Cynthia McFeely




Cynthia Mara McFeely


Luminescent Photographer

Brief Physical Description

Cynthia is short, standing at about 5'1''. She almost always wears sunglasses and functional clothing. She has red hair, and is 26 years old.


Stat Rank
Force 2
Grace 6
Wits 7
Resolve 4

Areas of Expertise

  • Photography: Cynthia is an experienced photographer, and has an eye for detail.
  • Gun-Fu: Cynthia has a steady hand and quick reflexes, which lend themselves to marksmanship.
  • Drive: She is skilled in piloting/driving boats, cars, motorcycles, and the various uses of helicopters.
  • Roughing it: Years spent in various exotic locals without access to civilization has taught Cynthia a thing or two about surviving in difficult conditions, areas, and locals, along with the physical conditioning to avoid danger or reach difficult places.
  • Slicking it: On the other hand, Cynthia is no stranger to cities. Over the last few years, has learned how to talk her way through most situations, and to sneak around others.
  • It takes a Laser to Know a Laser: While her knowledge of physics as a whole leaves a little to be desired, Cynthia has a a comprehensive knowledge of the behavior of electromagnetic radiation and optics.
  • Investigative Journalism: She's rather adept at snooping around. Spending a few years ferreting out secrets from people who want them kept can do that.
  • Cult Lore: The last few years of her wandering were (for some reason) focused on unveiling a number of cult groups around the world, and she is familiar with many cults and their practices.


Relic Name: Ambassador's Ring
Power Level:1
Description: a small, gold ring with [language] writing etched into it. It has a small needle with a channel cut into it leading into the writing.
History: Was originally a gift to a Babylonian ambassador from a wizard for a favor. More recently, the Ambassador's Ring was palmed from a dig site by a photographer who accidentally discovered its function.
Ability/Abilities: The Ambassador's Ring flawlessly translates written and spoken language (conveying nuance and relevant information), and gives the user the ability to respond in kind. It also gives a general emotional picture of those nearby.
Catch: It is a thirsty little relic. Each time the user dons the ring or after each lunar cycle, the ring must be resupplied with blood to gain use of its abilities.


  • Overall Power Level


  • Destroy Them With Lazers
    • Cynthia is able to project and manipulate electromagnetic radiation (generally in the viable spectrum) of various intensities. This can take the form of projected beams or lasers bursts among other things.
  • Illusory Shenanigans
    • Cynthia has a very fine degree of control of light, and can make large and convincing illusions. She can also distort light at will, making herself and others invisible (thermally or otherwise).
  • Hard light
    • The illusions Cynthia makes can be made (to an extent) real, from barriers and restraints to more complex figments and constructs.
  • True Sight
    • Her abilities extend to perception. She has incredibly keen sight that extends to wavelengths well outside of the visible spectrum, literally sensing the light in her vicinity. It is not necessarily reliant on her eyes, and is omnidirectional.


  • DIEARACHNOBASTARD!!!!!!!!: She… doesn't like spiders. Or tolerate them.
  • Psychic Scars: To the sensitive, Cynthia has a very recognizable mind due to an unnatural mental trauma.


Custom sunglasses. The lenses polarize if light above a certain threshold is detected.
Glock 31
HP Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction
A fancy camera

Personal History

Cynthia was born and raised in Edinburgh by her father and mother. At a young age, her parents instilled a love of travel and the unknown in their two daughters. While visiting South Africa, she accidentally set their hotel on fire after a stressful argument. They promised never to bring the event up again. After she left home, she became a freelance photographer, traveling the world and taking advantage of invisibility, illusions, and fast talk to access disparate places to produce a series of unique photos. Stunning natural vistas and gritty photos of crime in progress filled her portfolio. She passed through several countries unseen, revealing photos of North Korean work camps and the favelas in Brazil. Until she happened across a hostage situation in progress. Of the taker, there was nothing left but a shadow on a wall. Unfortunately, this happened while several cameras were pointed in her direction and this time it was her secret that was spilled into the public eye. She was taken by Bureau before she could leave the city. After several months of containment, Cynthia was given a job offer.


Cynthia has no memory of her sister.

Despite this, she has…
Invocation of the Duke

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