Witold Kazimir
Witold in his human shape.




Witold Kazimir


Radiation Lich

Brief Physical Description

Witold is a very tall man, standing at 6'4" tall with a very broad, thin build. He has very pale, sickly green/grey skin with traumatically removed cheeks, large empty eye sockets burning with green light and a crown of twisted black iron over black and pale grey/green hooded robes. He has very long, bony hands covered in burnt, pale grey/green skin. He can float with his legs being hidden beneath his long, tattered robes. He has some mostly decorative black iron armor around his chest and lower legs.
when in his human disguise, he looks like a muscular man of the same height, roughly middle aged with black/grey hair, sharp, predatory features and eerily green eyes.
In his more natural shape, Witold remains dressed in black and green tattered robes that seem to float in the air like smoke or water. In his human shape, he dresses in suits.


You have 18 points to spend at a 1:1 ratio. All 18 points must be spent. No stat may be left at 0.
Stat Rank
Force 5
Grace 1
Wits 6
Resolve 6

Areas of Expertise

  • Terrify: Witolds true form is entirely terrifying. It's rotting and radiation scarred visage, terrible voice, and determined personality can frighten even the hardiest mind.
  • Burn: After taking in the effects of the elephants foot, Witold is capable of using its power to make nuclear fire. As such, it's very easy for him to burn things with both radiation and fire.
  • Deceive:: A consumate liar and manipulator, Witold is exceptionally good at tricking people into doing what he wants.
  • Plans within plans: A big picture sort of guy, Witold is good at spotting the threads to unravel a mystery and formulating plans to deal with a situation.
  • Necromancer: Being an undead lich, Witold has gained some necromantic powers, and has become adept in their use.
  • Order of the White Eagle: Before his encounter at Chernobyl, Witold was a soldier in the Polish army in WW2. He and his squad performed admirably in the war and in the underground war as well. The Warsaw uprising saw Witold perform admirably, and as such was awarded the Order of the white eagle. As befitting one of the order, Witold can fight like hell.


Relic Name: Flashback to the past
Power Level: 1
Description: A silver ring with a swirling design
History: Made in the middle ages to help benevolent monster appear human, it was discovered by the BSA early in its history, and later given to Witold on his request.
Ability/Abilities: Allows its wearer to appear as they would as human.
Catch: Restricts the use of natural powers in this form.


  • Overall Power Level 3
  • Necromancy
    • Immortality/ Reanimation
    • Motor skill manipulation (On dead/undead beings)
    • Death inducement
    • Pain inducement
    • Possession (On death, possesses a nearby living thing)
  • Nuclear Manipulation
    • Atomic disassociation
    • Nuclear energy blast
    • Heat/fire generation/ manipulation
    • Radiation manipulation
      • Radiation immunity
      • Disease generation (Cancers and genetic disorders)
    • Nuclear explosion inducement (On death)


  • Not human: Even when disguised, Witold is fairly clearly not human. He exudes a vibe that he is somehow "Off", leading people to mistrust him and even avoid him.
  • Dangerous: Witolds powers are very dangerous to any life around him, and require a great degree of control to ensure that they don't do harm to those around him.
  • Old Fashioned: Witold thinks that a lot was lost in the march for progress, and tends to lean towards more old fashioned methods, even when a modern method will work better.
  • Mistrusting: After his experiences with WW2, postwar communism and random pricks, Witold can find it rather difficult to trust people, even when they're entirely trustworthy.


Large dagger
Glock 18

In Condo:
Suits, new and old
WW2 uniform with medals
Vis Pistol
Browning wz. 1928
Kbsp wz. 1938M
Szabla wz. 34
Stereo system

Personal History

Witold was born on the 19th of October, 1910 in Warsaw, Poland. He had normal schooling, and entered the armed forces when he was of age. He served in the Cavalry corps of the army until WW2 broke out and then joined the underground resistance. He and his men performed admirably and managed to survive the war. When all was said and done, Witold was awarded the Order of the white eagle for heroic actions undertaken in the Warsaw uprising. Following the war, Witold retired with his wife Olga in Ukraine/Russia, not wanting to see his country in such a ruin. They lived there for many years, with Witold spending his retirement as a firefighter after Olgas death from Heart disease in 1979. However, on 26 April 1986, the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant underwent a meltdown and exploded. Witold was among the first responders to the scene, fighting the flames with his work mates. The team entered the building of reactor 4, trying to fight the flames until morning, when Witold felt faint and fell down into a lower level, coming to rest on a huge mass of corium later dubbed the "Elephants Foot" Contact with this mass gave Witold a lethal dose of radiation within moments, which was not aided by the fact that the fall had rendered Witold unconscious. He was hauled out by the other firefighters and taken to an isolation ward in hospital, where he survived the monstrous radiation sickness for two months before passing away.
He awoke a year later in a coffin with an extra medal pinned to his old army uniform in a cemetery in Warsaw. Arduously escaping hims tomb over a weeks time, he was changed into his current true form. He fled into the mountains where he used to stay at his aunts home as a child, hiding there until he was picked up by the BSA. In their hands he was taught to regulate his powers and given a relic that would allow him to take the shape he once had as a young man. Eventually, he was cleared to work as a field agent, and help people once more.


A very proud individual, Witold likes to keep a scrapbook of some of his more notable achievements with newspaper clippings and pictures.
While he tries hard, Witold does still have some lingering animosity towards Germany.
Loves cats and birds.
Has tried many times to change into regular clothes in his real form, but they keep turning into more robes.
Has a closet full of robes.
Drives a green Jaguar F Type
Has an unusual accent, something of a cross between Polish and Russian.
Has some gang tattoos in addition to his arcane tattoos.


  • Order of the white eagle
  • Virtuti Militari
  • Order of the Cross of Independence
  • Polish Cross of Valour
  • Cross of Independence
  • Home Army Cross
  • Order of the Cross of Grunwald
  • Warsaw Cross of the Uprising
  • Medal of Victory and Freedom 1945
  • Chernobyl Liquidator Medal

Witolds condo is an old house with a circular tower room amongst a forest in the mountains. It has a lounge room with a tv, stereo and well stocked liquor cabinet, a rumpus room with many books and a piano, along with a glass cabinet containing his WW2 uniform and weapons. His bedroom has a large four poster bed, a large bookcase and another tv. His bathroom has a rain shower, large tub, and magazine rack. The grounds around the home are in the foothills of a mountain, covered in rich forest. There are various trails leading about these woods, along with a lake with a sauna beside it.

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