Miles Blackstone
Miles Vincent Blackstone




Miles Blackstone


Haematurgist and "Field Medic"

Brief Physical Description

Shoulder length, well-kept brown hair, bright green eyes, a very stern face, and usually in an outfit that covers all but his head.


Stat Rank
Force 3
Grace 4
Wits 4
Resolve 7

Areas of Expertise

  • Occult: Miles has always been a fan of the occult, from when he was a young boy to present day.
  • Krav Maga: Learning how to disarm and fight someone in virtually any situation was an asset taught to him in the Academy.
  • Driving: While not officially passing his 'stunt driving' course that would enable him to be a VIP driver for the Bureau - and people like The Admiral - Miles is a fanatic when it comes to his vehicles, making them do things that would likely terrify his passengers.
  • Crackshot: Before deciding to go into Field Assessment, Miles was up for a Marksman position in a Task Force. His preferred weapons are pistols and DMRs.
  • Intimidation: While Miles is not a vampire, he's very good at unnerving people. His skin isn't as pale as a vampire's, but he can still act the part enough to make most mundanes wet themselves in fear.


  • Overall Power Level 3
  • Blood Magic
  • Blood Absorption: In worst case scenarios, Miles can absorb others' blood to fuel his abilities, although unless he transfuses it properly, it is less effective than his own blood.
  • Haematurgy: Miles has a very unique power in "blood magic" or "haematurgy". He has an impressive amount of control over blood, able to manipulate it in numerous ways. For the most part, he tends to use his own, however, being in contact with someone else's blood is very dangerous, as he is able to manipulate others' through direct contact.
  • Haemokinetic Combat: His power is commonly manifested through combat. He is able to use his blood as a weapon - be it a whip, a shield, or 'shot' like an arrow or bullet. Due to his control over it, he usually is disallowed from utilizing his powers in combat.
  • Haemokinetic Constructs: Most notably in the form of shields. Miles has mastered the art of creating protection for his teammates, which allow them to attack freely, while deflecting strikes and absorbing kinetic shots.
  • Haemopotent Regeneration: Another useful power that Miles has is an ability to use blood as a medium for healing. In the event a teammate is severely injured, Miles is able to assist in keeping them alive. He has not been able to fully heal bones and the like, however, but is usually able to keep them going until they're able to get to a proper Doctor.


  • Strong Silent Type: Miles can stand out on occasion - especially at social events. He is very often not an incredibly social person, although he can get along with his teammates. If he's required to 'blend in' in a crowd, he usually isn't very good at it.
  • Not a Vampire: While Miles is rather talented with blood, he is not a vampire who can replenish his energy by drinking it. If he uses too much of his own blood in a fight, he must take time to recover, or transfuse himself using another source (i.e. blood bags, opponents)
  • At the Mountains of Madness: Miles downfall to transfusing blood is the fact that he absorbs a part of the person - usually in the form of memories. As such, too much transfusing during a fight increases the chance of Miles losing focus, as he has to deal with the memories one by one.


  • Sterling Silver Ring
  • SIG Sauer P250
  • Charm Bracelet
  • Ankh Necklace

Personal History

From a young age it was evident that Miles was different. He had an obsession with the supernatural and often got in trouble at school due to his anti-social behaviour. At 15, his powers began to manifest, leading to further complications in both his education and social life. He was admitted to the Bureau's Academy shortly after his 16th birthday, in both an attempt to get a hold on his abilities and satisfy his hunger for knowledge on all things occult. He became a straight-A student relatively quickly, and was fed into the Bureau upon graduation, training for Field Assessment as opposed to Task Force as he'd once expressed interest in.
His unique talents with Haematurgy lead to concerns with the teams he would work alongside, coupled with his stoic demeanor. This quickly earned him a bogeyman-like title of "The Haematurgist" which he began to embrace. His powers were restricted in 2007, however, after a brutal confrontation with a group of cultists that lead to the semi-popular Bureau story of Morocco and The Red Reaper. It is highly advised to not bring up either subject in the presence of Agent Blackstone.


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