The oldest of the Greek Gods and certainly one of the most imposing. Hades stands well over six feet tall and speaks with a booming, deep voice that carries immense weight. He is always impeccably dressed, and never without a long, black cassock-style coat. He appears to be a man in the later stages of his life (70-80 years of age) and usually wears a look of scorn on his face. He is the God responsible for the Underworld, and he sits on the Board of Directors of the Interdeific Banking Network.

Hades and his youngest brother Zeus have an incredibly strained relationship as a result of Zeus' affair with Persephone, lover of Hades. This affair resulted in the pair of siblings rarely speaking. However, it also resulted in the birth of a daughter named Melinoe, whom Hades raised as his own daughter. The relationship between Hades and Persephone is also strained, however unlike Zeus, Hades actually cares deeply for Persephone and when they're not actively trying to murderize one another, they are a very cute couple. Hades and Poseidon have a fairly normal relationship, as far as deities are concerned. As well, the God of the Underworld is also fairly close with Apollo (his nephew) and Apollo's half-god son, Blake (his grand-nephew).

Hades predominantly resides in a villa in the south of France, however he does have a residence in London as well. He is a very big fan of cricket and F1 racing. His favoured method of transportation is teleportation ("it's how dignified gods travel!"), however like his daughter, he owns an Audi - a brown A8 with the personalized plate 'Pluto.' Which is homage to his Roman given name.

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