Centralia Underbelly

(6:22:33 PM) Tox: The PA system crackles to life. "Team 2, please report to the conference room. Team 2 to the conference room."
(6:22:57 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe snerks awake. "Wazat?"
(6:23:14 PM) Alivi: Raine looks up, "The PA…. we need to go to the conference room."
(6:23:29 PM) Gwen: Addison glances up from her laptop and sighs. "Ugh, why don't threats take days off…"
(6:24:02 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe yawns and muzzly gets up and stumbles towards the confrence room. Damn mornings.
(6:24:29 PM) Gwen: Addison follows Zoe, making sure she doesn't crash into things.
(6:24:51 PM) Scantron: Satyana cricks her neck, then gets up out of bed and heads out to the conference room.
(6:26:11 PM) Alivi: Raine follows along with the rest of them.
(6:26:25 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe reaches it without incident, and flops in a chair,head on the desk.
(6:27:19 PM) Tox: In the conference room, one of the innumerably replaceable pale-faced research fucknards has an image up on the projector. It's a sleepy town that could literally be in anywhere, USA. http://sometimesinteresting.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/centralia-14.jpg
(6:27:36 PM) Gwen: Addison flops down as well, looking to the screen. "Woah…"
(6:27:42 PM) Tom90deg: "Mmm."
(6:28:14 PM) Tox: "What you see on the screen is Centralia, Pennsylvania," he begins. "Abandoned for over half a century because of the coal mine underneath it being more or less constantly on fire."
(6:28:28 PM) Tom90deg: "Oooh, I heard of that place."
(6:28:34 PM) Alivi: "What…how?" Raine asks as he leans against the wall in the back. He doesn't quite like the sound of that.
(6:28:35 PM) Tom90deg: "Isn't it where they got the idea for Silent Hill?"
(6:28:44 PM) Scantron: "I haven't heard of either of those."
(6:28:54 PM) Tox: He looks at the team. "…Where's Weyland?"
(6:29:03 PM) Alivi: Raine frowns.
(6:29:07 PM) Tom90deg: "He….Didn't the director say anything?"
(6:29:16 PM) Gwen: "Agent Weyland is on an extended leave of absence."
(6:29:36 PM) Tox: "You think we ever get told anything?" he grouses. "Well, who's in charge, then?" the research guy asks Addison.
(6:29:52 PM) Gwen: Addison glances around the room. "I'm…acting Team Lead for now…"
(6:30:49 PM) Tox: "Very well." He nods at Raine. "Theories indicated that improper mining procedure ignited the coal. However, it wouldn't have been brought to our attention were that the case. There appears to be a fire djinn who has taken up residence inside the mine."
(6:31:09 PM) Tom90deg: "Oh…Are…"
(6:31:10 PM) Alivi: Raine tilts his head. "What?"
(6:31:14 PM) Tom90deg: "Are we gonna have to go in the mine?"
(6:31:47 PM) Gwen: "Won't we die if we do?"
(6:31:48 PM) Scantron: Satyana now seems very interested. "A djinn…"
(6:31:57 PM) Tox: The researcher nods. "Yes, your job is to go down and see what it wants and what it would take to get it to leave." Raine, give me….Intelligence and Occult.
(6:32:20 PM) Tox: "Full respiration equipment will be provided on location."
(6:32:26 PM) Alivi: 1d10e+5
(6:32:27 PM) Quidmore: Alivi: 1d10e+5=6 (1)
(6:32:39 PM) Tox: Raine knows approximately fuck all.
(6:33:10 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe sighs, and flops down on the table. "I hate mines."
(6:33:24 PM) Gwen: "What are we offering it to get out?"
(6:34:16 PM) Scantron: "What it wants, presumably…" Satyana thinks on how djinns are known to think and what they need. Int+Occ?
(6:34:32 PM) Tox: "Ask what it wants. You're not authorized to /give/ it anything, but you can carry back its demands." Go for it, Satyana.
(6:35:08 PM) Tom90deg: "Do we have any leverage?"
(6:35:13 PM) Gwen: "So talk to it and leave basically?"
(6:35:13 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+9
(6:35:13 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: 1d10e+9=14 (5)
(6:36:40 PM) Tox: Satyana, djinni like areas that are suited to their element. A fire djinni would appreciate somewhere hot. Confined is preferable to open spaces.
(6:37:08 PM) Scantron: "I imagine it would prefer a very hot, confined space."
(6:37:12 PM) Tox: The researcher nods. "Talk to it, find out what it wants to leave, then report back."
(6:37:28 PM) Alivi: "Can't we just leave it there? How much harm is it doing?"
(6:37:56 PM) Tom90deg: "Do we have ANY way to threaten it? In case it decides to not play nice?"
(6:39:16 PM) Tox: "Mmm." He considers both statements. "The Bureau's been developing a prototype…I guess you could call it a cold-thrower. We'd /prefer/ not to send it out, as experimental as it is…"
(6:39:28 PM) Tox: "As for how much harm it's doing, it's depopulated a town."'
(6:39:38 PM) Alivi: "Cold thrower?"
(6:39:50 PM) Tom90deg: "But we have something to use as leverage, yes?"
(6:40:03 PM) Scantron: To Raine, "I hardly think it's an ambiguous name."
(6:40:08 PM) Tox: "Sort of the opposite of a flamethrower…purely technological, not supernatural."
(6:40:24 PM) Alivi: Raine shoots a glance at Satyana, "Fine, Fine."
(6:40:41 PM) Alivi: He sighs not quite liking the sound of this fire djinn
(6:40:45 PM) Tox: "You could try to threaten it with the coldthrower if it won't play nice…"
(6:43:09 PM) You are now known as Scanmakespizza
(6:44:07 PM) Tom90deg: "Maybe…"
(6:44:18 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe sighs. "LEts just….do this quickly. I hate being underground."
(6:44:32 PM) Alivi: Raine nods. "I agree with Zoe, the faster we get this done the better."
(6:44:48 PM) Tox: "Alright. The plane's waiting for you. Good luck and godspeed."
(6:45:49 PM) Gwen: Addison stands. "I'll drive…"
(6:45:57 PM) Tom90deg: "No no, I'll drive Addy."
(6:46:01 PM) Tom90deg: "It's been forever!"
(6:46:07 PM) Alivi: Raine looks at Addison but Zoe speaks first he relaxes a bit.
(6:48:11 PM) Gwen: She nods and tossed the keys to Zoe.
(6:48:49 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe grabs them. "Alright…."
(6:48:55 PM) Alivi: Raine looks back over at Addison, he isn't sure if he should mention anything. "Let's get going.
(6:48:56 PM) Alivi: "
(6:49:07 PM) Tom90deg: "It's been forever."
(6:49:15 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe heads on down to the car,moving quickly
(6:50:09 PM) Alivi: Raine follows Zoe to the car.
(6:50:34 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe climbs in, and settles down, gripping the wheel.
(6:51:48 PM) Scanmakespizza: Satyana climbs into the car as well. She seems excited for this mission, if a bit tired.
(6:53:52 PM) Gwen: Addison hops into the car.
(6:54:50 PM) Alivi: Raine climbs in.
(6:55:28 PM) Tom90deg: As soon as everyone's in the car, Zoe Starts up the engine and heads off to the airport!
(6:56:19 PM) Tom90deg: 1d10e+8 Drive!
(6:56:20 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: Drive!: 1d10e+8=13 (5)
(6:56:38 PM) Tox: hmmm
(6:56:57 PM) Tox: 1d6-4
(6:56:57 PM) Quidmore: Tox: 1d6-4=2 (6)
(6:57:14 PM) Tox: Two traffic infractions, both minor, as she drives to the airport.
(6:57:43 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe easly slides it into the parkig by the airport. "See? How was that?"
(6:58:25 PM) Scanmakespizza: "How bad was what?" Satyana was staring into space the entire time.
(6:58:47 PM) Tom90deg: "No worries."
(6:58:56 PM) Alivi: Raine chooses not to say anything.
(6:58:58 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe hops out of the car, and heads towards the plane.
(6:59:44 PM) Scanmakespizza: Satyana gets out of the car as well and follows.
(7:00:17 PM) Gwen: Addison gets out of the car and enters the plane.
(7:00:25 PM) Alivi: Raine enters the plane as well.
(7:00:48 PM) Scanmakespizza: "Wait, why didn't we drive the car onto the plane?"
(7:01:08 PM) Tom90deg: I mean, of COURSE Zoe drives the car into the plane
(7:01:16 PM) Tom90deg: Why would she EVER do anything diffrent?
(7:01:19 PM) Tox: Anything else would be *silly.*
(7:01:58 PM) Scanmakespizza: Of course it would be. "For a second there, I was afraid you weren't going to drive the car onto the plane."
(7:02:30 PM) Tom90deg: "It's just been a while since I've driven."
(7:02:35 PM) Tom90deg: "But I still got it!"
(7:05:30 PM) Tox: Anyway, plane flight, blah blah, you land in an airstrip near Centralia and are greeted by a Bureau agent. "Good, you all arrived. We've set up an outpost on top of the entrance, through which you'll insert. Respiratory equipment is there — it's a bitch down there."
(7:05:52 PM) Alivi: "What do you mean?" Raine asks with a rasied eyebrow.
(7:06:21 PM) Scanmakespizza: "Fire makes it hard to breathe."
(7:06:36 PM) Tox: The man nods at Satyana. "Not to mention the coal."
(7:06:47 PM) Tom90deg: "And being underground."
(7:08:22 PM) Gwen: Addison looks to the agent. "Alright…where's the entry point?"
(7:08:54 PM) Tox: "It's this way." The agent turns and gets into a vehicle. "Get in your Rover, it's in the city proper."
(7:09:41 PM) Gwen: Addison nods and climbs back into the car. "I hope this guy drives fast."
(7:10:02 PM) Alivi: Raine nods and also climbs in. "I just want to get this done and over with." He frowns a bit.
(7:10:56 PM) Scanmakespizza: Satyana climbs into the rover. "I wouldn't mind staying a while."
(7:10:56 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe climbs in.
(7:11:10 PM) Tom90deg: And wheneverone is on board, drives to the entry!
(7:11:20 PM) Tox: And then they arrive!
(7:11:43 PM) Tox: The agent passes out whatever the fuck respiratory equipment I don't know, and opens the path to the mine proper.
(7:12:20 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe slips it on and takes a deep breath.
(7:12:26 PM) Tom90deg: "CAn we please do this as quickly as possible?"
(7:12:57 PM) Alivi: Raine looks at Zoe, "You going to be ok?"
(7:13:14 PM) Gwen: Addison glances to Zoe. "Zo' it'll be okay."
(7:14:46 PM) Scanmakespizza: Satyana puts on hers as well, obviously ignoring Zoe. Are they audible through the respiratory gear or no?
(7:14:49 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe sighs. "I'll be…fine."
(7:14:58 PM) Tom90deg: "Just….lets get a move on…"
(7:15:07 PM) Alivi: Raine slips his equipment on, not knowing if he is doing it right or not.
(7:16:00 PM) Tox: The agent helps everyone get their equipment on, and yes, everyone can hear everyone else.
(7:16:18 PM) Gwen: Addison slips into her equipment as well, thanking the agent for help.
(7:16:31 PM) Alivi: Raine nods at the agent "Thanks."
(7:16:37 PM) Scanmakespizza: "Right. Where do we go in?" Presumably they also get like suits to keep them from burning to death?
(7:18:24 PM) Tox: Yes, although the mine isn't like COMPLETELY ON FIRE ZOMG.
(7:18:38 PM) Tom90deg: It's an intresting area though
(7:19:05 PM) Tox: The path is open, down into the mineshaft. There seems to be one primary path through. It's dark, which is what all the lights on the equipment is for, and oppressively hot.
(7:19:35 PM) Scanmakespizza: Satyana enters without hesitation. WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE DJINN, THE WONDERFUL DJINN OF CENTRALIA.
(7:20:46 PM) Gwen: Can Addison try and tense minds around her? Looking for the Djinns mind.
(7:20:57 PM) Tox: Yes, roll for it.
(7:21:58 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe looks around the mine, trying to breathe calmly
(7:22:17 PM) Gwen: 1d10e+9 Sensing.
(7:22:17 PM) Quidmore: Gwen: Sensing.: 1d10e+9=17 (8)
(7:22:46 PM) Tox: There's definitely a great stonking thing further up the shaft. It's not the team, and it's not exactly human.
(7:23:56 PM) Gwen: "Think I should give him a heads up?"
(7:26:12 PM) Alivi: Raine activates his relic relaxing a bit as he feels the air around him cool.
(7:28:47 PM) Tom90deg: "Maybe…"
(7:28:59 PM) Tom90deg: "It won't do to surprize it."
(7:29:41 PM) Alivi: Raine looks over at Addison, "Not sure how well it will work, I can try to get a visual want me to attempt it?"
(7:30:20 PM) Gwen: "Sure, give it go."
(7:30:34 PM) Alivi: Raine nods back.
(7:32:07 PM) Alivi: 1d10e+9 (using relic)
(7:32:07 PM) Quidmore: Alivi: (using relic) : 1d10e+9=11 (2)
(7:32:50 PM) Tox: It's somewhat more tenuous than he's used to, the heat sapping its presence, but he's made the slate and its remote camera type things.
(7:33:58 PM) Alivi: Raine sends the ice crystals as far as he can trying to get a visual as best as he can. He can definitely feel the resistance. And is not liking it one bit.
(7:34:40 PM) Gwen: "What do you have for me?"
(7:35:44 PM) Alivi: Raine looks over at Addison, "Not sure." He glances back at the ice slate for the visual to appear.
(7:35:56 PM) Tox: The icePad reveals that the fire and heat gets more intense further on, the visual wavering, probes doing their best to maintain coherence as they pass through, eventually opening into a chamber where sits a humanoid figure made entirely of fire.
(7:36:47 PM) Tox: He seems to be relaxing on a seat made out of natural materials. It's not clear quite what he's doing but it's certainly not strenuous.
(7:37:13 PM) Gwen: Addison squints at the pad. She doesn't have her glasses on. «Fire Djinn, my name is Agent Hawthorne with the Bureau of Special Aquisitions. We're not a threat.»
(7:38:40 PM) Tox: It seems to take note, sitting up and scanning the room it's in. If it's trying to say something in return, nobody can hear it.
(7:39:37 PM) Alivi: Raine looks at Addison, "Should we go furthur?"
(7:40:31 PM) Gwen: Addison nods. "It doesn't seem like a threat…" She advances.
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(7:41:00 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe follows.
(7:41:05 PM) Tox: What's the party order?
(7:41:12 PM) Scanpizza: Satyana walks a bit faster than others, so I'll say she's first.
(7:41:30 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is nervous and hesistant, so we'll say she's last
(7:41:42 PM) Tox: Proceed.
(7:42:23 PM) Alivi: Raine walks along he figures he shouldn't make too big of a deal since Zoe is already freaked out.
(7:42:34 PM) Gwen: Addison is probably behind Satyana.
(7:43:16 PM) Scanpizza: Satyana goes forward at an excited, but reasonable, pace. To the teammates, «I have so many questions I would want to ask but I shouldn't…»
(7:43:57 PM) Gwen: «just don't annoy the fire creature. We don't have Zharkov here to cover our ass.»
(7:44:21 PM) Scanpizza: «Right, right.»
(7:44:41 PM) Alivi: «I just hope it is friendly.»
(7:45:42 PM) Tox: Eventually, they open into the same chamber that Raine saw on his icePad. Speaking of Raine, his fingers and toes are…cold. Colder than they were, at any rate.
(7:47:34 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is kinda ignoreing what people are saying, just breating slowly and steadly
(7:47:56 PM) Alivi: Raine tries not to pay any mind to the feeling. Although it is a strange thing for him.
(7:49:03 PM) Gwen: Addison steps forward. Where is the Djinn compared to the team?
(7:50:00 PM) Tox: At the far end of the chamber, and he sits forward and takes notice of the team as they enter.
(7:50:23 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe looks up at the thing and around the room.
(7:50:26 PM) Scanpizza: Satyana bites her lip, but allows Addison to take the lead, instead studying the Djinn intensely.
(7:50:59 PM) You are now known as Scantron
(7:51:11 PM) Gwen: Addison shows her hands as empty, a gesture Mike taught her. "My name is Addison Hawthorne. We've come to talk about…your place of residence."
(7:51:36 PM) Tox: It's, as said, roughly humanoid, maybe six foot, give or take. It stands from its seat and speaks in a voice like a flickering bonfire at night. "My place of residence? Quite homey, don't you think?"
(7:52:39 PM) Gwen: "Little warm for my tastes, no offence meant."
(7:53:21 PM) Alivi: Raine watches the Djinn carefully.
(7:53:34 PM) You are now known as Feierbird
(7:53:36 PM) Tox: It seems to smile at that. "None taken, little one. Now what can I do for you?"
(7:54:39 PM) Gwen: "The Bureau is…curious as to your…reasons for hanging out in this place."
(7:55:45 PM) Tox: He pauses, taking stock. "It's nice and small…hot…and dry. It's certainly better than the /last/ place I was."
(7:56:25 PM) Feierbird: "Which was?"
(7:57:09 PM) Tox: "Out in the Midwest somewhere," he says.
(7:57:12 PM) Tox: It.
(7:57:13 PM) Tox: Shh.
(7:57:41 PM) Gwen: "Well, here's the thing. This place is…wildly dangerous…your presence is making that danger worse. The Bureau is willing to hear what it would take get you to move."
(7:57:52 PM) Tom90deg: "I see…." Zoe says, eyes half closed, trying to not focus on the sound of her own breath in her ears.
(7:58:22 PM) Tox: It tilts its head. "I'm…causing a danger?"
(7:59:17 PM) Alivi: Raine walks over to Zoe, "You alright?"
(8:00:05 PM) Tom90deg: "No."
(8:00:19 PM) Tom90deg: "I hate being in enclosed spaces, and i hate being underground…"
(8:00:54 PM) Alivi: Raine nods, "We will be out soon… to be honest…being down here is hard on me too…we can get through this ok?"
(8:01:07 PM) Tom90deg: "Mmm…."
(8:02:13 PM) Gwen: "Your presence is increasing the strength of the underground fires in this area."
(8:03:04 PM) Tox: "And that's causing harm to people?"
(8:03:36 PM) Gwen: "It's causing an increased risk for harm."
(8:04:46 PM) Tox: It puts its hand-analogue to its face-analogue. "Well…I certainly wouldn't want to do that." It paces a little bit. "Tell you what. Find me somewhere kinda like this where it won't be a problem, and I'll leave immediately."
(8:05:42 PM) Feierbird: «A volcano?»
(8:05:58 PM) Tom90deg: «Maybe.»
(8:06:23 PM) Gwen: Addison nods. "I will relay that to my bosses, and we'll be in touch." «I hear Maui is nice…»
(8:06:40 PM) Alivi: «There are many in Iceland as well.»
(8:06:49 PM) Tom90deg: «That won't make him superpowered will it?»
(8:07:08 PM) Gwen: «Not our problem…»
(8:07:35 PM) Alivi: «Even if it did I doubt he'd care…»
(8:07:37 PM) Tox: The fire spirit nods back. "I look forward to it."
(8:07:46 PM) Tom90deg: «Well, if we're called in to elimiate the super-powered flame creature that we created…"
(8:07:48 PM) Tom90deg: »
(8:07:57 PM) Alivi: «He doesn't seem to be questing for power, more instead like comfort. He just wants a home.»
(8:08:06 PM) Tom90deg: «Right then…»
(8:08:34 PM) Gwen: «We were told to get his demands, and that's it.»
(8:08:49 PM) Tom90deg: «Can we please leave then?»
(8:09:01 PM) Feierbird: «Aw… I at least wish I could maybe observe it in its natural habitat.» Mental pout.
(8:09:04 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe's voise is sounding rather strained now.
(8:09:05 PM) Alivi: Raine nods, «Let's get going….»
(8:09:18 PM) Gwen: Addison nods. "The Bureau will be in touch…we appreciate your hospitality."
(8:09:22 PM) Alivi: Raine looks at Zoe worried.
(8:09:45 PM) Gwen: Addison takes Zoe's hand and starts moving towards the way out.
(8:09:49 PM) Tox: "Of course." It inclines its head. "Safe travels."
(8:10:00 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe squezes Addison's hand tightly
(8:10:12 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe follows Addision as they start to walk out
(8:10:54 PM) Alivi: Raine nods back at the Djinn and walks back out after Zoe and Addison.
(8:13:12 PM) Feierbird: Satyana is the last one out. "…it was nice talking to you." She then turns around and goes.
(8:13:26 PM) Gwen: Once outside, Addison calls the guy who briefed them.
(8:14:13 PM) Tox: He shows up soon enough!
(8:14:16 PM) Tox: "How'd it go?"
(8:14:43 PM) Gwen: "Fine…he wants a new home."
(8:14:53 PM) Tom90deg: As soon as they're outside, zoe whips off the facemask.
(8:15:08 PM) Tox: "Oh, is that all?" He tilts his head. "Should be fairly easy…I'll run it up the chain."
(8:15:14 PM) Alivi: Raine starts to take off his gear. "We done here?"
(8:15:33 PM) Gwen: "If the Director can find a volcano…"
(8:16:08 PM) Tox: The man nods. "Very well. We'll pack it up here."
(8:17:49 PM) Gwen: Addison nods and then takes Zoe's hand again, before heading to the car.
(8:18:54 PM) Alivi: Raine walks towards the car, deactivating his relic while he does so, he rubs his hands together trying to actually get warmer, strange concept.
(8:19:05 PM) Tox: He's definitely colder.
(8:19:20 PM) Tox: CUT

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