Dessa Volynski-Tsarev




Dessa Volynski-Tsarev


Light/Dark Elf Doctor

Brief Physical Description:

Dessa's appearance is rather striking, being the daughter of a dark elf mother and a light elf father. Standing at 5'9", she resembles the dark elves a little more; her skin is just a shade above pure white, her hair platinum blonde which falls to her mid-back. This is often pulled up into a no-nonsense bun while working and reveals her giveaway pointed elvish ears. Easily mistaken for a woman in her early twenties.

She wears lightly coloured clothing that covers most of her, often in variations of pale shades such as green or blue, but with a doctor's white coat over it. Her grey eyes shift colours depending on how the light catches them but she does not share the dark elves' fear of light nor the intense joy of the light elves who revel in it. Sun still burns pale skin even if she can withstand being in it.

Not one for trinkets, the only manner of adornment she wears is a pendant that is fixed firmly to her person at all times. Its manner of holding can vary from necklace to bracelet to headpiece depending on work or occasion.

Dessa speaks with a faint Russian accent with something else entirely confused there too. Her English is, however, fluent.


  • Elf (Light/Dark Hybrid): Long-lived, a humanoid creature at one with nature and plenty of time to learn and study. Being a cross of one dark and one light parent, she can withstand sunlight as well as any pale-skinned human, but bears the obvious ears of her people along with the pale skin and hair of the dark elves. She has heightened hearing thanks to her light-elf heritage and sharp sight in darkness thanks to her dark-elf heritage.
  • Trust me, I'm a Doctor: Years of study in medicine from many fields, including human and fey anatomy, herbal remedies (incl. poisons and antidotes) and various other studies related leaves Dessa as a remarkable and experienced doctor in her own right. If something hurts, she'll find out what it is, why is it and a way to heal it.


Pendant of Sun & Moon
  • History: A coming-of-age gift, this pendant comes from both the light and dark elders and is made specifically for Dessa. These gifts are often bound in the shape of a sunstone or moonstone depending on what type of elf they are for. Each gift is different and varies in power and ability. Sometimes these gifts can be passed from parent to child but more often they are buried with their owner.
  • Reason for Existence: When each elf comes of age, they receive an item that represents the gifts they themselves have. Dessa received hers when she became an adult.
  • Ability: The Relic houses two spirits, one of darkness and one of light known as 'Zme' and 'Ya'. They take the form of small serpents who help Dessa to sort through relevant medical knowledge of what she is dealing with and provide advice and guidance relating. Zme, the darkness spirit, has great knowledge of illnesses, disease and such ailments that creep up on the patient. Ya, the light spirit, has great knowledge of wounds, breaks and very immediate injuries. When summoned together, the injury is very, very serious.
  • Catch: These two can be called on for their help in recalling/identifying medical related issues, but at a cost of energy to Dessa once they are dismissed. After summoning their aid, she will need a good meal or a nap at the very least. If summoned together, she will require far more rest.


  • Semi-Immortality: Un-aging. Elves do not age when they reach adulthood. Because of their bodies constantly refreshing themselves, this means they heal a little faster than humans.
  • Enhanced Senses: Heighted hearing allows her to catch sounds others would miss. However, very loud noises can be very painful. Her enhanced sight allows her to see easily in the dark but she can be easily blinded by very bright lights.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Years of living in the woodlands and travelling between Light and Dark territory leaves one very quick to instinctively react when something comes their way.
  • Poison Immunity (Woodland Variety): Poison distilled from woodland herbs are eradicated in the body due to decades of exposure to the raw plants. They have little to no effect, depending on the concentration.


  • Sensitive Senses: While her heightened senses are a great asset, they can also be a hinderance. Sudden, very bright lights can temporarily blind her, and very loud noises close by can be very jarring, if not crippling.


  • A doctor's bag, complete with basic medical equipment.
  • A rather battered but well-loved Acer Laptop
  • Books - Ranging from herbs and flowers to medicines
  • Gardening tools
  • Doctor's White Coat
  • Leather-bound notebook, pages yellowed with age and well scribbled on.
  • A large array of different coloured hair-ties. (Some with flowers!)

Personal History

Dessa's birth was much like that of other elvish born children. Rare is the event that a new elf is brought into the world given the longevity of the people. Rarer still was the birth of a child of a light elf father and dark elf mother. Dessa spent the majority of her time with her mother, though with quite a number of journeys to live with her father. While retaining the visual traits of the dark elves, she was able to withstand the light and warmth of the day that they cannot.

From early in her life, Dessa disliked to see creatures in pain or in the way of sickness. She worked hard to find ways to help those who were unwell, eventually picking up the study of medicine, which at the time, was mostly involving herbs and possibly debating the usefulness of leeches.

Studying under the doctors of her people, she became adept in the healing of her own people but craved to learn more. She became fascinated with the humans she passed on her travels between the north and south of her parents' homes and pitied them for their short lifespans and such easily lost lives from such preventable illness and injuries.

So, she began to learn their medicines and anatomies, through tutoring with small village doctors, libraries in the towns she passed through and, eventually as technology caught up, through internet classes she found on the library computers. Though her fascination was somewhat strange to her people, Dessa could not help herself and drank in every last scrap of knowledge in medicine and herbs and anatomy and treatments she could lay her eyes on.

Years of learning and updating her procedures and keeping up with medical advances, she was held back only by the fact she could not sit through the human college courses and final exams without risking revealing herself. It was on one of her journeys back north to her Mother's home that she was passing by known Sylvan territory when there was commotion. While moving quickly on, the forest whispered about the Bureau and word travelled that they had helped the tree spirits.

Curious, Dessa began to ask others about the Bureau and heard that a lot of their agents came from many different backgrounds. It was Queen Selene who noticed this interest in one of the newest children, especially given she was a child to both sides and so brought her to the Director's attention. Once accepted, Dessa was placed under the supervision of Dr. Saari and began to prove her medical knowledge, swiftly passing every exam placed in front of her and showing her adeptness in treatment of patients.

Dr. Saari retired and appointed Dessa the new Head of Medical.

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