Suave Siren warrior.

Brief Physical Description:

General Appearance

Kyrene is a 5'5.5" woman with an hourglass figure to her body, both her chest and hips large and of equal width to each other. Her eyes are a vibrant teal colour, being unable to change them into more natural colours when in human form. Her lips, naturally, are dark in colour. She cannot, much like her irises, change this feature while in human form. S'okay, she just looks like she's wearing a dark lip-stain or something. Her hair also does not change when in either human or true form, remaining the very black that it is.

In a sense, her entire body (either in human or siren form) work together to create a creature of striking beauty.

Human Appearance

In her human disguise, her skin is a healthy light colour with few to no blemishes. She can also lighten the colour of her lips to make them look more natural, or look more lip-stainy. In this form, her sharper teeth are retracted enough for a normal human to not notice them right away (you're staring at her tits, of course you wouldn't look at her teeth … jeez). Her nails are also retracted as well, and remain black in colour. Her eyes remain a hypnotic teal colour.

Siren Appearance

In her true form, her skin goes from healthy light to pale and almost white. Her lips darken to almost black, the teeth that are sharp come out more, and her nails are then sharper and very deadly. This form can be manipulated to keep her feet, which suffer the same changes as her skin, or they can shift into a black fishtail. In this form, her voice sounds doubled, as if two of her are talking at the same time. This amplifies the effect of her voice on the brainwave as she goes to sing.


Thankfully, Kyrene likes to stay in her human form, or at least in a form that has legs. As such, she needs clothes! Kyrene likes to keep the style of her people (seashells, gems, and other sea-bearing accessories) while keeping it formal and professional. She blends these two well, and can still easy fight in the outfits she has on.


Stat Rank
Force 4
Grace 7
Wits 5
Resolve 5

Areas of Expertise

  • Manipulator: Sirens are generally striking women, and Kyrene is no exception. With her looks, she is able to manipulate the people around her. Persuasion and seduction are a Siren's secret weapons, other than her voice. Kyrene uses this to the team's advantage, or to get that free coffee at Starbucks.
  • Fresh Waters and Salty Seas: Being born from both salt and fresh water creatures, Kyrene is able to swim in both bodies of water without feeling the nasty effects most of her siren kin faces, besides maybe slightly drier skin when she emerges from a lake or something.
  • Gold digger: Being able to live deep in bodies of water has allowed Kyrene to witness treasures that man would kill to get their hands on. As such, she is quite the beacon of anything sea-treasure related.
  • Predator: As one of the sea's (and other bodies of fresh water's) most dangerous and most clever predator, she is quite capable of taking down big brutes using her wits, charm, and strength
  • Different brainwaves: In order for a siren's song to succeed, the siren first must resist their own voice. They are able to do this because their brains are literally wired differently from everyone else. This makes Kyrene naturally resistant to other mind-controlling and hypnotic techniques, for her brain does not register it like everyone else's. Of course, she can still be hypnotized or taken control of, but because of her own natural resistance it's EXTREMELY HARD.



Relic Name: The Yemengzhu
Power Level: 2
Description: A glowing pearl inside of a web-caged pendant. It wraps around your neck as a necklace.
History: The Yemengzhu is a luminous pearl, said to have originated from China. On its own, the pearl has no magic, but when enchanted it can be a great source of power, as its properties keep the magic inside last an INSANELY long time. This pearl was given to Kyrene by her mother to further benefit her when she sings.
Ability/Abilities: When she sings, she is able to target a certain person that will be affected by her melody. This way, no one else but the desired target (or targets) will be harmed. For example, the target is being sung a melody that puts him/her under the Siren's spell. Normally, everyone else who is in ear-shot of the tune will also be under her spell, but with the pearl the surrounding bystanders (who are not targets), will just hear beautiful singing.
Catch: The more powerful the effect, the more it strains her voice. By using this pearl, her vocal cords are no longer well protected by amplified Siren music like a normal Siren's would be. Singing a tune of death (or know as 'Deaths Call') will render her from being able to speak entirely until the session is over. Minor songs do not strain her voice as much, but will overtime if she constantly uses it.


Born and raised a siren, so therefor she has these powers.

  • Overall Power Level: 3

Siren Physiology + Mermaid Physiology
- Water breathing: The ability to breath underwater.
- Aquatic adaption: Can adapt to any body of water. (ie: Fresh water, salt water, extremely cold water, pressure resistance, clear vision, clear voice.)
- Enhanced senses: Speaks for itself.
- Enhanced agility: Speaks for itself.
- Enhanced reflexes: Speaks for itself.
- Siren form (similar to a mermaid's … only scarier): Allows her to shift in between her true form and human disguise.
- Claw retraction: Siren has claws, 'nuff said.
- Teeth retraction: Can extend or retract the sharp teeth in her mouth, using them for offence, defence, or digging into really tough foods.

Siren Song
- Song of Calm: Basically just calms the shit out of the target. This is the least straining tune she can sing.
- Beacon emission: Basically beckons the target to her by affecting the brainwaves as soon as the song is heard.
- Hypnotic tune: Will hypnotize the target and allow her to control the victim. This can be restrained depending on the target's willpower and control over their brain.
- Paralysis inducement: Can paralyze the target for a short or long period of time, depending on his or her willpower and the level it is sung (the higher the level, the more paralyzed the target becomes … but is rather straining on the vocals).
- Sonic scream: A scream that blasts the target backwards and possibly causes head-related injuries. Second most straining tune that a Siren can use.
- Death song: A song that causes instant death or death-like symptoms to the target. This is the most straining out of all the songs and melodies.

Water Manipulation (minor)
- Able to control water to a lesser degree, creating small waves or whirlpools. Can also calm the waters around her, but to a less effective degree.

Supernatural Beauty
- Eternal youth: Never get old baby~
- Social Magnetism: Can attract others to them, though to a lesser degree unless she uses beacon emission (see above)
- Seduction intuition: Simply put: She's a pro at seductive situations. Works better on men, but has worked on women in the past as well. Also on other species of humanoid, but to a lesser degree.

Zoolingualism (limited to all sea-life)
- Able to communicate with any living creature in the sea (dolphins, jellyfish, craby crabs, more legendary water creatures [ie. water serpent])


  • Need. Moisturizer. NOW: Kyrene is, to be specific, an Aquatic Siren, which means her skin easily dries when she's away from any body of water for too long. Luckily, moisturizer's a great substitute … but it'll suck when she runs out.
  • Deadly nuts: Nuts of all kinds (no, not those nuts, you dirty reader you) is Kyrene's kryptonite, as she has a seriously deadly allergy to them. If she accidentally eats something with any sort of nut in it (peanuts, treenuts, almonds), you better act fast and get her to a medic. Her life is pretty limited after that first bite of that peanut butter and jelly sandwich you gave her. Jerk. Luckily for her, she has to taste it before it goes into effect … so smelling it is fine. Signs of an allergic reaction may include: Choking, possibly vomiting, pale skin, swollen tongue, dizziness, and/or fainting. If not delivered to a medic fast enough: Possibly death … though using her epipen should buy her enough time to get to a damn doctor.
  • Her own voice: It's weird, but bear with me. Kyrene's sound waves, when singing, are unique to only her. That means no other Siren sounds exactly like her. Now, because of this, recording her own voice and playing it back to her (at a very amplified sound) will cause the stuff in her ears, that makes hearing possible, to go berserk. This makes her brain go berserk, and it's so bad she'll be on her knees begging for it to stop in less than a second. This wasn't so much of a problem like 300 years ago, but now? We have a problem.

Bureau Tech

Bureau-Issued Hunter Field Weapon a.k.a."The Babbage"
All-Access Pass
Faerie Ring Spray a.k.a. "Time Sneeze"
Cerebral Bluetooth Headset

Other Possessions

A violin, gifted to her by her father.
Many old treasures, like coins, sea jewels, or even rare shells.
Extra change of clothes (just in case)
Epipen (for her nut allergy)

Personal History

Kyrene was born 300 years ago in the ocean, like where most aquatic sirens are born. She was raised as a warrior, defending the ocean from all sorts of nasty things. When she wasn't doing that, she was with her father, a Nokken creature, in the swamps and marshes of his own home, learning how to play the violin and attract people for company (he wasn't the type of Nokken to drown his victims, rather liking their company than anything).

Life was good for the most part. Until humanity started overfishing like their puny lives depended on it. They were stealing every drop of the sea's resources and polluting it all the same with their harmful release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. No matter her or the other sirens' efforts, they could not stop the decreasing population of the precious ocean that they lived in. Illness spread across their kind, forcing Kyrene to travel above the water and away from her home to find outside aid. In her travels she had met many people, including a Muldjewangk named Charlie who she had grown close to in the last several years.

The BSA was where she turned to for her aid in the end. In exchange for aid in healing her precious people, she would join their ranks as a manipulator. In need of such a creature, the BSA agreed and took action, sending scientists and medics alike down into the ocean to help balance out the sea's chemistry and help the sickening sirens as well as other lifeforms down below.

Now Kyrene happily works for the BSA, acting as the organization's fluent persuader and fierce warrior. Her and Charlie are now also lovers, which makes her a very happy siren indeed.

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