Clara is a young girl aged 7, she has blonde hair and bright hazel eyes. Like most children she is easily entertained, excitable, and curious. She is the youngest Demi-goddesses/demigod of the Olympians that the Team has met.

Clara, is the daughter of Persephone and an unknown human father who was later brutally killed by Hades as punishment. As such Clara has no knowledge of her biological father but knows details of the Olympian life she leads however it has not hit her on the magnitude of what it means.

She often brags about her mother and her guardian Minaye (whom she calls Minmin). And gets very protective if either of them are insulted or placed in danger. However, due to her age, she is susceptible to getting tricked and this was shown when she did not understand Minaye was getting extremely hurt by the thorns that someone sent out to imprision the older girl.

Clara seems to have inherited her mother’s powers to make flowers grow, however she also seems to have an uncontrolled death power. Her flowers that she currently is growing were seeds given to her by her mother. These seeds grow into various black flowers which cause the painless death of those who receive them as gifts. (Should they be outside the family) by way of sapping the life force.

Clara also has a liking to Melinoe much to her Mother's displeasure. She also made friends of sorts with Raj and Charlie. And respects Dessa and Addison.

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