Important Announcement Concerning the RP

Greetings everyone!~

As you know BBB has been around for a while, and it stopped temporarily before being resumed by both Gwen and I in January. During the time BBB was not active I was a member of staff in two other well-known RPs that were notoriously Grimdark or had other tone issues involved.

In both these RPs we had issues with players who didn't like the tone or theme of the RP prompting staff to make changes which eventually became too chaotic, and out of hand to run any longer. I wanted to take the time to state that BBB while having it's moments of darkness is not supposed to be, nor ever will be a grimdark roleplay.

Concerns I have noticed mostly concerned as run content that was performed recently as we reach the ending of the season. Some have noted that the runs are getting darker as more proximity to the Big Bad arrives and while this is to be expected I do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable or forced to participate in a scenario or RP that they are uncomfortable with.

As we get closer to the end of a season things are tightening up and as a result you will see more serious and harder runs for the characters as things come to an end. This is normal and has happened in the past 2 seasons that have occurred. This third season is no different. Where before after a single serious run we would have 2-3 lighter runs or a run with some serious notions and lighter elements/parodical elements to it- as we near to the end of a season there are less run dates to accomplish both this longer cooldown and the more serious runs.

BBB is a parody and lighthearted RP with moments of darkness and reality sprinkled in. With runs that the first half is babysitting, a pet tiger who acts like a housecat, a ice-manipulator who gets hypothermia, a crazy director, and more- BBB has always focused on not taking itself too seriously.

If there is ever a serious moment for your character or something sensitive I, or the GM who is running should ask permission before doing something potentially scarring. And there will always be a wind-down period- whether that be soft RP or another light run.

Rule number 5 is : What YOU Want RP- and this will always hold true. If you are uncomfortable please let the GM know immediately so we can make accommodations. We come to Roleplay and have fun. If you feel stressed, anxious, panicked, or upset after a run - that is something that should not be happening and should be brought up to prevent it from happening further.

This being said BBB will never undergo a tone change, both Gwen and I work hard to keep eachother in check to stay true to what BBB is and we have decided that BBB will never go to one extreme or the other. It is not a "For teh Lulz" RP nor is it a gritty realistic grimdark one. Sometimes players find that after a while the tone or setting of the RP no longer appeals to them and decide to leave, which is fine. The most important thing when it comes to RP is to have fun. When you no longer are having fun it is time to take a look at why and figure out the steps from there.

I hope that everyone continues to enjoy BBB through both the wacky and serious parts that make up this colorful and ever-changing world with the fantastic cast we have created together. And if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me


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