Computer Science Dog




Computer Science Dog


Brief Physical Description:

2 years old, medium-sized, neutered male, mixed-breed.


Physical 1 Mental 2 Social 3
Strength 1 Inteligence 3 Presence 3
Dexterity 5 Wits 3 Manipulation 1
Stamina 2 Resolve 1 Composure 2


Physical Skills:
  • Athletics: 3
  • Brawl:
  • Drive:
  • Firearm:
  • Larceny:
  • Stealth: 2
  • Survival: 2
  • Weaponry: 2
Mental Skills: Tertiary
  • Academics:
  • Computers: 52
  • Crafts:
  • Investigation:
  • Medicine:
  • Occult:
  • Politics:
  • Science:
Social Skills: Primary
  • Animal Ken: 5
  • Empathy: 5
  • Expression:
  • Intimidation:
  • Persuasion:
  • Socialize:
  • Streetwise: 33
  • Subterfuge:


  • Computer Science Dog is a dog. A sapient dog, but still a dog. He likes doggy things and thinks doggy thoughts.
  • Dogs have very, very good senses of smell and hearing. Their vision is not as great. Computer Science Dog is no exception.
  • Computer Science Dog can levitate small items, up to about 20 pounds of material at a time. He can also manipulate them with high dexterity.


The dogtop
Description: A homemade laptop with several unusual components installed, constructed by Computer Science Dog himself.
Power Source: A captured scream from a banshee, trapped in a tiny metal container near the battery case.
Ability: Can translate Computer Science Dog's thoughts to text or a simulated voice (Microsoft Sam). Due to its telepathic interface with Computer Science Dog, he can search a variety of online and offline databases very quickly.

The dogtop is also capable of playing a banshee scream through its speakers, disabling all those in hearing range except Computer Science Dog for one round and having an unpredictable effect on actual banshees. Computer Science Dog is immune because he's used to it.
Catch: Computer Science Dog hears dimmed banshee moans in his head. They can become painfully distracting at irregular intervals.


  • Dogtop
  • Doggie bed
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Various chew toys
  • Laser pointer

Personal History

Banshees and dogs, being more or less polar opposites, generally don't interact with each other. What would they have to gain? Unfortunately for Computer Science Dog, not all banshees are mentally healthy. One showed up and started hassling him, and Computer Science Dog (who was just a normal dog at this point) wasn't having any of that, so it ran at and bit the banshee. This caused an unforeseen reaction that unlocked Computer Science Dog's latent sapience and computer science knowledge. The Bureau picked Computer Science Dog up later and inducted him as an agent.

Computer Science Dog doesn't remember much about being non-sapient. It's "like trying to remember a dream, except in the dream you were really drunk." Computer Science Dog has also gotten shitfaced before.


Computer Science Dog has maintained a keen interest in banshees ever since being awakened. He chose the moniker himself.




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