Erik Sesbo

Erik Sesbo was a former BSA agent and member of Team 5. He was in line to become the next team Lead despite multiple problems with his personal life.

An experienced agent with almost 16 years of work under his belt, it was well known throughout the BSA that he had both alcohol and gambling problems. Perhaps even worse than that of Team 2's Addison Smith.

At 0200 on April 10, 2017, Erik Sesbo snuck into the Relic Warehouse and took 5 elemental crystals that bestowed control over Sound, Water, Ice, Light, and Air. He then escaped to Macau where he intended to use the crystals to pay off gambling debt to the Yakuza group Mizuno-Kai.

He was later apprehended by Team 2 and faced the appropriate punishment at the hands of Ashton West, Eriko Ishikawa, and The Director.

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