The most powerful of Lucifer's demons, the Erinyes angels that have been cast of out heaven for sins similar to Lucifer's. There are only five in existence and they are all female. They make up Lucifer's personal squadron of bodyguards. Each is varied in appearance, save for one thing; their eyes. The Erinyes all have black voids for eyes that seem to piece right through anyone they look at.

Physical Attributes:

They five Erinyes are equal parts beauty and raw, uncontrolled power. These women are walking deceptions. Though they may look (aside from their eyes) nonthreatening, but they can snap the average human in half in the blink of an eye…AND while wearing three inch heels1.

Natural Appearance:
The natural appearance of an Erinyes is very much like human beings. They are all effectively human women, with a a few notable differences. Firstly, they are all well over 6 feet tall (the tallest standing at 7'). The five demons also share identical scaring down their backs from wing removal. On the backs of each of the women, roughly where their shoulder blades are located, there are a pair of ten inch long stretches of scar tissue. Finally, all five women have black eyes (pictured on this page).

Illusory Appearance:
None, the Erinyes do not hide their appearance.

Racial Abilities:

Erinyes enjoy the following racial abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength - The five Erinyes are incredibly strong, capable of crumbling the foundations of buildings with a single blow.
  • Superhuman Speed - Erinyes are exceptionally fast, easily moving at speeds well above the speed of sound at will.
  • Negative Energy Manipulation - The five bodyguards of Lucifer possess extremely potent magic derived from latent negative energy in the space around them. This magic takes on a purple hue and has been known to 'atomize' the things (and people) it comes in contact with.
  • Hellsight - The fallen angels' eyes can see into the very fabric of reality. They act like the scanners from sci-fi novels, providing them with an immense amount of information about the world around them.
  • Indestructibility - Erinyes cannot be destroyed. Regardless of the amount of damage sustained, Erinyes always seem to survive.


Cold, emotionless, and calculating on the inside, and perfectly human on the outside.


None. They serve Lucifer…that is all.


The Erinyes, since they fell from Heaven have served Lucifer. They have no experiences outside of that. The reasons for their Falling has been classified by Heaven. The only known piece of information surrounding the Fall of the Erinyes is that it was all as a result of a single event.

Well-Known Erinyes:


The oldest of the Erinyes. Once a favoured Archangel in Heaven, she was the first to be cast out by God. After having her wings torn off, she wandered the Earth for quite some time before being embraced by Lucifer. She has jet black hair and wields a greatsword that burns with black flame.


The final of the five Archangels to fall from Heaven. She is the fastest of her sisters and is an expert wielder of daggers. She is a brunette.


The third female Archangel to be cast out from Heaven. She is the tallest and most physically dangerous of the Erinyes, standing at seven feet tall. She entered into Lucifer's service upon being discovered by her two, already fallen sisters. She has blonde hair and does not wield any weapon.


The fourth Erinyes to enter Lucifer's service. Lolth is a master of the dark magics of Hell and is the smallest of her sister, standing at 6'2. Like her sister Asmodea she has blonde hair, however she does wield a weapon; a jet black stave.


The second of the Erinyes to be cast out. Unlike her older sister, Scahrossar was embraced by Lucifer immediately after her fall. She has fiery red hair and wields a whip made of black metal links.

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