Luna-Marie Rogers




Luna-Marie Rogers

Nicknames (if any)

Luna, Lune.


She-wolf Guardian.

Brief Physical Description

Standing at 5'6", Luna can be described as 'femininely well-built' with lean muscles that define her sweet curves. Her figure is an athletic one for sure with an hourglass shape to her body frame. Her skin is a light tan colour with small scars here and there and a birthmark roughly about the shape of a deformed star on her upper left thigh. Luna's hair is long and wildly curly with blonde highlights on top of light milk-chocolate colours. Her irises are, ironically, a bright silvery colour and her eyes in general are a sharp almond shape.

Her attire is actually very proper. She tries to look good or professional with makeup on and a decent outfit that would give the professional impression. Of course she is also known to wear more casual things like jeans and a shirt or something.


Stat Rank
Force 6
Grace 6
Wits 4
Resolve 4

Areas of Expertise

  • Pistol Roulette: Luna is an excellent quick-shot and even better at shoot-outs with her trusty pistols or stun pistols in both hands or one. She can go both ways baby~.
  • Dirty Dancing: If there's one thing about Luna, is that she doesn't play fair. If she can find a weakness in someone, she's going to exploit it (so a swift kick in the nuts for men should do the trick, right?).
  • Defender: Her original training purposes was to defend her charge. If this meant using her own body, she'd do it. Luckily she knows how to effectively block an attack using her body. This, of course, isn't the only thing she's good at when it comes to her body~
  • Martial Artist: Luna's not afraid to crack a few skulls using her martial arts fighting skills. Gentlemen this also means she's a flexible lady~~
  • Looks Can Deceive: Luna's a sexy woman, and she knows that very well. If someone needs a little more … 'convincing', Luna is not afraid to strut her stuff to do it.


Luna was born and raised as a werewolf, and therefor has werewolf powers. 'Nuff said.

  • Overall Power Level: 3
  • Werewolf Physiology
    • Enhanced Agility
    • Enhanced Endurance
    • Enhanced Reflexes
    • Enhanced Senses
      • Enhanced Hearing
      • Enhanced Sight
      • Enhanced Smell
        • In wolf or werewolf form, Luna can track her prey over a distance of a little over four miles (depending on conditions). This is halved in human form.
      • Night Vision
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Stamina
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Lycanthropic Infection
      • Luna's bites carry the lycanthropic curse. If the victim survives the infection that follows, they will be reborn a werewolf.
    • Poison Immunity
      • Barring werewolf-specific poisons (wolfs-bane, silver), Luna doesn't suffer the full strength or potency of traditional poisons, although they'll still suck.
    • Predator Instinct
    • Regenerative Healing Factor
      • Luna heals at triple the normal human rate for injuries deemed minor, and double for those that are deemed major. Luna must be out of the battlefield for this to begin.
    • Temperature Regulation
    • Wolf Physiology
      • In four-legged form, Luna stands at 38 inches in height (front paw to shoulder) and 5'8" in length (nose to tail). Her coat is a golden colour and her irises are silver. (visual representation can be found here)
      • In two-legged hybrid form, Luna stands at six feet with a lean body and the same colouring as her four-legged form.
  • Zoolingualism - Specifically Canidae communication (dogs, wolves, coyotes, etc)


  • Werewolf Poisons: Silver, wolfs-bane, and any other substance that can poison werewolves can and will most certainly harm Luna-Marie.
  • Aquaphobia: As a child she nearly drowned while going swimming with her father. Although she doesn't remember much of the ordeal, the fear is still burned in her mind. She will do anything within her power to keep from swimming in anything that makes her go under the water, or anything past her belly-button really.
  • Sensitive Senses: Simply put, Luna is sensitive to anything bright, loud, and foul smelling.


  • Two 10mm pistols
  • Two stun pistols
  • A taser she … borrowed
  • The Werewolf's Amulet (it is not a relic because it no longer serves a purpose)

Personal History

As a child Luna had a fairly normal, werewolf life. She went to school, made some friends, almost drowned while fishing, the basic childhood stuff. Sure she's had some werewolf breaks here and there, but her parents (who were both werewolves) managed to tame it and teach her the art of patience. During her elementary school years she had a beginning skill in defending student who were being bullied. She would 'bodyguard' the victims long enough for the bullies to leave them alone. She even punched out a boy for trying to feed one of her friends weed with the dirt and roots still attached. Never heard from that bully ever again (though she did get a detention).

She graduated out of high school with average grades and nothing of note, although there were many awards under her belt with martial arts and wrestling. She seemed to have a knack for protecting others and so decided to get a job as a bodyguard for concerts that were happening around her area. This moved from small concerts to important people wanting to hire her, hearing about her methods of getting rid of people.

One specific person who hired her was actually someone the Bureau was hunting.

This man was a witch who had his fair share of crimes hanging above his head. Luna, of course, didn't know this and protected him from any attempts at the Bureau trying to bring him in. From what Luna heard, someone found out that she was simply a bodyguard who had no idea what was going on. Eventually they sent someone to talk to her about what was going on, and as soon as she found out she joined their side to take him down.

Afterwards, the Bureau offered her a place among them and, obviously, she agreed.



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