Doctor Mercer
Dr. Mercer in typical attire.




Dr. Matthew Mercer


Matt, Mercy


Emmerich Engineering

Brief Physical Description

Matt is an average height man at 5'7", he usually has unkempt black hair, as well as blue-gray eyes. He rarely shaves when working on an active project so can almost be always seen with stubble. He wears a dark black suit and trench coat, differing from the normal attire of BSA researchers.


Stat Rank
Force 5
Grace 3
Wits 7
Resolve 3

Areas of Expertise

  • Robotics and Bionics: Matt's main training is in robotics, with his hobby is building robots to replace people's jobs. He transitioned his knowledge of robotics into making bionics for permanently injured agents.
  • Armaments: In addition to designing traditional arms, Dr. Mercer also designed his own babbage which he carries in the field.
  • Electronics: Dr. Mercer, while considering the task below him, is good for rewriting and repairing small electronics.
  • Linguistics: Dr. Mercer seems to be able to learn and speak any language with little difficulty, without the use of an artifact.


  • Lone Wolf: Dr. Mercer doesn't like working with others on research projects, unless of his own accord, and has accumulated a negative reputation among the Americans for "being a dick".
  • Not that kind of Doctor: Dr. Mercer didn't earn a medical doctorate, and has very little understanding of medical science; he can't do much more than attach bionics and stop bleeding.
  • Toolman: Dr. Mercer is obsessed with upgrading everything he finds a flaw in, and often needs a voice of reason to prevent him from making 'unnecessary' modifications.
  • Chain Smoker: Dr. Mercer is often using his E-Cigar, the light of which can reveal his position in dark rooms or at night.


  • Electronics Toolkit
    • Screwdrivers, small wire cutters, screws, portable soldering iron
  • Black Suits
  • Black Tench-coat
  • Custom Babbage - Mercer's custom babbage fires a spread of smaller shots, it's styled as a double barrel sawed-off shotgun.
  • Electronic Cigar - Used frequently.
  • Windproof Zippo Lighter - Carried even though he now smokes electronic cigars.

Personal History

Dr. Mercer was born in Austin, Texas and lived a normal life; graduating with highest honors both from high-school and college. After a deal with DARPA fell through, he joined the BSA around 2010 to continue his research and development of machines. Despite having no apparent supernatural abilities of his own, he seems relatively unimpressed by the abilities of others; keeping a fairly relaxed outlook on things. While most agents tend to like Dr. Mercer, he is universally hated by others in American R&D branch; who successfully applied for his transfer to England. To give an indication of their contempt for the man, the American researchers refer to him as "Mercy" in a highly sarcastic manner.


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