Carmilla Drăgau




Carmilla Drăgau


Hedonistic Sang Purr Vampire

Brief Physical Description

Tall, pale and with an exceptionally beautiful face, Carmilla has long brown hair and shining white fangs. She has a very stunning figure, unsurprising given her heritage. She has pronounced cheekbones and a long nose, with large brown/ red eyes. She tends to wear high boots, tight fitting pants or skirts, colorful shirts and a leather vest over it all. Likes decorations and jewelery too. Often seen in tight dresses, long and short and middling, in varying styles.


You have 18 points to spend at a 1:1 ratio. All 18 points must be spent. No stat may be left at 0.
Stat Rank
Force 5
Grace 7
Wits 4
Resolve 2

Areas of Expertise

Come back to my place: Carmilla is a master of picking up. She enjoys talking people into coming home with her just about as much as what comes after.

All glory to the hypnotoad: As a vampire, Carmillas eyes carry hypnotic suggestions, putting the subject of her gave into a trance.

Ambush biter: Carmilla is very good at grabbing people and attacking them unseen.


  • Overall Power Level 3
  • Vampire Physiology
    • Immortality
    • Enhanced strength
    • Enhanced speed
    • Regenerative healing factor
    • Blood consumption/ Empowerment
    • Hypnosis
    • Human disguise
    • Superhuman beauty


  • Affluenza: Carmilla has very little willpower. Whether this is to resist the temptation to engage in another spree of debauchery, or resisting mental domination, she is terrible at it.
  • So Thirsty…: When vampires are thirsting and haven't had enough blood, they lose some of their powers. Carmilla is no exception, and needs fair amounts of blood to function properly, more if she's using her powers a lot.
  • Suggestible: Think Carmilla isn't up to something that could get her hurt? Don't mention it to her, she'll have to try it.
  • Arrogance: Carmilla naturally assumes she is superior to most people as a result of her bloodline, and thus overlooks those she sees as lesser to be threats.
  • Stake allergy: A stake through the heart will kill Carmilla and turn her into a pile of ash.


On Person
Mace (The pepper spray kind)
Standard agent equipment.

In room
A few tapestries
Way too many clothes
Various bottles of blood, organized by geography and year.

Personal History

Carmilla was born in Transylvania in her family's estate in the mountains some time in the 1900s to a life of luxury and excess. Frequently traveling all over the world to meet others of her kind, Carmilla has never wanted for anything in her life. After spending decades indulging in hedonism, debauchery, excess and other leisures, Carmilla began to consider what she could do to add some spice to her life, and considered getting a job to make her freedom all the sweeter, and asked her father what she could do. So it was that he got her a job as a secretary in the BSA.
However, after a while Carmilla became dissatisfied with her position, finding it very boring, and had her father pull some strings to get her some more exciting work. Given her capability to handle herself and the insufferable pestering of her father, the BSA decided it couldn't be too detrimental to give her a trial.


Claims to:

  • Have spent a night with Prince Harry
  • Have eaten a unicorn statue made of mescaline
  • Be able to recite the alphabet in a fraction of a second
  • Met Nikola Tesla
  • Have once wrestled a polar bear
  • Be descended from Vladimir Dracula, Caligula, Leonidas, Cleopatra, and a man named Phillip
  • Be the best in the world at [CENSORED]

Her favorite musicians include Debussy, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Queen, Slipknot, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson and Soundgarden. She has concert shirts for 6 of these.

Scared of bugs.

The door opens to stairs, leading up to to one wall of the room, a large, open chamber constructed in a 16th century European theme. The room is octagonal, with a large columnar fireplace in the middle. Pretty, arched windows take pride of place on the 4 falls on either side of the doors to the balcony, with the others having tapestries hanging from them. On one of them is a large bookshelf, accompanied by a desk, comfortable chair, and entertainment system. at another wall is her bed, a very large wooden four poster bed with luxurious sheets and pillows. the other wall holds her bath, a very large affair, sitting underneath an equally large shower Opposite to the stairs leading into the room is another heading down to her cellar, a room of the same size and shape to her bedroom. Half of its wall are dedicated to her massive stock of bottled blood, painstakingly organized by year and location. The other half is dedicated to storage of her vast wardrobe, along with other bits and bobs with no proper place to put them. The rest of the room is open, with the center column having a cylindrical fish tank built around it, inside of which reside her fish.
Outside the doors to her balcony, there is a magnificent view. A ring of snow capped mountains around a forest, in the center of which sits a beautiful lake. Stairs run down the side of her white tower down to the valley below.


Marilyn Manson, I Put A Spell On You
Dethklok, Bloodlines
Avenged Sevenfold, Bat Country

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