Branch Offices & Other Sites

This page provides information about the various branch offices and other important sites of the Bureau across the world.

Branch Offices

Branch offices are usually located in the country/state's capital city and are run by a Director of that field office who acts like a team lead for the entire organization.


Founded in the late 1970s, the Australian Branch Office of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs initially existed solely as a safe place for the growing population of Changelings coming out of Darwin. The office is located in Sydney, and is one of the only offices to include a small school for Changeling children. Changelings are given a choice usually, they can either stay and work in Sydney, or they can seek employment at the Bureau. The current Director of this Branch office is a Changeling named Rory Fadden. The codename for this branch office is 'The Rock.'


The Canadian Branch Office of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs (Le bureau de la section Canadienne du Bureau des Affaires Supernatural) was founded at the behest of Queen Victoria who was rather fond of Canada. It became a very important office when Ice Elementals were first encountered as it allowed the BSA access to the North Pole with little restriction. The current office is located in Toronto, and it is the second Branch Office. The first one was burned down during the Great Fire of Toronto. The Director of this Branch Office (Le Directeur du bureau de la section Canadienne du Bureau des Affaires Supernatural) is a male Yeti by the name of Abraham (Abe) Snowman. The Toronto office of the BSA is codenamed 'The Igloo.'


Incidentally, the French Branch Office is actually older than Bureau HQ in London as it was founded by Queen Victoria before a permanent HQ in London was decided upon. Located in a beautiful mansion and vineyard about two hours outside of Paris, the French BSA offices are run by a meek, though nice, agent named Aurore Chevalier, a light manipulator. The French branch office is rather boringly codenamed 'The Chateau.' This boring codename was likely chosen to mitigate the chances of a surrendering joke being chosen.


Of all the Branch Offices under the BSA's umbrella, the German office has had the rockiest history. It was founded roughly a decade after the French office and grew steadily over the years. During the first World War, its agents evacuated the relics and supernaturals housed within and engaged Procedure Wan Hu and detonated the office. It was refounded in 1920 only to be sought after years later when Hitler came to power. In 1938, its agents engaged the Wan Hu Procedure once more. The German office wasn't founded again until the 3 October 1990 when Germany reunified. This office is currently run by Erich von Strauss, a Nazi experiment liberated by the Bureau after the war. Through unknown means, Nazi scientists made Agent von Strauss completely immune to any sort of fatal trauma…he is effectively indestructible. The codename for this office is 'The Valkyrie.'


The Swedish Branch Office of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs is the largest BSA branch office in the world. It is located in Stockholm. It was not founded for any particular, supernatural reason. It is run by Agent Ilse Wilke, who is decidedly odd. Agent Wilke is capable of co-location and astral projection. This branch office is code named 'The Hatbox.'


This is the smallest Branch Office in the world and it is also the most remote. Hidden in a valley near the border with India, the Tibetan Branch Office serves just one purpose. It is a state of the art intensive care and recovery hospital. This office has no Director as it it is under the control of the Medical division of the BSA. It falls under the purview of the Medical Department Head, who acts as its Director and its Dean of Medicine. This office's code name is 'The Om.'

United States of America

The Director often says that the only reason the USA got a Branch office is because they would not stop whining. The American Branch Office is located in Sedona, Arizona…the American capital of weird stuff. The Director of this office is Pierce Walker, who at one time was married to Agent Clementine Sweet. Its codename is 'The Crystal.'

Other Important Bureau Sites

This is a non-exhaustive list of non-Branch Office sites controlled by the Bureau.

The Factory

The Factory is a massive complex in Brazil. Ownership of this site is split between the Bureau and Zharkov Industries. Here, the organizations MPVs, BATs, Babbages, All Access Passes, and all other gadgetry are manufactured and repaired. There are nearly 10,000 employees at this ultra high tech and ultra secure megafactory.

The Fish Bowl

All of the Branch Offices have containment facilities to house dangerous supernaturals and RELICs. However, there are a number of supernaturals and RELICs that are too dangerous for those facilities. Enter the Fish Bowl, a Zharkov Industries designed submersible that houses the Bureau's most dangerous captives.

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