Eldritch Horrors And Noir Detectives Pt 1

(6:31:36 PM) Tox: Mike yawns, arching back over the couch as he blinks awake, having fallen asleep with the notebook open across his chest.
(6:32:14 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is doing yoga off to the side.
(6:33:07 PM) Tox: "Hey Zoe," he says sleepily with another yaw, shaking his head.
(6:33:44 PM) Tom90deg: "Hey Mike."
(6:38:23 PM) Tox: "'Sup?"
(6:40:16 PM) Lurktop [~moc.yvvasket.elbac.461BC574-CRInys|Ghcetnrut#moc.yvvasket.elbac.461BC574-CRInys|Ghcetnrut] entered the room.
(6:40:25 PM) Tom90deg: "Not much. Just strechin."
(6:40:36 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is contorted into an odd position.
(6:41:29 PM) Gwen: Addison wanders into lounge, fidgeting with her glasses as heads to her usual seat.
(6:41:59 PM) Lurktop: Raj is in the lounge, meditating quietly in the corner.
(6:42:39 PM) Tox: He blinks over at her, about to say something before Addison walks in. "Hey, Addison," he says, waving at her.
(6:44:04 PM) Tom90deg: "Hey Addy."
(6:44:22 PM) Gwen: Addison waves. "Hi Boss, Hi Zo'"
(6:45:51 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe twists around again. "What's up?"
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(6:48:59 PM) Gwen: "Not much, you?" She sits down with a sigh.
(6:49:27 PM) Tox: Mike moves closer to Addison. "Evening."
(6:51:21 PM) Tom90deg: "Not much. Just bored."
(6:52:07 PM) Gwen: "I've given up being bored…apparently."
(6:52:23 PM) Tom90deg: "Why do you think I'm playing solo twister?"
(6:59:26 PM) Gwen: "Looks like yoga."
(6:59:45 PM) Tom90deg: "Eh, normal yoga is boring."
(7:00:34 PM) Alivi [~moc.rr.ser.anilorac.C3CF68FD-CRInys|ivilA#moc.rr.ser.anilorac.C3CF68FD-CRInys|ivilA] entered the room.
(7:00:35 PM) Tox: "Looks less painful by the looks of it."
(7:01:13 PM) Tom90deg: "Naw, this dosn't hurt."
(7:01:22 PM) Tom90deg: "Becides, it's useful for…other things."
(7:01:37 PM) Tox: "…What kind of things…?" Mike raises an eyebrow.
(7:01:57 PM) Tom90deg: "Things."
(7:02:01 PM) Tom90deg: "Mr. Noisy."
(7:02:22 PM) Tox: That eyebrow raises further.
(7:02:38 PM) Gwen: "She has a point." Addison laughs and adjusts her glasses on her face.
(7:03:14 PM) Tom90deg: "Nothing that would intrest you. Unless you kept the number for that werecat."
(7:04:59 PM) Tox: Mike laughs. "She seemed kinda standoffish, I don't think she'd be interested. Besides, who says I'm not seeing someone here?" he grins.
(7:05:47 PM) Scantron: Satyana's asleep on the couch in the lounge.
(7:06:14 PM) Tom90deg: "Psssh. She totaly rejected him." Zoe says to the group. "Shot down."
(7:06:22 PM) Alivi: Raine enters the lounge fiddling with what looks to be his ipod.
(7:07:24 PM) Tox: Mike chuckles.
(7:08:16 PM) Gwen: Addison goes to says something, however, she is cut off by Agen Zharkov entering the lounge. "Agent Weyland," she says firmly. "Assemble your team. You have a brief to attend."
(7:08:54 PM) Tox: Mike looks up, rising to his feet. "Yes ma'am. No PA announcement this time?"
(7:09:47 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe hops to her feet and untagngles
(7:09:52 PM) Tom90deg: "Right then."
(7:09:58 PM) Lurktop: Raj stands from meditation and casually moves over to Mike's side.
(7:10:10 PM) Scantron: Satyana has not been woken up by this.
(7:11:01 PM) Alivi: Raine sees movement and removes one of his headphones and turns and notices Agent Zharkov.
(7:11:28 PM) Tox: Mike motions to Raine with his head.
(7:12:09 PM) Gwen: "The PA systems are being cleaned out. An unfortunate infestation of minor spirits."
(7:12:11 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe heads on over the briefing room
(7:12:35 PM) Scantron: Satyana is still asleep.
(7:13:30 PM) Tox: Mike nods. "Alright." He walks over to Satyana and shakes her
(7:13:30 PM) Tox: .
(7:14:01 PM) Alivi: Raine looks confused at Mike but shrugs.
(7:14:23 PM) Scantron: "Hmmmwhasm?"
(7:14:36 PM) Tox: "Mission briefing, Satyana. Let's go, c'mon."
(7:14:57 PM) Scantron: "Mngh. A pox on both your houses." She gets up blearily and starts stumbling to the briefing room.
(7:16:28 PM) Gwen: Addison walks to the room with Mike. "Boss, Elliot isn't going to be joining us…"
(7:16:43 PM) Alivi: Raine goes to the briefing room standing in the back.
(7:16:45 PM) Tox: Mike turns to Addison as they walk. "Oh? Why not?"
(7:17:11 PM) Gwen: "Not sure really…" She sighs. "We're not talking much."
(7:18:22 PM) Tox: "Ah…" Mike squeezes her shoulder as they enter the briefing room. "I'm sorry to hear that."
(7:19:12 PM) Gwen: The Director wanders in, buttoning his suit jacket up. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We have a case."
(7:20:01 PM) Tom90deg: "Cool. Is it warmer?"
(7:20:05 PM) Scantron: "Yay." Insincere Satyana.
(7:20:16 PM) Tox: "What's up, boss?"
(7:21:33 PM) Gwen: "A string of murders in Chicago, each more gruesome than the next."
(7:21:49 PM) Tom90deg: "Oooh." Zoe is now intrested!
(7:22:09 PM) Tox: "What do we know about it? What got Bureau attention?"
(7:23:28 PM) Scantron: Satyana rubs her eyes. "Do we have pictures?"
(7:23:53 PM) Tom90deg: "Oh yes."
(7:24:12 PM) Tom90deg: "Hmm..Haven't been to chicago in a long while."
(7:25:19 PM) Alivi: "What is it like?"
(7:26:09 PM) Gwen: "The gruesome nature of the murders." The Director waves his hand at the screen behind him and six dead bodies appear. The state in which the bodies are is…rather awful, each of them died of huge gouges in their skin, however, the skin appears to have…boiled or been vaporized.
(7:26:30 PM) Tox: Mike raises an eyebrow. "Lovely."
(7:26:45 PM) Alivi: Raine looks away from the images.
(7:27:10 PM) Scantron: Can Satyana roll Int+Occult (or Wits+Occult, same stats) to see if she recalls anything supernatural that might kill people this way?
(7:27:32 PM) Gwen: Sure.
(7:27:36 PM) Gwen: Int.
(7:28:00 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+9 bitch please
(7:28:01 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: bitch please: 1d10e+9=10 (1)
(7:28:10 PM) Tox: A forensics roll would probably wait until they're at the scene, no?
(7:28:18 PM) Gwen: Yes.
(7:28:30 PM) Gwen: And Satyana can't glean anything from the images.
(7:29:58 PM) Tox: "Who's our point of contact when we get there?"
(7:30:01 PM) Tom90deg: "Hmm."
(7:30:12 PM) Tom90deg: "Odd."
(7:30:18 PM) Scantron: Satyana yawns. "I don't even know what that /is/."
(7:30:33 PM) Gwen: "You're going to be coordinating with a PI named Brent Lockheart…who is working with Chicago PD on these cases. He's rather good…"
(7:30:46 PM) Tom90deg: "It's a dead body. Don't worry, we all miss the easy ones fromtime to time."
(7:31:01 PM) Tox: "Do we have to play the masquerade, or does he know of the Bureau?"
(7:31:57 PM) Gwen: "He's been told you're consultants from Interpol, we're using that cover again."
(7:32:52 PM) Tox: Mike nods. "Understood. Plane fueled up?"
(7:34:10 PM) Gwen: "And ready to go." He gestures to the door. "No injuries this time, Dr. Saari is getting bored of treating your team."
(7:34:46 PM) Tox: "No promises, boss." Mike waves his hand and troops out.
(7:34:52 PM) Tom90deg: "Right then. We shall make sure she stays bored."
(7:34:53 PM) Alivi: Raine takes a deep breath and nods at the Director. "Thank you, Sir…"
(7:35:03 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe hops up and heads ondown to the car
(7:35:29 PM) Scantron: Satyana gets out and shuffles down to the car. "They better be /very/ dead or I could have been sleeping…"
(7:36:36 PM) Tox: "Stop bein' lazy, Satyana," Mike says with a grin.
(7:37:08 PM) Scantron: "You can't tell me what to do, you're not my real father."
(7:37:21 PM) Scantron: She rests her head on the headrest and closes her eyes.
(7:37:28 PM) Alivi: Raine goes to the car
(7:37:40 PM) Tox: He laughs as he pulls the car into traffic, heading to the airyard.
(7:37:42 PM) Gwen: Addison follows along, slinging her messenger bag over her shoulder."
(7:38:51 PM) Tom90deg: "If they're not dead they have one hell of a skin condition."
(7:40:13 PM) Gwen: "As far as I know we're not called in to deal with a skin condition."
(7:40:45 PM) Tox: "Unless someone's having a /really/ slow day," Mike muses, pulling the MPV onto the plane.
(7:41:00 PM) Scantron: "Well, if Miniature Skin Leprechauns somehow come back from the brink of extinction, we might be…"
(7:41:11 PM) Alivi: "Are you making that up?"
(7:41:36 PM) Tox: "With Satyana? Who knows."
(7:42:00 PM) Scantron: "It's more a matter of 'with leprechauns'."
(7:42:24 PM) Scantron: "If you study as much of the occult as I have, leprechauns will be the bane of your existence. Trust me on that."
(7:42:35 PM) Alivi: "I don't understand…"
(7:43:03 PM) Scantron: "Never mind."
(7:43:28 PM) Alivi: Raine sighs and shrugs, "Ok…"
(7:44:35 PM) Gwen: The plane to the US is uneventful, however landing in Chicago is a nightmare, even with government tags on the plane.
(7:45:44 PM) Tox: "Oh joy, welcome to Chicago, fuck you," he says with a drawn-out sigh.
(7:46:50 PM) Alivi: "What do you mean?" Raine asks Mike rather confused.
(7:47:20 PM) Scantron: "What's wrong with Chicago?"
(7:47:29 PM) Tox: "Trying to come into Chicago has always felt like the city just flips off tourists." Mike shakes his head. "Never fails to be a pain."
(7:47:51 PM) Alivi: "Sure it is bad now but it will get better right?"
(7:48:28 PM) Tox: "Sure, once we manage to get past the wall of bullshit."
(7:48:40 PM) Alivi: "Ok…"
(7:49:42 PM) Tom90deg: "Can we get some hot dogs?"
(7:49:45 PM) Tom90deg: "Ooooh, or pizza!"
(7:49:50 PM) Gwen: The pilot steps into the cabin. "Agent Weyland, the tower wants to speak with you."
(7:51:41 PM) Tox: "Really?" Mike blinks, standing up and heading towards the cockpit.
(7:53:08 PM) Gwen: The pilot holds out a headset. "Yup."
(7:53:13 PM) Tox: He picks up the spare set of headphones and hunches over. "Bravo Sierra Alpha Zero Zero Two to O'Hare Tower, this is Weyland."
(7:53:53 PM) Gwen: "You the Interpol plane?"
(7:54:18 PM) Tox: "That's correct, Tower. Is there a problem?"
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(7:56:16 PM) Gwen: "No problem, BSA-002. We need to check your passports though, you're going through the terminal."
(7:57:04 PM) Tox: Mike tilts his head and blinks. "What's the reasoning behind that, Tower? My understanding was that we were pre-cleared from base."
(7:57:19 PM) Lurker: "Should I stay on the plane? Are they going to assume I'm Al-Qaeda?" Raj asked, an amused tone to his voice.
(7:57:54 PM) Tom90deg: "Psssh."
(7:58:00 PM) Tom90deg: "I'll just leave."
(7:59:29 PM) Lurker: "It's because they have two people on the plane who have names they can't pronounce."
(7:59:57 PM) Tom90deg: "Well."
(8:00:09 PM) Tom90deg: "There is also the two thieves."
(8:00:11 PM) Gwen: "We're doing passport checks today, is all, BSA-002."
(8:00:17 PM) Tom90deg: "But I was NEVER caought, i will say."
(8:00:53 PM) Scantron: "There's no good reason not to be able to pronounce /my/ name, at least if you're looking right at it."
(8:01:37 PM) Tox: Something does NOT feel right about this. Why would they be doing "passport checks" today?
(8:02:00 PM) Tom90deg: "DO I even have my passport?" Zoe wonders
(8:02:10 PM) Tox: Would there be a roll to see if this is in fact procedure, or if something's hinky?
(8:02:35 PM) Alivi: Raine frowns a bit. "Can't we just show them our badges?"
(8:02:40 PM) Gwen: Could just be a security chief having a bad day. Gimme Wits+Academics
(8:03:20 PM) Tox: Law specialty?
(8:03:27 PM) Gwen: Yes.
(8:03:38 PM) Tox: 1d10e+4 Quid don't fuck with me
(8:03:38 PM) Quidmore: Tox: Quid don't fuck with me: 1d10e+4=11 (7)
(8:03:39 PM) Scantron: Can Satyana do the same?
(8:05:35 PM) Gwen: Sure.
(8:05:39 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+8 kk
(8:05:39 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: kk: 1d10e+8=10 (2)
(8:05:56 PM) Tom90deg: "Eh, don't worry. If they try anything, we can just walk out."
(8:07:38 PM) Gwen: Both Satyana and Mike figure the security people are having a bad day.
(8:08:05 PM) Tom90deg: "Oh wait…Are they gonna bitch about our weapons?"
(8:08:41 PM) Tox: Mike sighs. "Roger that, Tower. Give my pilot a gate and we'll be right in."
(8:10:55 PM) Gwen: "Put your guns in the car," Addison says as she produces her Lichetenstien passport.
(8:12:12 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe digs out her English passport.
(8:12:19 PM) Tom90deg: "Hey Addy."
(8:12:32 PM) Tom90deg: "Bet you I can get past security faster than you can."
(8:13:00 PM) Lurker: Raj produces one of his passports, tucking it into his sash.
(8:13:20 PM) Gwen: Addison glances up at her best friend. "You're one."
(8:13:30 PM) Alivi: Raine looks at Addison, and then back into his bag pulling out his finnish passport.
(8:13:31 PM) Gwen: **on
(8:13:54 PM) Scantron: Satyana gets out her Indian passport.
(8:14:08 PM) Tox: Mike heads back into the cabin. "You heard the nice people in the tower," he sighs, pulling his own passport out.
(8:14:47 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe grins. "Hehee, I won't even port."
(8:19:08 PM) Gwen: "You'd better not. Wait, do I have to be honest about my record?"
(8:19:23 PM) Tom90deg: "I hope not, I'm not going to be."
(8:20:46 PM) Tox: "Do what you wanna do, but try not to hold us up. We have people to see."
(8:21:07 PM) Tom90deg: "Don't worry, we'll be through there and at Cinnabon before you have any idea what's going on."
(8:21:34 PM) Gwen: Addison nods. "Loser buys the team Cinnabon?"
(8:22:11 PM) Tox: Mike sighs and sits back down.
(8:22:12 PM) Tom90deg: "Sure thing!"
(8:24:41 PM) Tom90deg: Zoeflips through her passport humming
(8:26:20 PM) Gwen: Is the team heading to get checked up on?
(8:26:33 PM) Lurker: Raj is.
(8:26:38 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe heads on into the terminal!
(8:26:39 PM) Alivi: "What is Cinbon?" Raine asks as he walks over near Addison.
(8:27:06 PM) Tox: Now they are.
(8:27:11 PM) Tom90deg: "It's amazing."
(8:27:34 PM) Scantron: And now Satyana is. "That's a matter of opinion."
(8:27:56 PM) Gwen: Addison follows along. "Really really good hot dessert food."
(8:32:04 PM) Alivi: "Ok…"
(8:33:46 PM) Tox: Mike walks alongside Addison. "Security dude's havin' a bad day…we were supposed to be pre-cleared."
(8:36:32 PM) Gwen: Addison sighs. "Damn. Too bad they don't except bribes anymore."
(8:37:05 PM) Tox: "Ah, well. They should let us through when we show our badges."
(8:39:50 PM) Gwen: She shrugs. "As long as the don't run our passports, I guess."
(8:40:08 PM) Alivi: "Why not?"
(8:42:03 PM) Gwen: Addison looks to Raine. "Umm…some of us might have outstanding warrants in this country."
(8:44:53 PM) Alivi: "Oh…" he seems surprised.
(8:45:38 PM) Gwen: "Technically the LVPD still want me."
(8:46:00 PM) Scantron: "I can't say I've had similar problems in the past. Not breaking the law is rather easy, you know."
(8:46:54 PM) Alivi: "What for?"
(8:46:55 PM) Tox: "Conversely, breaking the law can be pretty easy, too."
(8:47:43 PM) Scantron: "A lot of things aren't illegal if you have enough money, and there's no reason you couldn't have gotten enough money."
(8:47:54 PM) Gwen: "Petty Theft." She is clearly lying.
(8:49:14 PM) Alivi: "Oh…." Raine shrugs deciding not to push it.
(8:49:35 PM) Lurker: "You shouldn't have gotten caught," Raj states. "I should give everyone lessons."
(8:51:01 PM) Tox: Mike eyes Addison, but says nothing as he continues towards the security checkpoint.
(8:51:25 PM) Gwen: Addison looks to Mike. "It /was/ petty…to the casinos!"
(8:53:46 PM) Tox: Mike seems to ponder this for a moment. "I suppose you're right," he allows.
(8:53:58 PM) Scantron: "Like I said, if you had enough money, you could have stolen that amount and gotten off with a fine. It's called white-collar crime, and it's only even prosecuted so the masses don't revolt."
(8:57:13 PM) Tox: "Maybe in India that's true," Mike says.
(9:01:53 PM) Tom90deg: "I'm proud to say that I've never been connected to any crime."
(9:13:23 PM) Scantron: Satyana shrugs. "From what I've read, it's essentially true in the United States as well."
(9:13:44 PM) Scantron: "…I studied sociology for a brief period. Don't judge me."
(9:18:32 PM) Tox: Mike shrugs.
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(9:26:36 PM) Gwen: The team arrives at the security check point. Did anyone not put their guns in the car?
(9:26:56 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is unarmed
(9:27:08 PM) Tox: Mike has a carry license, so he has his in his bags, unloaded.
(9:27:12 PM) Lurker: Raj didn't bring guns. All he has is one of his blades on his hip and his wrist-blade (but that's not visible).
(9:27:30 PM) Alivi: Raine doesn't usually carry a weapon.
(9:27:32 PM) Tox: He's not about to go walking through an airport with his gun on him.
(9:28:03 PM) Lurker: It's his scimitar btw and it's quite obviously sheathed and bound properly. It helps that he looks like a Sikh - to an extent.
(9:28:47 PM) Scantron: Satyana left hers behind.
(9:29:28 PM) Gwen: They have two booths to travel through. No one is accosted, and Zoe does beat Addison through.
(9:29:41 PM) Tom90deg: "Huzzah!"
(9:29:59 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe moves to the Cinnabun with a smug look.
(9:30:16 PM) Tox: Mike declares his weapon and passes through. "Alright. I guess Lockheart'll meet us in the arrivals lounge?"
(9:31:16 PM) Lurker: Raj is very respectful towards the security staff, and even makes some small talk about the types of weirdos they must get through - or the people who act like they're above the law.
(9:31:48 PM) Tom90deg: "See Addy, one thing i've learned about you yankees is that you cannot resist a english accent."
(9:32:05 PM) Lurker: If he's questioned about his blade, he lets one of them draw it safely, and explains that it's an old blade, and that there are only a few that remain that were made as it was.
(9:32:40 PM) Gwen: Addison rolls her eyes. "You don't have an open warrant for 20 million on your head." There is a man that matches the description of their contact sitting on a bar stool at the airport bar.
(9:33:50 PM) Lurker: Raj, quite happily, follows along with the group. He's sure to get a few stares from people. Oh no, he's brown and has a sword on his hip! He must be Al-Qaeda.
(9:33:50 PM) Tom90deg: Zoemoves over to the contact, her cinnabon on a plate as she noms
(9:34:11 PM) Lurker: Raj gives negative fucks.
(9:34:56 PM) Tox: Mike walks over and taps the man on the shoulder. "'Scuse me. Lockheart?"
(9:35:07 PM) Scantron: Satyana follows. She assumes that any of the odd looks would be going towards Raj… she has the common sense not to bring a sword to an airport.
(9:36:42 PM) Alivi: Raine just follows the group.
(9:37:46 PM) Gwen: The man turns and looks to Mike. He's the spitting image of a noir detective. He also looks like crap…and is probably way drunk. He stands. "Yeah," he has a gruff voice.
(9:38:34 PM) Scantron: Satyana sighs.
(9:39:20 PM) Tox: Mike nods. He looks good, isn't drunk, and doesn't look like he stepped out of the 50s. Odd pair. "Michael Weyland." He offers his hand. "My handlers tell me you caught a really interesting one this time."
(9:40:17 PM) Gwen: He shakes his hand. "Your the Interpol guys? You boss mentioned something about an international criminal being involved." Perceptions everyone.
(9:40:33 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+7 that boy needs therapy
(9:40:33 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: that boy needs therapy: 1d10e+7=11 (4)
(9:40:47 PM) Tom90deg: 1d10e+3
(9:40:48 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: 1d10e+3=7 (4)
(9:40:49 PM) Tox: 1d10e+8 Wolf senses ahoy!
(9:40:49 PM) Quidmore: Tox: Wolf senses ahoy!: 1d10e+8=11 (3)
(9:41:04 PM) Alivi: 1d10e+6
(9:41:05 PM) Quidmore: Alivi: 1d10e+6=10 (4)
(9:41:24 PM) Lurker: 1d10e+6 Perceptionnes
(9:41:24 PM) Quidmore: Lurker: Perceptionnes: 1d10e+6=10 (4)
(9:46:41 PM) Gwen: Mike and Satyana notice that the man is wearing this: http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/upload/76139049920070785_wsWSaJt0_c.jpg Looks like a fraternity ring.
(9:47:04 PM) Scantron: Satyana headtilts. Can she roll something for further identification?
(9:47:39 PM) Tox: Mike nods, glancing at the ring out of the corner of his eye. "It's possible, but…pff, you think the higherups tell /me/ anything?" He chuckles.
(9:48:31 PM) Tox: "I like your ring, by the way."
(9:48:37 PM) Gwen: Wits+Occult or Academics.
(9:49:14 PM) Quidmore: Tox: WHOO WHY NOT THEY'RE BOTH THE SAAAAME.: 1d10e+3=10 (7)
(9:50:45 PM) Gwen: Gwen "You're Interpol, I should hope so." He smiles and glances to the ring. "Oh this old thing? Heirloom."
(9:51:02 PM) Gwen: Mike knows nothing.
(9:51:15 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+9 occult+wits
(9:51:15 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: occult+wits: 1d10e+9=14 (5)
(9:53:50 PM) Gwen: Satyana - the stone matches the description of a stone that "increases cognitive powers and stimulates the imagination."
(9:55:27 PM) Scantron: "Hm." She smiles. «The ring's a relic that increases cognitive powers and stimulates the imagination.»
(9:55:32 PM) Scantron: «I want it.»
(9:55:49 PM) Tom90deg: «Buisness before pleasure»
(9:56:03 PM) Alivi: «How do we know it is a relic?»
(9:56:07 PM) Scantron: «My cognitive powers *are* business.»
(9:56:19 PM) Scantron: «I recognize it from a description in the Bureau's archives.»
(9:56:25 PM) Scantron: "I agree, it is a nice ring."
(9:56:25 PM) Tox: «Makes sense for a PI to use it…»
(9:56:59 PM) Tox: "Well, we work with what we've got. You have anything for us?"
(9:58:27 PM) Gwen: "Right, this way." He limps off towards the exit. "I've solved murders flawlessly for six months now…these murders…baffle me."
(9:58:59 PM) Alivi: Raine frowns, "You ok there?"
(9:59:35 PM) Scantron: Satyana follows.
(9:59:41 PM) Tox: Mike follows alongside. "Is there any forensic evidence?"
(10:00:48 PM) Gwen: "None and yes…I…pulled something at the beginning of this investigation.
(10:01:00 PM) Alivi: "Sorry to here…"
(10:01:05 PM) Alivi: hear*
(10:01:34 PM) Tox: Mike frowns. "Where are the bodies being held?"
(10:03:13 PM) Gwen: "HQ. We're heading there now"
(10:03:54 PM) Tom90deg: "Cool."
(10:04:23 PM) Tox: "Right." Once they're outside, Mike reholsters his weapon.
(10:04:37 PM) Tom90deg: "Where's our car?
(10:04:38 PM) Tom90deg: "
(10:06:55 PM) Gwen: "We'll fetch in now. You guys can give me a lift right? I took a cab here."
(10:07:28 PM) Tox: "Yeah, shouldn't be a problem. Wait here, I'll get our vehicle." Mike nods.
(10:08:14 PM) Gwen: He nods, as does Addison.
(10:08:22 PM) Lurker: Raj volunteers to wait with the dude.
(10:08:38 PM) Tox: Mike fucks off to get the MPV!
(10:08:44 PM) Scantron: Satyana waits with the dude as well.
(10:09:08 PM) Tom90deg: ZOe heads off to the car, and rearms!
(10:09:22 PM) Alivi: Raine waits with the others.
(10:11:24 PM) Tox: And then later Mike returns.
(10:12:51 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is riding shotgun and looks out. "Hey Guys."
(10:13:11 PM) Alivi: Raine waves at Zoe.
(10:13:16 PM) Gwen: Addison and Lockheart climb into the car. Lockheart stinks of booze.
(10:13:27 PM) Alivi: Raine also gets into the car.
(10:13:46 PM) Scantron: Satyana gets in as well.
(10:14:51 PM) Tox: "Where're we going?" Mike asks as he pulls into Chicago
(10:14:52 PM) Tox: .
(10:15:34 PM) Lurker: Raj gets in!
(10:16:15 PM) Gwen: "Chicago PD HQ." he gives them directions.
(10:16:37 PM) Tox: Mike nods, heading off and following the directions.
(10:18:05 PM) Gwen: They arrive at a massive compound and are lead to the morgue. Everyone in the building knows and seems to love Lockheart.
(10:18:23 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe hums softly as she heads on down to the morgue
(10:19:22 PM) Gwen: On six slabs, there are six covered bodies. "Here we go," he says, his voice crackling loudly. He clears his throat. "Have a good."
(10:20:35 PM) Lurktop [PI.4CECA962.7B989EB.8E417B9C|oGhcetnrut#PI.4CECA962.7B989EB.8E417B9C|oGhcetnrut] entered the room.
(10:21:19 PM) Tom90deg: "Mmm."
(10:21:50 PM) Scantron: Satyana hms, and lifts the cover from one body and examines it. Can she roll int+occult again, now that she can see it in person and she's had some shut-eye?
(10:22:10 PM) Alivi: Raine stands away from the bodies, he seems uncomfortable.
(10:22:25 PM) Tox: Mike walks through the bodies, inspecting all of them. He paces, looking at each one in turn and building the forensic picture.
(10:22:42 PM) Tox: "Do we have…crime scene photos…sketches…? Where're the CSU reports?"
(10:22:47 PM) Lurktop: Raj just waits - he doesn't need to examine the bodies. There are others for that.
(10:23:54 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe looks at the bodies, seeing if she notices anything of import
(10:24:49 PM) Gwen: "Let me get that stuff for you. He disappears. Each body you examine you can give me Int+Occult OR Investigation.
(10:25:23 PM) Tom90deg: 1d10e+5 First Body
(10:25:23 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: First Body: 1d10e+5=14 (9)
(10:25:39 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+9 int+occult on Body #2.
(10:25:39 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: int+occult on Body #2.: 1d10e+9=18 (9)
(10:29:37 PM) Gwen: First body was killed as a result of these three horrid lashes across his face and upper body. Body two has lashes, and Satyana has seen these types of burns before. One type of creature gives them. Horrors…Eldritch Horrors.
(10:30:41 PM) Tox: 1d10e+6 Body 1
(10:30:42 PM) Quidmore: Tox: Body 1: 1d10e+6=10 (4)
(10:30:54 PM) Tox: 1d10e+6 Body 2: Body Harder
(10:30:54 PM) Quidmore: Tox: Body 2: Body Harder: 1d10e+6=13 (7)
(10:31:23 PM) Tom90deg: 1d10e+5 Body 2: Son of the Body
(10:31:23 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: Body 2: Son of the Body: 1d10e+5=7 (2)
(10:31:48 PM) Tom90deg: 1d10e+5 Body 4: Jason Lives
(10:31:48 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: Body 4: Jason Lives: 1d10e+5=17 (10, 2)
(10:31:48 PM) Gwen: Tox - Body two has similar lashes. Two huge ones on the torso.
(10:32:01 PM) Tox: 1d10e+6 Michael Weyland and the Last Body
(10:32:02 PM) Quidmore: Tox: Michael Weyland and the Last Body: 1d10e+6=14 (8)
(10:32:12 PM) Tox: (That's #3)
(10:33:34 PM) Gwen: The rest of the bodies have similar lashes, some have few, the last body has 8 and no face.
(10:34:20 PM) Tom90deg: "Hmm…."
(10:34:40 PM) Tox: Mike scratches his head. "Hrm. I'll know more when I can make a pattern out of this…"
(10:35:53 PM) Scantron: "…"
(10:35:59 PM) Scantron: "Eldritch horrors."
(10:36:05 PM) Alivi: "What?"
(10:36:05 PM) Scantron: "[Fuck]."
(10:36:10 PM) Tox: "What're those?"
(10:36:23 PM) Scantron: "Are you at all familiar with the works of HP Lovecraft?"
(10:36:26 PM) Tom90deg: "Great."
(10:36:32 PM) Tox: "A little bit."
(10:36:37 PM) Tom90deg: "Man…If we really have to deal with Cthulu, i'm gonna be upset."
(10:36:40 PM) Alivi: "No…." Raine looks even more confused
(10:37:38 PM) Gwen: Addison glances up. "You're telling me the Old Ones did this?"
(10:37:47 PM) Scantron: "Entities beyond our comprehension, to whom we are but ants. Yes, Old Ones, essentially."
(10:37:58 PM) Scantron: "I recognize those burns. It's the only explanation I know of."
(10:38:07 PM) Tox: "….Welp."
(10:38:31 PM) Tox: "Hey Satyana, on a scale of 'one' to 'holy fuck we're all gonna die,' where does this rank?"
(10:39:47 PM) Scantron: "Those are two different things… you can't make a scale out of those."
(10:40:09 PM) Tox: "Rephrase. How fucked are we?"
(10:40:15 PM) Tom90deg: "Mmm."
(10:41:08 PM) Scantron: "All I can say for sure is that we can't kill or contain what did this. Shutting down whatever's allowing people to view or interact with the outer gods could be anywhere from reasonably risky to almost certainly fatal."
(10:41:47 PM) Scantron: "/Maybe/ Heaven could help on this, but there's nothing to suggest that they've been willing to interfere in cases like this in the past."
(10:41:53 PM) Alivi: "Wait…what are you trying to say, what do you mean outer gods and what are we dealing with?"
(10:42:17 PM) Tox: "Mmm. Shit."
(10:42:23 PM) Tom90deg: "Hmm…"
(10:42:34 PM) Tom90deg: "Well, lets see the crime scenes I guess…"
(10:42:43 PM) Tom90deg: "Maybe someone is playing with something they shold not be."
(10:42:53 PM) Alivi: Raine looks at Mike and Zoe.
(10:42:59 PM) Tox: "Raine, basically think of the worst thing you can possibly imagine…the most soul-shattering things from your past. Then multiply that by about a thousand, and you're getting close."
(10:44:08 PM) Scantron: "Think of it this way - the eyes being boiled out is most likely from viewing and attempting to comprehend a /fraction/ of their existence."
(10:45:01 PM) Tom90deg: "IT's very very bad."
(10:45:05 PM) Tom90deg: "And guess what!"
(10:45:09 PM) Tom90deg: "We have to stop it."
(10:46:37 PM) Alivi: "Wait…just looking at it burns you?"
(10:46:45 PM) Scantron: "Yes. It's that bad."
(10:46:52 PM) Tom90deg: "yup."
(10:47:11 PM) Alivi: "…really?"
(10:47:31 PM) Scantron: "No, I'm trying to scare you for no good reason. /Yes, really/."
(10:48:02 PM) Alivi: Raine seems more confused than scared, "…ok…..I think…."
(10:48:48 PM) Scantron: "They do not conform with either the conventional laws of physics, or with any well-defined laws or theories of the paranormal."
(10:49:30 PM) Gwen left the room (quit: Client exited).
(10:52:03 PM) Alivi: "So….you are telling me there is something more paranormal and terrifying to normal paranormals? And it is very bad news… Heaven could stop it but won't want to…. and just looking at it….kills you…." He takes a breath and nods. "And we have to be the ones to stop it…"
(10:52:30 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe looks up for a moment, lips moving.
(10:52:39 PM) Tom90deg: "Yup!"
(10:52:43 PM) Tom90deg: "Oh wait."
(10:52:48 PM) Tom90deg: "Looking at it won't kill you."
(10:53:03 PM) Tom90deg: "Just drive you gibberlingly insane."
(10:53:09 PM) Alivi: "It won't? But didn't you- Oh…."
(10:53:35 PM) Scantron: "It's forcing yourself to try and comprehend it that can do that. It might also have been an effect of the particular means through which the victims were exposed."
(10:53:52 PM) Tom90deg: "I think next stop is the cime scenes…."
(10:53:53 PM) Tox: "Well, we probably can't stop it. I think the best anyone managed to do is cut it off from whatever it's using as its channel into our world.
(10:54:00 PM) Tom90deg: "Figure out what's going on."
(10:54:05 PM) Scantron: "That is accurate."
(10:55:47 PM) Alivi: "Well I am sure we can find whatever it is… so these things channel into our world through things or people?"
(10:56:21 PM) Tox: "People, usually. Idiots who perform summonings without knowing what they're doing."
(10:57:16 PM) Tom90deg: "Don't ask about the first editon of D&D."
(10:58:13 PM) Scantron: "Honestly. If it weren't its own punishment, I would recommend a blanket international ban on summoning anything higher than a [middling demon]."
(10:58:24 PM) Scantron: Those last two words are the Indian phrase for the concept.
(10:59:21 PM) Alivi: "Than a what?" Raine looks at Mike, "What happens to the Summoner?"
(11:00:22 PM) Scantron: "Er, middling demon, I think is the word. About as high as you can go without posing a significant risk to someone else's life. Still incredibly risky to the summoner, though."
(11:00:47 PM) Scantron: "Demons are… tricky, at best. You need to know how they think and what they want if you really want to glean anything from an encounter with one."
(11:01:09 PM) Tom90deg: "Mmm…"
(11:01:30 PM) Tom90deg: "Can we move on though? This skirt is itchy. Hate trying to look inconspicous."
(11:01:35 PM) Tox: "If you can't keep them bound, they're free to do as they want. Which usually involves killing the summoner first."
(11:01:50 PM) Gwen [~PI.CFF2DA74.0DF8583E.3D4959A1|lautxet#PI.CFF2DA74.0DF8583E.3D4959A1|lautxet] entered the room.
(11:02:00 PM) Tox: Mike frowns. "Zoe, your disguise was your choice. You could have picked something reasonable, but nooo, you /had/ to go for the schoolgirl look."
(11:02:20 PM) Tom90deg: "Psssh, this let me get through secuirty in 15 seconds."
(11:02:33 PM) Tom90deg: "And becides, you ask anyone to describe me. They'll have NO idea what I look like."
(11:02:59 PM) Tom90deg: "Psychology right there."
(11:03:15 PM) Tox: "Because you're making yourself an object."
(11:04:20 PM) Tom90deg: "Hey, that's their opnion, and they'll think that right till they realize their wallets are gone and their vaults are empty.:
(11:04:32 PM) Tom90deg: 'I'm secure enough to not care what they think."
(11:05:00 PM) Tox: Mike snorts. "I'll give you this, you know your craft."
(11:07:48 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe curtsies. "Thank ya."
(11:10:47 PM) Scantron: "The device on your wrist is kind of a dead giveaway, though."
(11:10:55 PM) Tom90deg: "Bah."
(11:11:30 PM) Gwen: Lockheart returns with a a stack of files for the team. "Here you go. Everything we have."
(11:12:16 PM) Scantron: "Besides, the best way not to worry about people recognizing you is to live in a hidden building across the ocean from where you're doing things, and we already have that covered." Satyana grabs a file and starts flipping through.
(11:12:32 PM) Tom90deg: "Well, yes, but that gets boring."
(11:12:37 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe takes one of the folders.
(11:13:04 PM) Gwen: Michael gets a phone call.
(11:13:15 PM) Tox: "Awesome, thanks." Mike tears into it, doing the following: Establishing a chronology, mapping the murder locations, profiling the victims and comparing them against each other, geographic information, sociopoliticoeconomic data - anything that can help him figure out what's going on.
(11:13:16 PM) Alivi: Raine takes one as well and he begins to flip through it.
(11:13:17 PM) Tox: Except not yet!
(11:13:36 PM) Tox: Mike pulls out his phone and takes a couple steps away from the team. "This is Weyland."
(11:13:49 PM) Scantron: "You could have just /said/ you enjoy wearing that outfit." Satyana figures that Mike has all the cop stuff down. Instead, she looks through their records for anything that would indicate an involvement in the paranormal or supernatural.
(11:14:00 PM) Tom90deg: "So what if i do?"
(11:15:00 PM) Scantron: "Nothing, that's my point."
(11:15:07 PM) Scantron: "Your lies just don't hold up to basic logic."
(11:16:25 PM) Gwen: "Agent Weyland, this the Director. There's been another murder. Until further notice you're staying at the penthouse suite at the Trump Hotel in Chicago. Understood?"
(11:17:15 PM) Tox: "Yes, boss. Understood. We're compiling the information on the rest of the murders presently - can you send the information you've got on it to my PDA?"
(11:20:25 PM) Gwen: "I can. Take the files from Lockheart and head to the hotel now."
(11:21:17 PM) Tox: "Yes, boss. I'll just leave him here, then?"
(11:23:12 PM) Gwen: "Sounds good to me."
(11:24:09 PM) Tox: "Understood, boss. I'll call you with an update when we get there."
(11:24:17 PM) Tox: Mike disconnects the call.
(11:24:36 PM) Tox: "Alright. Lockheart, I'm afraid I have to take the files, and my team, and head out."
(11:28:12 PM) Gwen: He shrugs and nods. "Sounds good to me."
(11:28:31 PM) Tox: "Let's exchange numbers - that way if anything comes up we can reach each other."
(11:30:51 PM) Gwen: He flicks out his card in a clearly attention-getting flourish.
(11:31:35 PM) Tox: Mike exchanges phone numbers. "Alright, let's go."
(11:33:30 PM) Tom90deg: "Right then."
(11:33:54 PM) Alivi: "Good…" Raine seems happy to be leaving
(11:34:49 PM) Tox: Mike grabs the files and leads the team out to the MPV, then off to the Trump Hotel. "There was another murder, the Director was calling to tell me about it."
(11:34:51 PM) Scantron: Satyana nods and heads out.
(11:35:05 PM) Scantron: "Interesting."
(11:35:12 PM) Tom90deg: "Mm….Are we gonna head over and check it out?"
(11:35:16 PM) Alivi: "So soon?"
(11:35:39 PM) Tox: "Nope, we're headed to the Trump Hotel. I assume we'll get briefed further there."
(11:36:16 PM) Tom90deg: "Alright."
(11:38:14 PM) Alivi: "Sounds like a plan."
(11:42:18 PM) Gwen: The Trump hotel penthouse is crazy opulent, with a room for everyone and then some.
(11:42:29 PM) Tom90deg: "Oooooh."
(11:42:35 PM) Alivi: "…wow…. this is….impressive…"
(11:42:46 PM) Tom90deg: "How long are we gonna be here for doyou think?"
(11:43:22 PM) Scantron: "A while. The only problem involving cosmic horrors that's easy to deal with is updating one's will."
(11:43:50 PM) Tox: "Mm. What she said." Mike siiiiighs, spreading his folder out and getting down to police type work.
(11:43:53 PM) Alivi: "What do you mean by that?"
(11:44:16 PM) Scantron: "I'm saying that if it's easy to deal with, it's because it's going to kill you no matter what."
(11:44:20 PM) Scantron: "So we're going to be here for a bit."
(11:44:56 PM) Alivi: "Great…" Raine sits down and sighs.
(11:45:40 PM) Scantron: "The Bureau doesn't skimp on room and board. The accomodations will be more than sufficient."
(11:46:56 PM) Gwen: Going to call soft RP here
(11:47:49 PM) Tom90deg: "Hmm…"
(11:47:54 PM) Tom90deg: "I really should've packed more…."
(11:50:47 PM) Scantron: "You don't say."
(11:51:10 PM) Tox: Mike shrugs. "Sucks don't it."
(11:51:37 PM) Tom90deg: "Oh be quiet."
(11:51:45 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe flomps on the couch."
(11:52:14 PM) Alivi: "What did you forget?"
(11:52:46 PM) Tom90deg: "I didn't bring much."
(11:53:50 PM) Alivi: "Nor did I…but I mean if you need anything I mean let me know and maybe I can help… worse comes to worse you could always shop and buy what you need too?"
(11:54:09 PM) Tox: "That's an option." Mike nods.
(11:55:01 PM) Alivi: "Mike can probably foot that bill…" Raine adds with a grin.
(11:55:52 PM) Scantron: "Any of us could afford whatever clothes we wanted, within reason."
(11:56:04 PM) Scantron: "Unless any of you have bizarre spending habits that I don't know of."
(11:57:51 PM) Tox: Mike nods. "We're all using Bureau credit, essentially."
(11:58:18 PM) Alivi: "Huh… never knew that…"
(11:59:52 PM) Tom90deg: "Yah, but eh."
(12:00:08 AM) Tom90deg: Zoe sits back and relaxes. "HAveing worn anything like this for years."
(12:00:56 AM) Scantron: Satyana gets herself water. She's wearing a dress that's more or less typical for her.
(12:01:03 AM) Tox: "When was the last time you did?"
(12:01:26 AM) Tom90deg: "In school."
(12:03:40 AM) Tom90deg: "We had uniforms. I was mocked quite a bit."
(12:03:56 AM) Tom90deg: "But I did get into movies for free."
(12:04:19 AM) Scantron: "Ugh. Schools. I'm glad I was homeschooled."
(12:04:55 AM) Scantron: "Group schooling just seems like an exercise in brainwashing children into conforming with arbitrary guidelines for society."
(12:04:58 AM) Tox: "Myeeeh, theaters. Home of overpriced /everything./"
(12:05:17 AM) Scantron: "That's just supply and demand."
(12:05:50 AM) Tox: "No, no it's not. They just inflate the price."

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