Emilio Mamoa

Emilio is a young man who has dark skin and dreadlocked hair. His eyes are an ever shifting ocean of blues, greys, and green.

Posideon has shown favor upon his son Emilio who lives in the Caribbean with his mother Eliana. Eliana runs a hotel and resort on the coast of the Dominican Republic, where Emilio helps out occasionally. Emilio loves the sea and takes after his father. He is laid back, and has a mouth for rumours and gossip. He has an eye for the ladies and is a huge flirt. Having taken a liking to both Zoe and Addison during the Team's tropical vacation.

Emilio was blessed with the ability to manipulate water by his father as well as to be able to communicate with oceanic life. He is a fantastic swimmer, and loves to fish and sail.

Emilio has a pet kraken who cares deeply for Emilio who raised it after being given the creature as a gift from his father.

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