Charles Schwartz
Charles, trying to make the next Blue Steel.




Charles Schwartz


Muldjewangk CQC specialist

Brief Physical Description

Charles tends to remain in his human form, so as to not scare people. Like this, he is about 6'6" and around 120 kilograms with a heavy build. He has nearly grey skin, and long black/ brown hair. Not one to shave very often, Charles usually has a beard going on. A fan of big sunglasses and combat boots as far as clothing goes, and will usually wear neutral or red colours. He's a big fan of leather jackets. He has tiger stripes on his back, and a sleeve tattoo on his left arm consisting of a dead tree, crows, sharks, and various other designs and writing.

Muldjewangk Form:
In his beast form, Charlie looks like a sort of cross between a dinosaur, a big cat, and a seal. He has a long, muscular body with smooth skin. His hind legs are digitigrade, and capable of supporting his full weight. His front legs are similar to more flexible human arms, with very long claws on the ends of his webbed hands. He has a long, muscular tail with a flat "Oar" towards the end to aid with swimming. His head is long and bulky with powerful jaws and large, serrated teeth. His eyes are a fiery orange and red with a slitted pupil in the middle. He can speak in this form, but sounds much more bestial.


You have 18 points to spend at a 1:1 ratio. All 18 points must be spent. No stat may be left at 0.
Stat Rank
Force 7
Grace 2
Wits 4
Resolve 5

Areas of Expertise

HEAVE: Charles is a very strong person, and is capable of pulling impressive feats of strength.

Ambush Predator: Charles is a Muldjewangk, and thus, is an ambush predator. Happy to lie in wait for his quarry, patient as anything. He is very difficult to spot when hiding this way, and will often surprise his target.

Animal Magnetism: Charles has been around the block a few times, and over the years has learned to be charming. As such, he's not above using his looks to sway anyone who could be attracted to him

Ruck Rover: Charles is a very athletic sort, having played sports his whole life. As such, he's an excellent sportsman, able to run jump and dodge very well.


If you do not have Powers, remove this section

  • Overall Power Level 3

Fish/ Shark Physiology (When in muldjewangk form)

  • Aquatic Adaptation
    • Aquatic Respiration
    • Cold Immunity
    • Enhanced Lung Capacity
    • Pressure Resistance
    • Speed Swimming
  • Dermal Armor
  • Enhanced Bite
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Senses
    • Electroreception
    • Enhanced Hearing
    • Enhanced Smell
    • Enhanced Vision
    • Water Sense
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Feral Mind
  • Night Vision
  • Predator Instinct

Water Manipulation Moderate
Charlie can shape the general movements of the oceans waters, along with the rivers and other bodies of water.
(Charlie can use this in his human form, but to a lesser effect than if he is in his true form.)

  • Shape and manipulate water.
    • Manipulate tides.

Storm Manipulation
Only over the sea and small islands and coasts.
(Charlie can use this in his human form, but to a lesser effect than if he is in his true form.)
These powers are very exhausting, and cannot be used too often.

  • Air Manipulation for winds
    • Create wind, up to a strong gale
  • Water Manipulation: rain, floods
    • Cloud Generation
    • Rain Creation


Hot head: Charlie finds it nearly impossible to remain idle when he witnesses something that angers him

Aquatic: Being a primarily aquatic creature, Charlie does not cope the best in dry conditions.

Receptive to domination: Charlies brain chemistry is laid out in a very different way to that of your average person, in a more straightforward way. this makes him much easier to mentally control or read.

Big: Charlie is both tall and broad, and as such not only sticks out in a crowd, but also finds it hard to squeeze into some spaces.


Pistol, standard issue.
Surfboard, 6'5" long.
Guitar, acoustic.
Guitar, Electric.
Combat knife.
Diving knife.
Water container, attached to belt.

Personal History

Charlie was born to Heather and Mark Floyd in Melbourne hospital on the 19th of June 1994 along with siblings Sarah and Emma. The group had a relatively normal upbringing, going to school and playing sports. Charlie himself excelled at AFL and surfing, along with boxing. However, on his 25th birthday, Charlies mother Heather revealed that she was different to their father. She was a muldjewangk. An ancient creature tasked with protecting the waters of the land from destruction at the hands of humans. And so was Charlie and his sisters.
So Heather taught them what they needed to know about themselves. How they wouldn't age much, how strong they were, and how to best use their powers. So while Charlie loved the sea, and protecting it from the destructive influences of humans, he also enjoyed the company of others. So when he wasn't out sinking whaling ships and super trawlers, Charlie was partying and having fun on land. However, everything changed when the fire nation attacked he was caught in one of the nets of a North Korean research vessel. He was caught in a tank and slated for vivisection, until the BSA launched a strike on the ship, which was being piloted by a man with an exceptionally dangerous relic.
Once freed, Charlie kept in touch with his saviors, and eventually decided to join their cause, training as an agent and putting his huge shape and natural talent for fighting to use, becoming a specialist in close quarters combat.


Personality and Habits

Charlie tends to be a lighthearted and friendly guy. He is very passionate about the things he cares about, which is nature for the most part, but this also includes people he grows close to. He can have a bit of a temper, and will not forget a slight of insult, sometimes leading to long vendettas.
Charlie is a very down to earth sort, with a deep respect for nature. He will try to protect animals and plants to the best of his ability, and will do so in the simplest manner he deems effective. This is generally his approach to everything in life.

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