Kara Skovgaard




Kara Skovgaard


Hypermobile scout / Traceuse / Swordswoman

Brief Physical Description

This amazonian woman stands just north of six feet tall, with hip-length red hair that, while it looks artificial, is natural. She has clear aqua eyes on a face that's usually open and cheerful. She's slender without being anorexic-seeming, a very athletic build. Her most striking feature is the tattoo on her back; an artistic rendering of angel wings, one on either side of her spine.


Stat Rank
Force 6
Grace 6
Wits 5
Resolve 3

Areas of Expertise

  • Computer Scientist: Kara was pursuing a computer science degree with a minor in cybersecurity before she got picked up by the Bureau. She was afforded the opportunity to complete her degree, and she took advantage of this.
  • Track And Field: Kara's an accomplished track runner, having taken numerous medals at intramural events.
  • Traceuse: Even before her exposure, Kara was able to figure out the best way to move through her environment very quickly.


  • Overall Power Level: 1
  • Enhanced Mobility
    • Kara is supernaturally fast. During Bureau testing, her top speed at a dead run has been clocked at 42mph, with her average speed about 35mph. By contrast, Usain Bolt's top speed is 30mph, with an average of 23.
  • Runner Vision
    • Kara's powers let her see exactly the best way to get over, around or through any obstacle, be it a building she has to get on top of or a crowd she has to get her way through.
  • Winged
    • The most obvious of Kara's powers, these manifest as a large pair of feathered angel wings, materialized from the tattoos on her back. Their maximum wingspan is twelve feet. These afford her an unparalleled measure of grace while airborne, and like an owl, her wingbeats are nearly silent. When folded, the wings stick up over her head, the edge of the wing nearly to her ankles.


  • Claustrophobia: Because Kara is so used to having large open spaces, both for her parkour and later because she can fly, cramped spaces make her distinctly uncomfortable.
  • Bullheaded: When Kara's got an idea in her head, there's not a lot that's going to dissuade her from it.
  • Restless Body: Kara's constantly in motion. If she's not running, she's walking. If she's not walking, she's tapping her fingers or bouncing her leg. If she's not doing any of those, she's quietly going insane.


Personal History

Born in 1994 to Erik and Lisa Skovgaard in Silver Spring, MD, USA, Kara enjoyed a comfortably middle-class childhood. In middle school, she discovered that she was a natural athlete, and joined a host of athletics teams before deciding that she really liked track best. In high school, she also discovered that she enjoyed technology; consequently, she was obliged to suffer the jeers of some of her classmates when they realized that track goddess Kara Skovgaard thought she could into technology. She shut them up by scoring high marks in most of her classes, and graduated on the honor roll.

Joining the University of Maryland after high school, she threw herself into her dual pursuits. This isn't to say she became a complete bookworm; she balanced scholasticism and a life outside the classroom. So it was that she learned that her athletic talent could be applied to the world around her, and became a traceuse. She deeply enjoyed the sense of freedom, the slippage of bonds that parkour afforded her.

She was also taken with curio shops, and this last hobby proved lifechanging. Early in her senior year, she walked into a curio shop like many others, and purchased a gold necklace with a wing motif. When she put it on at home, she felt her entire body change in an instant. She was suddenly blindingly fast, with an instinctive understanding of how to move around her world. Perhaps the most important change, however, was the new tattoo on her back…or more importantly, the angel wings she sprouted that let her slip the surly bonds of earth.

Unfortunately for her, the Bureau had been tracking the relic she purchased, and were preparing to move on it when she bought it. Threatened with the…removal…of her relic powers, Kara decided instead to join up.


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