Dr. Addison Thorne




Addison Thorne


Dr. Psychic

Brief Physical Description

Addison stands at about 5'2, and has pale skin from hours playing video games rather than going outdoors. She has bright blue hair that is usually tied into pigtails or messy. She has grey-blue eyes and wears glasses. She is very slender. The young woman has multiple piercings, including a tongue piercing, a small nose piercing on the right hand nostril, a navel piercing , and multiple ear piercings. Addison's fashion sense can be described as 'recovering goth' and geeky. She most often wears jeans and a dark coloured t-shirt (usually with some kind of nerdy thing on it). She also wears a labcoat while working. Addison speaks with a Londoner accent with a hint of Swedish. When she is overly excited, she talks at about nine miles a minute.


Stat Rank
Force 3
Grace 6
Wits 7
Resolve 4

Areas of Expertise

  • Medicine: This doesn't need a whole lot of explanation. She is very nearly a doctor and has been studying in the medical division of the Bureau (spending most of her time in London, though she did do some work in Tibet). Addison spent a large amount of time training in the Bureau's ER and as a result, she excels at dealing with traumatic injuries and in field medicine.
  • Astronomy: One of the two areas studied when she took classes through Cambridge. She took on this as a second major simply because she was bored. The blue haired girl took courses mainly focused on the gas giants.
  • Chemistry: Much like astronomy above, Addison studied chemistry during her time as a Cambridge student. She spent more time on this field, despite liking astronomy much more. She's particularly good in the realm of pharmacology and many of her colleagues in medical say that she knows a frightening amount about prescription drugs.
  • Driving: Even though some of her colleagues might disagree because of the speed at which she drives, Addison is very talented behind the wheel of a car. She has been in love with driving since she received her first lessons.
  • Poker: Addison likes cards…specifically poker. She developed an obsession with it after watching the Casino Royale reboot and taught herself the ropes. Even without the aid of psychic powers, Addison is very skilled in the ways of poker.
  • Puzzles: The blue haired medic likes puzzles…anything from a Rubik's cube to a lock on an ancient Pharaoh's tomb. She tends to get a little obsessive when she can't figure a puzzle out, and the frustration caused by this obsession is an excellent trigger for her ADD.
  • Knowledge: Psionic: As a part of her containment, Addison was taught a great deal about her powers (including just how dangerous she can be). As a result, she's very good at not only recognizing and identify psychic abilities in others, but also applying her psychic powers to different situations (i.e. espionage, medicine, etc.).


Addison is a psychically gifted individual (a PGI or psion for short) as a result of her parents' experimentation (see below).

  • Overall Power Level: 3 (see below and background for details)
  • Telepathy
    • Telepathy is the ability to interact with the minds of those around you. It was the first grouping of powers that Addison developed after the explosion. Addison can mind-read, implant and alter feelings and thoughts, communicate with others, network minds together, and attack others telepathically. Telepathic attacks blasts of telepathic energy that cause searing pain in the minds of targets. They can be fatal, however this requires a lot of energy. When Addison having an overload episode, she radiates a telepathic field that manifests as a high pitched beep in the minds of others. It is extremely painful.
  • Telekinesis
    • This covers powers that allow the user to move objects with their minds as well as create physical forces with their mind. This is an extremely common powerset in both supernatural creatures and in relics. Addison possesses the ability to move objects with her mind - the larger the object the more difficult this becomes. She most commonly uses this to grab things without having to move. On top of this, Addison can also summon up telekinetic strikes (blasts of tangible psychic energy) and she has the ability to levitate herself telekinetically (this requires much concentration. If she is in a situation where she has lost control of her powers, telekinetic blasts radiate from her at random intervals, objects begin to float and orbit around her, and she also floats.
  • Teleportation
    • The technical term for this one is psychoteleportation (or psychoportation) and it is one of the least understood psychic abilities in the Bureau's books. The wielder of this power is able to conjure up the mental image of a place or person and transport themselves (with others, but that's extremely difficult) to that person or thing with a burst of psychic energy. How and why this works is not known because people with this ability are notoriously difficult to pin down. The clearer the mental image, the easier it is to use this power. As well, the more connection there is to the target, the easier this ability becomes (it is easier to teleport to your husband or wife than it is to teleport to a complete stranger).


  • Achluophobia: Addison has a crippling phobia of the dark and is easily paralyzed when she is suddenly exposed to darkness.
  • Overload: Stressful situations result in Addison's powers to take over. Eventually, she lashes out with devastating of explosions of psychic energy that can even be fatal to those near by.
  • ADD: Addison has attention deficit disorder, a mental health condition characterized by a short attention span and hyperactivity. She takes medication for it, but sometimes it gets the better of her.


  • Mercedes-Benz S65 Coupe AMG Black Edition - one of Addison's most prized possessions is her car. She has personal plates on it that read: BLU3ST1G
  • A messenger bag in which she carries the following:
    • 15" Macbook Pro
    • A book or two
    • Handheld video game console of some kind
    • First Aid Kit
    • Flashlight
  • A large collection of video games (and systems)
  • A large collection of Rubik's cubes (and other shapes as well).
  • Props from movies (a few lightsabers, a sword from Kill Bill, a Tesseract, etc.)

Personal History

Addison Thorne was born in Malmo, Sweden to a pair reclusive scientists. Her father was a German quantum physics professors and her mother (a Swede), one of his students. Her father was a great believer in the supernatural and had been on the Bureau's radar for many years (a fact which would ultimately save Addison's life). Addison was homeschooled by her parents from the age of 3 to 12. When Agent Thorne was 12, both her parents were killed in a freak science-related accident.

They had been working on an experiment to amplify humanity's latent psychic energy to use as power source. This experiment was profoundly unstable and during a test Agent Thorne's parents were killed and Addison was seriously injured. The explosion ripped a sizeable hole in coastal Sweden countryside which the Bureau was dispatched to deal with. Interestingly, one of the agents dispatched was a young Michael Weyland, who had only just joined the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs.

Addison was found alive and supernaturally altered by her parents' experiment. She had developed a number of supernatural abilities and was therefore taken into the custody of the BSA. Her psychic abilities were assessed and it was determined that she was a Level 3 supernatural, owing to the potential for violent psionic outbursts. She spent the next five years in containment undergoing training to control her abilities as well as being a research subject for the research division of the Bureau. During her time in containment, Agent Weyland grew fond of her and they became good friends. He adopted her as a step-daughter when she was 15.

At 16 she was allowed to enroll in classes at Cambridge where she (remotely) acquired a double major in Chemistry and Astronomy over four and a half years. Most recently she finished another few years of study at Bureau Medical and was awarded her Doctor of Medicine by Dessa (Medical Department Head).


  • Michael Weyland: Addison's adoptive father. Though they may not always agree on things, they are very close.
  • Lucas Dawson: Addison's best friend and at one time fellow Containment inmate. They may even be dating now! How exciting is that!?
  • Charles Schwartz: Addison's older brother figure. Addison is very close of Charlie and they share many of the same interests.
  • Miles Blackstone: Addison is unnerved by the powers possessed by Agent Blackstone. She doesn't mind the person, just the freakish weird shit he can do with blood.

Addison's condo is an open concept and ultra modern one bedroom unit. There is a small entrance hall that leads into the main room, off of which her bedroom, a washroom, and the kitchen extend. The main room of Addison's condo is where she spends the bulk of her time. One wall is dominated by a huge flat screen and a set shelving units that house various consoles and video games. There are two recliner couches angled to face the TV. The main room also features a poker table and several glass display cases that houses her collection of props and replicas from various films and games. A set of double doors leads on to her fully furnished balcony. A small washroom extends off of the main room near the entrance hall. Addison's bedroom is large, dominated by a king size bed. She has two dressers, a walk-in closet, and a bathroom with a rain shower and a jacuzzi. Addison's kitchen features stainless steel appliances and black granite countertops. The wall space in her condo features posters from movies and video games.

Random Facts
  • Roughly three years ago, Addison…acquired…a Bengal tiger cub. She's never actually explained this one, however the theory is that she won it in a card game. She raised the tiger which resulted in the tiger more or less being imprinted on humans earning the tiger (called Hobbes) the title of 'worst tiger in the world.' The tiger's first line of defense when faced with a threat is to become upside down for tummy rubs.
  • Along with several other agents Addison plays Star Wars: The Old Republic. She plays a Sith Sorcerer.
  • Addison is farsighted.
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