Mila Bartel




Mila Bartel


Preternaturally Gifted Markswoman

Brief Physical Description

Mila is a stout woman with a square jaw, with light brownish red (reddish brown?) hair down past her shoulders. usually wears dark colored, unflattering clothes, wearing her favorite trenchcoat in urban environments.


Stat Rank
Force 2
Grace 7
Wits 5
Resolve 4

Areas of Expertise

  • Firearms Usage: Obvious one, but even discounting possible supernatural aid to her ability, Mila's abilities in gunplay are top notch.
  • Alchemy: By no means an expert, Mila does have signigficantly more understanding of esoteric fields of alchemy than the typical person, is capable of reading alchemy journals and following directions, and is rarely consulted by Bureau scientists who want another opinion on research.
  • Physics: A theoretician she aint, but Mila understands classical mechanics of dynamic systems to a passable degree. (Think a D grade in a college dynamics course)
  • Languages: As Mila has grown up and traveled the world, she's become conversant in several languages, and picked up useful phrases from others. When pushed by necessity, Mila can pick up useful phrases from a language in just a couple days, and become vaguely conversant in just under two months, and able to not make native speakers cringe in three. This varries between languages, and doesn't hold true for tonal languages and other constructions which are strange to western ears. The only languages she is acrually fluent in are Gaelic and English.
  • Hole Up: Being a sniper is a thankless Job that requires sitting in muddy holss never getting on your feet for days at a time and living your entire life a few inches from the ground, while making supplies last and staying completely hidden. Mila has learned to deal with this, and does it well as any.


Relic Name: "Apprentice's Guide to Martial Alchemy, With Regards to Combustion Armaments."

  • Power Level: 2
  • History: A late 16th Century English alchemist only remembered as Radolphus Rowl sought to set the talents of Alchemy to the grand gentleman's game of war. Working tirelessly throughout his live to create new mechanisms of warfare to add new "pieces" to the matches of chess he watched scurry about battlefields. He found his greatest love in firearms of all sorts, which he saw as the ultimate expression of alchemical warfare in their simplest nature, and are where he focused his innovations. However, he knew that he would never see his creations in combat if the only source of them was his own lab, and he set to authoring a compendium of alchemical theory and creation, his "perfect" instructional book for students, a long, droning enchiridion that sways confusingly between topics of machining and mundane gunsmithing, to what seems at least cosmetically like chemistry, to ritual magic using symbols and arrangements of odd objects one might expect to find plastic reproductions of in a goth teenager's bedroom. Only a single copy of the work was ever produced, before his then apprentice claims to have found his clothing and shoes piled upon eachother in his lab, with no indication of the man himself. It is unknown if he was lost to an experiment, or if there simply for a time was a naked mad alchemist careening across the English countryside.
  • Reason for Existence: Radolphus created the piece in order to educate a new line of apprentices to craft weapons for "glorious warfare," and to prepare England for a hundred wars to come which played out nightly in his dreams. Among his eccentricities Radolphus believed that exposure to the more mystical and otherworldy aspects of traditional alchemy might put off nosy students who read ahead in his great guidebook, and as such the pages can only be turned by one who has fully comprehended and understood the previous chapter. to attempt to force them apart will destroy the pages, and ignite a highly volatile alchemical solvent, destroying the work forever. Ever vigilant to guard the secrets of their craft except from apprentices and those who can pay for it, the authors notes indicate a similar such fate, should one other than himself attempt to reproduce the knowledge therein.
  • Ability: Whoever has this book can, with investment of time, effort, and money, learn to craft a handful of alchemical rounds. These mixtures were originally intended for use in muzzle loaded muskets, arquebuses, and blunderbuses, though one with a knowledge of modern gunsmithing can adapt the concoctions and load them into blank rounds for modern cartridge based firearms, though it becomes harder for recipies which require a round made from alchemical components, as this requires machining the components into far more complex shapes than the original intended spherical balls.
  • Catch: Alchemy is dangerous! Though accidents become less common once she has mastered a given type of alchemical round, in the research leading up to learning one, and in the process of making her first few rounds of a given type, injuries will be her close friend. Burns, gashes, and scars riddle her arms as metal shavings embed themselves in her skin when in the process of studying. It's recommended one takes a good long relaxing healing period between periods of study.


  • Overall Power Level: 2
  • Trick Shots
    • The origin of Mila's ability is unknown, and she often finds those who believe her marksmanship skills to be supernaturally aided in a signigficant way comical, and their explanations ludicrous. The more sensible explanations (which don't require her grandmother have secretly been from a secret tribe of musket wielding eagle people) conclude it is some sort of psionic ability. What sort of psionic ability is similarly contested, the three popular theories being hyper-concentration and awareness, resulting in a very precise control over initial conditions, and a predictive capacity to extrapolate those conditiona to any desired outcome, or probability manipulation, actively changing how likely a given outcome for a projectile is through direct reality shifting, or selective telekinesis, where the paths of the projectiles are not predicted or following probabilities, but directly altered in mid flight. None of the attempts to test these theories has been conclusive, and Mila has gotten grumpy about repeated testing, so a clear answer seems far away. What is clear is that, with enough effort, a deal of luck, and a willingness to deal with the repurcussions, Mila can successfully set a projectile on any path that it is physically possible for it to follow, and even some paths which are slightly impossible. Her usual ability, which is not draining, rivals the greatest mundane marksmen in the world, but more incredible feats cause her to suffer burnout, described below.


  • What Has Come And What Will Be: Mila has flashbacks to traumatic experiences as a soldier, prisoner of war, crippled veteran, a civilian whose life was torn by war, and of watching everyone she loves and cares for die in their homes or on massive battlefields. Very few of these memories are hers. She has inherited the visions of "glorious warfare" which drove Radolphus to madness. These memories that tear through her head, during traumatic experiences and often in her dreams, are the far flung memories of people whose lives come close to war, wars past and some "great war" that is to come. Mila can gleam little to no information of the future or of the past from these horrifying visions, though if she compares events to history, she may realize what battles they took place in in the far off past, And should the Great War ever truly come, Mila may well be the first to realize what has come upon humanity, or, perhaps, may be prone to terror and paranoia at the future of small regional conflicts. Her dreams are haunted with these visions, psychological and physical trauma can put her back on those battlefields. Hospitals, cacophonous noise, large crowds and graveyards can bring her dread and unease.
  • Burnout: Whatever Mila does, it requires a great deal of mental energy, more than a human is meant to expend at once. Particularly absurd or even impossible shots made using her trick shots ability begin to wear on her as she uses them, and this wear manifests as effective sleep deprivation. A single shot can take of minutes, hours, or days worth of sleep depending on the absurdity. Hallucinations, microsleeps, dizzyness, unawareness, blackouts, and it is predicted even heart attacks could occur if too much is done without sleep in between. All this lost time must be made up later, and as a result Mila sleeps signigficantly longer than most humans when actively using her ability frequently.


  • Smith and Wesson model 586 revolver with 6 inch barrel
  • Military sniper rifle with spotter equipment, common rifle for use by British Special Forces
  • Pet Jackolope "Popcorn"
  • Pet Rabbit "Butter"
  • Gunsmithing workshop
  • Old Gyro Mila left in the fridge and never took out. It grew a lot of mold, and if one stares at it long enough they will swear it's slowly pulsating. Referred to in passing as "Carl"

Personal History


Mila Was born in the late 1980s in Northern Ireland. Growing up she was not a stranger to crime and militarism, with paramilitary factions and terrorist groups occasionally having activity in her area up until the agreements signed in 1998. She was taught to use a gun by her father, a deeply paranoid man who lived in constant fear of home invasions. After managing to graduate from High School her father pushed her to join he armed forces, and she entered training within a year. Serving a two year tour of duty on base, her shooting abilities earned the interest of her superiors, and she was permitted to join the sniper program. Bringing back her knowledge of physics, she became capable and certified to serve as either a shooter or a spotter, and do the job on her own if the situation demanded. When her training was up, she rejoined her old unit, but in her time of training, economic turmoil had plunged the world into chaos, and Britain's military was being brought home to restore order. Old paramilitary and terrorist groups throughout North Ireland were using the chaos to reopen old wounds, and certain regions were breaking down into violence. Her unit was deployed to occupy, secure order, and she in particular was directed to take out high profile targets within the destabilizing organizations. When the fighting was done, and her tour of duty ended, she left the military unable to deal with having seen her homeland once again become a war zone.

On her own in the world, she moved away from the UK, and gained connections to criminal organizations operating within disputed lawless regions of the middle East, particularly interrupting and ambushing couriers transporting drugs, money, and valuables. One day, she retrieved an odd item, some sort of historical artifact. She thought nothing of taking it, and on her way to bring it to a man claiming to be its rightful owner, she stopped by the local corner store. Her phone received a text, and looking outside there was an odd British man sitting in a stretch limousine.


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