Lucas Dawson




Lucas Dawson


Relic-Tainted Xenobiologist Geek

Brief Physical Description

Lucas stands at 5'9", a somewhat slender build due to focus on his scientific pursuits. Pale-skinned, with messy brown hair, he's good-looking in a rather geeky way. He tends to dress in comfortable clothes, jeans and t-shirts and converse. When in the lab he'll wear full lab coat attire as required. Due to the effects of his Relic, Lucas will often be seen with very dark sunglasses on while outdoors, even in the dark.


Stat Rank
Force 4
Grace 4
Wits 8
Resolve 7

Areas of Expertise

  • Biology and XenoBiology:
  • Bio-Crafting: When it comes to biology, crypto-, xeno- or otherwise, Lucas is a whiz at taking new and 'alien' components and finding a way to craft them into something either devastating or with incredible curative properties.
  • Chemistry: Important when it comes to xeno-biology and figuring out what chemicals produce by biological matters cause what to do what.
  • Puzzles: While Lucas likes puzzles, he always looks for the easiest and simplest solution to dealing with them. It wrecks his head less.
  • Knowledge: Perspectives: Thanks to the Relic implanted in him, Lucas can view the world around him in many different ways. This means he sees things in the physical world (and perhaps non-physical) far differently. It helps to alert others to dangers and oddities they may not catch.
  • Xeno-Encyclopedia: When it comes to the strange and supernatural, Lucas has probably read of it somewhere in his studies or work and can remember at least one important thing to do with the supernatural.


  • Overall Power Level: 2 (see below and background for details)
All-Seeing Eyes
  • History: The origin of these eyes are unknown, discovered when a Bureau raided what appeared to be a supernatural experimentation lab, already placed within a human subject by the name of Lucas Dawson.
  • Reason for Existence: It is thought that whoever obtained these eyes from whatever unknown species they came from, wanted to see if a human was capable of using them and their abilities.
  • Ability: The eyes detail a great many things for the possessor, allowing them to view heatvision, night-vision, view through solid objects and see molecular structures in components around them. When focused, they turn red.
  • Catch: These eyes do not belong to anything human, as normal as they may seem upon just looking at them. They can easily overload their owner with too much information, leading to headaches, migraines, obsessive writing to purge the information from their heads, psychotic breaks and possibly turning them insane. It's speculated that these eyes belong to a being with far greater mental capacity than humans.


  • Information Overload: Being able to immediately see the minute details of everything around him in all different versions of views can be overwhelming. Too much at once can cause Lucas to mentally shut down and suffer with crippling headaches until he can find a way to shut it out or process what he's seen. Sometimes that means sleeping it off in a dark room, other times means he'll be writing frantically and obsessively on whatever he can to get it out of his head.


*Black Hardcover Notebooks (always one or near his person at any time)
*Dark Sunglasses
*Specimen Collecting Kit
*Lab Coat
*Black and Red Backpack

Personal History

Lucas Dawson completed his Masters in Biology from Oxford University in 2013 at the age of 20, the young man tipped to become one of the leading biologists of the next generation. He is incredibly smart and academic with great attention to detail in his work that allowed him to obtain his Masters at such a young age.

As foundations around the world attempted to head-hunt him for their various causes in research, Lucas vanished mid-2014 very suddenly after a night-out with friends.

He was found by the Bureau during a raid at what was thought to be a supernatural experimentation lab, tied down to a surgery table and starting to come around for the first time in days. He didn't know where he was, how he got there, who had done something to him. He began to scream about being able to see everything and had to be sedated to be taken into the Bureau's custody.

While under the close watch of the Medical Department, it quickly became clear that the eyes Lucas now had were no longer his own and were allowing him to see in ways that no human was capable of. He was placed in a cell for his own protection while worked with to learn how to control his new abilities and come to terms with what had happened to him. It was here that he met Addison, who occupied the cell next to his, and they became friends.

Once he was released in 2016, he became an important asset to the Bureau as a xenobiologist expert. His works are an important thing to the Bureau, his filled notebooks and other writings, especially when he goes on a writing fit, are still being researched and scrutinized by other departments.


  • Michael Weyland: With Michael as team lead, Lucas respects him greatly for his leadership. But he does consider him to be a lot more brawn that necessary.
  • Addison Thorne: Lucas and Addison have worked together for a while and are extremely good friends, even though they spend a great deal of time screaming at each other. They may even be dating now!


Random Facts
  • Lucas is a massive sci-fi and fantasy nerd.
  • Lucas's motto is: "Overthinking leads to destruction."
  • It's rumoured that Lucas has a room in his condo that is nothing but jars of dead and preserved animal specimens and organs. He has neither confirmed nor denied this.
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