Conor Lyall
Conor Lyall




Conor Lyall


Scottish Werewolf

Brief Physical Description

Standing at a shocking 6'8 in height, Conor towers over usually everyone he's in the room with. Previously working as a lumberjack, he was recruited by the Bureau, and transferred to the London branch very shortly after. His beard comes and goes, although when he shaves it usually takes about 4 hours before he's got thick stubble again. His hair is usually worn medium-ish and slicked back, but he's been known to mess with styles.


Stat Rank
Force 7
Grace 3
Wits 4
Resolve 4

Areas of Expertise

  • Athletics: Built for strength and agility, just like a real wolf.
  • Investigation: Sharpened wolf-senses allow him to pick out finer scents and also spot objects that might evade 'normal' gaze.
  • Strength: Not only is he a werewolf, he worked on a farm, and as a lumberjack.


  • Overall Power Level 2
  • Lycanthropy
    • Conor is a werewolf, and a rather good one at that. His wolf form is hulking - much like his - and his were form reaches almost 7'6 if he's not hunched over. With his lycanthropy comes the usual claws, fangs, heightened senses, animal instincts, and the like.


  • Full Moon Redux: During a full moon, Conor reacts to the lycan blood and must run wild, or restrain himself to prevent injuring others. As he has no pack, he usually secludes himself.
  • Perfume Pee-yew: Because of his sharp sense of smell, Conor does not like heavily perfumed people, or going into LUSH Cosmetics.
  • Squirrel: On occasion, if he has been spending a lot of time in his wolf form, Conor has a habit of retaining canid-like quirks, including being easily distracted, and wanting to chase things.


  • Celtic Cross Necklace
  • Arsenal Wristband
  • Various flannel shirts
  • Various blue jeans
  • Steel-toed workboots
  • Combination Hammer-Axe for excessive demolition

Personal History

Born to Eilionoir Lyall (née Ramsay) and Finlay Lyall just outside of Falkirk, Scotland. He grew up on a small farm with his father, learning to respect animals and work hard at a young age. When he was 16, he went to investigate a noise in the barn and was attacked by a wolf, this lead to his infection and to him becoming a werewolf. His parents helped shelter him until he was in his mid-20s, before he managed to break out of the barn and go on a rampage. Local Bureau agents were able to subdue him before taking him in to catalogue and try to assist him. Eventually, he became a "reserve" Agent while helping his folks on the farm, able to deploy quickly and with little notice, rather than being located in their Edinburgh location.
When his parents started to get ready to retire, he moved them into Falkirk proper and took a job in the Edinburgh Bureau facility. He was there for a few short months before requesting a transfer to London, having heard that there were other wolves who were located there, and wanting to get away from the idiocy of his teammates, who kept making dog jokes.
He has standard Bureau training, but no formal backgrounds in any serious investigative or combat roles.


Conor's Flat
Reinforced walls with 'lockdown' windows for full moons, a simple two-story condo where his living room and kitchen and weight-room are on the main floor, and his bedroom, bathroom, and study is on the second. It has a very minimalistic vibe to it - he hasn't modified it much from how it was given to him - but also with a home-y feel to it. His bedroom is decorated with celtic art and photographs of his family.

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