Cassandra Jones




Cassandra Jones


Mute, genius magic-user.

Brief Physical Description:

Cassandra stands at approximately 5'2, and is one of the least intimidating people ever. Her hair colour is usually pink, or some other very bright colour (never blue though, she and Addison have an understanding) and tends to dress in very strange and mis-matched styles, such as a pink trenchcoat with ACUs underneath, or a turtleneck, bulletproof vest, and then sweatpants and flip-flops.


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  • Sanguimancer: Cassandra is a practitioner of "Blood Magic", mostly working with her own. Usually, she limits this to manipulation of blood, using it as a weapon, however, she has been known to utilize Blood Magic in other ways, such as rituals and spells.


  • Speak up, I can't hear you: Cassie is mute. Not because her voice is damaged, but by choice. She will almost never speak, and prefers to communicate through text.


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Personal History

Cassandra Jones never anticipated she'd end up working for the Bureau - she was a conspiracy nut who played lots of video games, and stayed at home whenever she could, because she was sure that somehow she was being watched by one government agency or another. Several small incidents piled up, including her coming across a relic of her own, and she was eventually recruited.
Currently, she serves as a weapons specialist, enjoying tinkering with new items for Bureau agents, and one of the most knowledgeable people on <magic name here>. Her lack of speaking comes from her secluded days and a dislike for her voice, preferring text-based communication at all times.



A sketch rendition of Agent Jones.

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