Eriko Ishikawa

Eriko Ishikawa is a mild mannered scientist from Japan. She is curious and always willing to explore new things. Eriko is a Matter Manipulator and is skilled at exothermic reactions. She is the Department Head over The Director's Mind. Which concerns itself in relic research and tech development.

She is a specialist in Relics and the science behind them, but has not worked for the BSA HQ very long having only been around for 3 years at the main office. She has dark hair and brown eyes. She is very small, but has proven herself resilient and stubborn taking on even the biggest agents of the BSA when they come and try to mess with her things.

She has a big aversion to horror films, and horror books and scary stories. And will chase anyone away who begins to speak of them when she is around. She tends to keep everything very neat and gets agitated when you mess up her space.

Eriko can often be found in her office near the entrance to the Relic warehouse and the BSA labs. She is also in charge of record keeping on the supernaturals and relics the BSA has access to. She is very knowledgable however some staff has complained that her English can be hard to interpret.

Otherwise she can be found in the Team 2's lounge where she often talks to the various people there. She is very affectionate to Zoe, Addison, and Mila whom she considers her friends. She is rumored to have a budding interest in Charlie however it is unknown if that is a love-like or sister-like interest. She supposedly has a past with Raj but no one knows what it is. And Raj tells too many versions of the story to be sure of the true origin.


Eriko has a single relic that she calls her own, an Alchemist Stone. This relic enables her to see the elements that make up an object. Rumor has it she was given it after being discovered by the Director.

Eriko adopted a rather troublesome baby Jackalope whom she has affectionately named 'Popcorn'. However she often lost Popcorn only to find him in Team 2's lounge. She later gave Popcorn to Mila in hopes that the latter could care for him better than she could.

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