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Ryllae Ailduin

Nicknames (if any)



The down-to-earth healer.

Brief Physical Description

Ryllae can be simply described as ethereal, mystical, and beautiful. She has a very thin figure and stands at a short 5'3" with few to no blemishes on her pale skin whatsoever, simply being smooth to the eyes and to the touch. She has beautiful white hair that goes down below her waist and is often in interesting braid designs. Her eyes are thinly cat-shaped with beautiful forest green irises that almost seem to glow under different lighting. Ryllae also has several shining markings on her hands that look like words from a different language, and when she uses her magic they glow.

Her fashion can be described as a light boho or gypsy style with nature weaved in with it. Her clothing is usually earth-tones or white.


Stat Rank
Force 2
Grace 5
Wits 7
Resolve 7

Areas of Expertise

  • Medical Magician: Being a Sylvan healer, Ryllae has seen her share of magical illnesses or at least read about them. She effectively knows how to heal these ailments with ease.
  • Photographic Memory: She reads something once, and chances are she will never forget it. Ryllae can recite memories to near perfection when it is needed (ingredients to a salve, a ritual chant, etc)
  • Forest Survivalist: Living in the forest for a good amount of her life has allowed Ryllae to know the do's and don'ts of surviving in the wilderness. She knows what is good or bad to eat, what places are good to sleep in for the night, and so on.
  • Combat Medic: Fighting and healing? Ryllae may not know ho to effectively punch a goon in the face, but she knows how to travel the battlefield to get to an injured ally quickly.
  • Alchemist: She might not be a scientist with a giant laboratory or anything fancy like that, but she sure knows how to whip up a potion or salve for everyone's needs. She can make something to increase one's resistance to something, say fire or ice, can make a salve to get rid of poison in the body, or she can even make poison herself if she needs to.


Ryllae is Sylvan and therefor magically gifted. She has been trained to use the earth as a means of healing as well as using it as a weapon if it is severally needed.

  • Overall Power Level: 2
  • Faerie Physiology
    • Semi-Immortality
    • Supernatural Beauty
    • Enhanced Senses (hearing and sight)
    • Calming Aura (As a former Shaman, Ryllae was taught a neat aura trick that helps to calm her patients and almost make them go numb from pain, at least until she is done tending to wounds.)
  • Healing Hands: This is just basic healing for small cuts or bumps.
    • For more extensive healing it requires either other methods added with Healing Hands or more energy.
  • Earth Manipulation: Ryllae is able to manipulate the earth around her like Toph from The Last Airbender. However, unlike Toph, Ryllae does not use it solely on combat. Instead she has been taught to use it more defensively and for healing purposes, not for outright combat (although she can if she needs to). She cannot create rock or dirt from thin air though. She must have some form of earthen substances to do what she wants or needs to do with it. However, she can make the earth beneath her to an extent, depending on how dry or how much fertile substances there is around.
    • In healing, Ryllae uses the earth to draw poisons and toxins out of wounds. The more potent the poison, the more earth and other minerals that is needed.
  • Plant Manipulation: Like earth manipulation, Ryllae can use plants to do what she needs to do if the earth is not strong enough or not what she needs. She can heal with plants and she can use them for defensive combat as she was taught to do. She is also able to make new plants from the DNA of two or more existing plants.
    • In healing, she uses plant-life for mending open wounds. She can stitch, wrap, and graft any sort of wound using leaves, vines, or any other plant-like material.
  • Water Manipulation (minor): Ryllae can also use water to heal, but that's it. She cannot attack with water nor can she defend herself with it. It is merely for healing purposes.
    • The water is useful for washing away infections that could get in the bloodstream and make the patient ill, however she does not use this as often unless it is a magical infection that the doctors of the BSA cannot rid of.


  • Healer's Curse: Not exactly a curse, but it is a vow. When Ryllae became a Shaman to her village, or a healer, she vowed to never hurt someone unless she sincerely has to. If the group can walk away from a violent situation peacefully, Ryllae would rather that than start a fight.
  • Arsonphobia: Fire is an excellent means of warming up the body and soul and gathering everyone around for a good time. A controlled fire, say in a fireplace, will not bother Ryllae as much. A potentially uncontrolled fire, however, will cause Ryllae to panic in the worst case. Around bonfires she tends to sit further back, not exactly caring if she freezes to death.
  • Insomnia: Ryllae has constant nightmares about her village burning down to the ground. So many wounded, so many dead … it's hard to believe she's still sane. Agents will often see her wandering at night after a nightmare, and in turn will become tired easily if using too much of her energy over healing someone.
    • Some nights she will be rested, but other nights she won't. It really depends.
  • Technophobe: It's not that she hates technology, it's just that she doesn't quite understand it. She can use basic things like cellphones and other simple electronics, but anything complex like a car or playing video games may blow up a few brain cells in her head.


  • An opal ring
  • A book full of various healing spells and recipes for potions and salves.
  • A simple cellphone (one of those flip-phones no one uses anymore)
  • A bag filled with medical things she might need.
  • A stun pistol
  • A knife

Personal History

Ryllae had always been gifted in the art of healing. As a young girl she would use the earth and plants to help animals with their wounds. The Shamans of the mystical forest village they lived in saw this and took her under their wings for tutoring. She was taught about the many magical ailments that were out there as well as how to mend extensive wounds using nothing but the earth, plants, and water. She also learned how to defend herself using plants and the earth, but was not skilled enough to bend the water to do more than heal.

In her late thirties, she became quite adept at healing the sick and wounded from both magical and natural causes. The village she lived in was actually quite peaceful, and although there were a few Shamans there, herself included, there was seldom any need for serious treatment (besides maybe the odd accident or illness). One day, however, a group of humans decided they would go camping near their territory. The Elders of the village found no problems with that, and left them alone to have their human fun.

Boy was that ever a sorry mistake.

In the night, the humans had left their bonfire burning bright and high, and as the wind picked up it caught the flicking flames up into the trees and moved it towards the Sylvan village Ryllae lived in. The Sylvans there all lived in the trunks of great and massive trees, but when the fire caught to them they burned brighter than the sun. Two of the four Shamans (not including herself) perished in the flames as well as dozens of her kind. People crawled out of the fire mutilated or scorched and an emergency call was sent to the Bureau to help deal with the fire.

Ryllae watched as many she tried to care for slip away, including her entire family. However, at the same time she saved many others from their would-be fatal wounds. The agents of the Bureau that were there recognized this skill and offered her a place. After losing her family and many she cared for, she found no reason to stay there any longer. After the dilemma was over and dealt with, the fire put out and the remaining two Shamans fit enough to work again, Ryllae headed off with the agents to join the Bureau's ranks as a medic.

  • Before she left, she took her mother's opal ring as a reminder of her.



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