Clementine Sweet

Agent Clementine Sweet, Head of Internal Affairs is a tall, thin woman with pale skin and a fiery temper. She has brown, wavy hair with streaks of fire engine red throughout it. Her hair reaches past her shoulders. She is always seen in a skirt-suit.

She was born and raised in Sedona, Arizona by hippy parents who promptly turned their backs on her when, at 18, Clementine Sweet enrolled in the FBI Academy at Quantico. She spent ten years working with the FBI on a variety of cases, including several that were high profile. During these ten years, she developed a fondness for jiu-jutsu.

At agent 29, Agent Sweet fell mysteriously ill. She returned to work after six months a changed person. Clementine Sweet had developed a supernatural control over kinetic energy. At aged 30 she came to the attention of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs and became a field agent.

After five years of exemplary service, Agent Sweet was promoted to head of the Field Operations Department. Clementine is some what of a legend at the Bureau after singlehandedly knocking down an alpha minotaur.

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