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Disney World

General Information

When Bob Iger and most Disney employees noticed the trend of falling apart in the United States, they banded together and made Disney World, not only their own city but an independent state. During the Southern Secession, the Confederacy tried to block the move, however this was blocked in turn by every citizen in the Confederacy being banned from the Parks also known as the Happiest Place on Earth.

Facing extreme pressure, Mitt Romney and Bob Iger had some talks. While the Confederacy owns the surrounding area, they have left Disney World to be its own oasis of old America and Disney fun.

Leader Bio


Bob Iger is the former CEO and now leader of Disney World. He is widely regarded as a fantastic CEO of Disney having acquired both Marvel and Lucasfilms for Disney. He remains on good terms also with Pixar studios. Rumors have it that he is preparing John Lasseter to succeed him.

Political Structure

Disney is still a corporation and as such Bob Iger plays more a role of CEO rather than leader. Politics wise while it is allied with both the Confederacy and the UNSA, Disney distances itself from controversial policies unless it is something it feels strongly about. It is widely regarded as a haven for homosexuals and non-heterosexuals in the Confederacy.

Economic Structure

Disney still maintains parks throughout the world and in various countries and produces films and other forms of entertainment. It is one of the top Tourist Destinations, and makes a lot of money from both tourist activities and entertainment. As well as being one of the top Animation and Entertainment Industries of the world. The economic downturn, while rocky, still held up. Disney released Frozen in 2014 and helped stabilize the economy due to great box office and merchandise sales. It also resulted in one Queen and another Princess to add to their Disney Princess Line-up.

They are due to release another princess film known as Moana which will feature of Polynesian Princess, it is much anticipated and expected to increase profit margins in 2017.

Flag Information

Depending on the form of entertainment the flags of Disney vary. The most common is a blue and black flag featuring either the notable Disney D, or a Mickey Mouse Silhouette.

Misc. Information

The Director and Bob Iger remain on semi-amicable terms. The BSA has knowledge of various relics in the keep of Disney and have been unable to retrieve them. Some well known items are old belongings of Walt Disney himself which are though to boost creativity.

Rumors have it that Bob Iger commissioned Jack Du Rose to make supernatural items embodying the Disney Princesses and the Disney Villains. As of now, BSA data shows that they have not been completed.

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