] Gwen: "A lot's changed in…well…a while." She tries to break free. "I'll go willingly…as long as you tell the Director that I get a corner cell…WITH A VIEW!"
[9:49pm] Alivi: "We will…"
[9:51pm] Tox|Tab: Mike doesn't tighten his grip too much, but he keeps a grip. "Consider it done, Mary. Do you promise to keep your escape attempts to a minimum?" He grins.
[9:51pm] Gwen: She just rolls her eyes.
[9:52pm] Tox|Tab: He taps his earpiece. "Weyland calling Director," he commands.
[9:54pm] Gwen: "Michael. Have you found Mary?"
[9:55pm] Tox|Tab: "We have," he confirms. "I've got her in my arms - quite literally - as we speak. She has agreed to surrender herself voluntarily subject to the condition that she gets a corner cell with a view."
[9:57pm] Gwen: There is a loud sigh. "Fine. Bring her back here for containment."
[9:58pm] Tox|Tab: "To Bureau HQ, sir?" Mike asks.
[9:59pm] Gwen: "Yes."
[10:01pm] Tox|Tab: "Understood," he replies, though his tone indicates he clearly does not. "Returning to base."
[10:01pm] Alivi: Raine sighs. "Shall I restrain her?"
[10:03pm] Tox|Tab: "No," he demurs, disconnecting the call." I think we can trust her to go willingly, as she said, yes?"
[10:03pm] Alivi: "Ok…"
[10:04pm] Tox|Tab: That last directed at Mary.
[10:07pm] Gwen: She nods, sulk-like.
[10:07pm] Alivi: Raine sighs, "Let's get home then…"
[10:08pm] Tox|Tab: "Hey. Why so glum?" he asks, releasing her and escorting her on board the fortress plane. He gives her an easy smile.
[10:09pm] Gwen: "I was enjoying freedom." Addison looks to Mike. "I was the same way when the Bureau found me."
[10:10pm] Alivi: Raine looks down.
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[10:14pm] Tox|Tab: Mike nods, looking from one to the other speculatively. "Well, this isn't /all/ bad. If you promise not to escape, I could try and get some…pardon the phrase, 'creature comforts' passed your way. Too, as she says, Addison's dealt with this before; she's a good person to talk to."
[10:15pm] Alivi: "Can we just go now?"
[10:15pm] Gwen: Mary remains silent for the rest of the trip, but she's not miserable. Almost like she's thinking.
[10:16pm] Alivi: When they get back, Raine separates from the group without talking to anyone.
[10:17pm] Tox|Tab: Mike frowns. Odd. Oh well, he's got an assignment. He escorts Mary to the Director's office, knocking on the door.
[10:18pm] Gwen: The Director takes her in and that's the end of plot.
[10:19pm] Alivi: Raine heads out into the forest.
[10:21pm] Tox|Tab: Mike wanders about, looking for him.
[10:21pm] Alivi: Raine has managed to find a clearing. He is lying in the center of it. Looking at the sky.
[10:22pm] Tox|Tab: Following his nose and his fledgling mind-sense, he stumbles on the clearing. "What's up?"
[10:26pm] Alivi: Raine doesn't look over.
[10:26pm] Alivi: "…Do you think it is real?"
[10:28pm] Tox|Tab: "Do I think what is real, Raine?"
[10:29pm] Alivi: "…the sky…"
[10:29pm] Alivi: He is looking at the sky.
[10:31pm] Tox|Tab: "…?" He wanders over, lying down as well. "What do you mean?"
[10:31pm] Alivi: "…the forest here…its a weird dimension thing….does it mean it is fake? Are we in some sort of containment as well? Just freer than them?"
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[10:35pm] Tox|Tab: Mike sighs. "I don't know if I can answer that for you except to ask - is anyone /really/ free? What does it mean to be contained?" He folds his hands behind his head. "Things are as real as you make them, Raine," he adds.
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[10:42pm] Alivi: Raine just shrugs.
[10:42pm] Alivi: "….I dunno if I am doing the right thing anymore, Mike."
[10:43pm] Tox|Tab: He rolls onto his side, facing the younger Agent. "What do you mean, Raine?"
[10:44pm] Alivi: Raine doesnt look at Mike. "….I don't know if being here….is right."
[10:47pm] Tox|Tab: "Why wouldn't it be?" he asks. "We're doing good work."
[10:49pm] Alivi: "…Its not like i dont have…."
[10:49pm] Tox|Tab: "What's that?"
[10:49pm] Alivi: "…my parents are still out there…"
[10:49pm] Alivi: he says that quietly
[10:50pm] Tox|Tab: "You're worried that this is generally a…refuge for those who have nowhere else to go? And you're wondering if, since that's not your case, you should be here?"
[10:51pm] Alivi: He doesnt respond
[10:52pm] Tox|Tab: "Raine?"
[10:55pm] Alivi: Raine just….sighs.
[10:55pm] Alivi: "…I came here…cause Marko asked me to…as he died…"
[10:57pm] Tox|Tab: Mike considers this, then shakes his head. "No, I don't buy that. We're here because…we want to make a difference. Even if we have people to go back to…" Mike swallows a lump in his throat, voice hitching. "…or if we have people tying us here…we're here because we feel a sense of responsibility or duty. There's a job needs doing, and we're qualified. Isn't it right to do it?"
[10:58pm] Tox|Tab: "There's yer duty. To your mentor. I'm still a police officer, sworn to uphold the public trust. That's part of mine."
[10:59pm] Alivi: "But my parents are still out there. I don't even know what I am?"
[10:59pm] Alivi: "What am I even doing here
[11:01pm] Tox|Tab: "You're here because you feel it's right to honor Marko and his memory. What I'd want in the best world is for you to realize for yourself that…the Bureau needs you. You're an asset, and you're helping to do good work?"
[11:01pm] Tox|Tab: ."
[11:02pm] Alivi: "…Sometimes….I don't feel that way…"
[11:04pm] Tox|Tab: "We all have those moments, Raine," he says quietly.
[11:08pm] Alivi: "…Do you?"
[11:11pm] Tox|Tab: "Yes," he responds simply, taking a breath. "I…stopped in Fremont…on my way to find the Shrine. Found my sister's place. Sat there for awhile…wondering. Thinking."
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[11:12pm] Alivi: "….Did you….go in?"
[11:17pm] Tox|Tab: "…." Mike flops back onto his back. "I wanted to," he says, barely audible. "I wanted to open the door…wake her up, hold her an'…an' tell her I was home." He reaches up and swipes at his eyes. "Got about to the complex door when I realized I'd….never leave if I did that."
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[11:20pm] Alivi: "…I never told them goodbye…"
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[11:22pm] Tox|Tab: Mike blinks slowly. "S'never…./almost/ never too late to say goodbye," he amends, letting his head roll to the side.
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[11:23pm] Alivi: "…Well me getting to finland? Finding them??"
[11:23pm] Alivi: "Impossible….
[11:25pm] Tox|Tab: "The Bureau has resources…contacts," he says slowly, thickly. "About every government on Earth cooperates with us on some level…nothing is outside the Bureau's reach…"
[11:27pm] Alivi: Raine sits up.
[11:27pm] Alivi: "Cut it out….it….I shouldn't have said anything. Sorry…"
[11:28pm] Tox|Tab: "Cut what out?" Mike asks, sitting up as well. "If you want to…I'm sure it can be arranged."
[11:29pm] Alivi: "…no…"
[11:31pm] Tox|Tab: "You'd rather leave old wounds unopened?"
[11:32pm] Tox|Tab: He says this understandingly, not skeptically.
[11:32pm] Alivi: "…I just…"
[11:32pm] Alivi: "Its not like I have much of a choice…."
[11:33pm] Alivi: "Team 2 and the BSA is my new home…I even have a girlfriend… sorta…."
[11:33pm] Alivi: "…I should…just forget…"
[11:33pm] Alivi: He cant seem to finish the sentence.
[11:35pm] Tox|Tab: He looks at Raine directly. "Do not finish that sentence, Raine Virtanen. The last thing you /ever/ want to do is forget."
[11:37pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike, quite startled
[11:40pm] Tox|Tab: Mike seems quite deadly serious. "Don't /ever/ forget who you love and who you leave behind. They're part of you, and if you forget them, you're forgetting parts of yourself, too. /Never/ forget who you fight for."
[11:42pm] Alivi: Raine averts his eyes.
[11:42pm] Alivi: "…I understand…"
[11:43pm] Tox|Tab: "Good…" He flops back down, suddenly seeming much wearier.
[11:45pm] Alivi: "….You ok?"
[11:47pm] Tox|Tab: "This is…a tougher job than you might think, being team lead. Everything falls back on me, be it success or failure…on top of the same things you're dealing with." He sighs, drawing a hand across his face. "But…I drive on regardless…"
[11:51pm] Alivi: "I saw Addison deal with this too you know…"
[11:51pm] Tox|Tab: "During her stint as Lead?"
[11:51pm] Alivi: "Yes."
[11:52pm] Tox|Tab: He sighs heavily. "A burden I wouldn't wish on anyone…"
[11:55pm] Alivi: "…well she did her best…and…well it fell apart…with rhyden and elliot…"
[11:55pm] Alivi: "Now we lost John…"
[11:56pm] Alivi: He sighs, "I suppose Satyana will wanna cross train unless we can find another.'
[11:59pm] Tox|Tab: Mike frowns. "Wait, what? What happened to John?"
[12:00am] Alivi: "…He got transferred…"
[12:00am] Alivi: "Something about….not being able to deal with the amount of action we saw…"
[12:02am] Tox|Tab: Mike frowns. "Personnel actions should have gone through me..damn."
[12:02am] Alivi: "It happens….he didnt really… anyways…"
[12:05am] Tox|Tab: He nods." Granted…" He lays back. "What else? You got anything for me?"
[12:05am] Alivi: "…meaning?"
[12:07am] Tox|Tab: "Questions, comments?"
[12:08am] Alivi: Raine just shrugs.
[12:08am] Alivi: "…nope…"
[12:11am] Tox|Tab: "You sure?" He props himself up and looks at Raine. "You look down."
[12:11am] Alivi: "…'m fine…"
[12:11am] Alivi: "…should head in…"
[12:13am] Tox|Tab: "…if you need anything, you come talk to me, okay? anything at all."
[12:16am] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike for a bit. He shrugs. "…I'll be fine…"
[12:21am] Tox|Tab: He looks at Raine closely. "No…I know that look. That's the look of someone who /needs/ to talk to someone. Anyone." He sighs.
[12:21am] Alivi: "Mike…I am fine…really…"
[12:24am] Tox|Tab: "…I said the same thing…after…." He trails off, one hand absently going to his breastbone. "Turns out I wasn't as fine as I thought. Don't be afraaid to ask for help…"
[12:25am] Alivi: "…Yea…"
[12:27am] Tox|Tab: He smiles, offering Raine a shoulder-clap.
[12:27am] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike.
[12:28am] Tox|Tab: He's moved his arm closer to Raine's shoulder, and seems to be asking permission with his eyes.
[12:30am] Alivi: Raine doesn't seem to understand.
[12:30am] Tox|Tab: Mike goes ahead and claps Raine on the shoulder then, offering a smile.
[12:31am] Alivi: "Uh..thanks…"
[12:32am] Tox|Tab: "It's supposed to be a comforting gesture…solidarity."
[12:37am] Alivi: "Ah…I see…thank you…then…"
[12:37am] Alivi: "…I'll see you…"
[12:37am] Alivi: He turns and walks back
[12:38am] Tox|Tab: Mike follows after a time.

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