Elliot Hawthorne(alias surname Franklin)

Exiled Monster Hunter

Brief Physical Description:

A young male of 19, Elliot is physically fit, 5'7", with medium length black hair and deep purple eyes. He comes from both western and eastern european stock, a mix of Slavic and Anglo-Saxon.


Physical Mental Social
Strength 21 Inteligence 32 Presence 1
Dexterity 53 Wits 44 Manipulation 2
Stamina 55 Resolve 4 Composure 3


Mental Skills
  • Academics: 2 (Cryptozoology)
  • Computers: 1
  • Crafts: 4 (Gunsmithing)6
  • Investigation: 4
  • Medicine:
  • Occult: 47
  • Politics:
  • Science:
Physical Skills
  • Athletics: 38
  • Brawl: 29
  • Drive:
  • Firearm: 510
  • Larceny: 211
  • Stealth: 312
  • Survival: 413
  • Weaponry:
Social Skills
  • Animal Ken:
  • Empathy:
  • Expression:
  • Intimidation: 2
  • Persuasion:
  • Socialize:
  • Streetwise: 2
  • Subterfuge:


  • Elliot is the latest and likely last of the Hawthorne family of monster hunters, and is the sole inheritor of their gift: the ability to 'see' fear. When someone or something feels fear, it leaves behind an emotion imprint on the world around it. Much like a bloodhound can track a scent, those with the ability are able to track monsters by the terror they inspire in their victims…or the fear he inspires in them.
  • The last of his family, Elliot is nonetheless the beneficiary of thousands of years of monster hunting knowledge and traditions. While he may serve a new master, the rage in his heart still burns on quietly for the day he can exact his vengeance.
  • Since the last of his family had been wiped out in retribution by those they had hunted, Elliot was sent into exile at the age of 10, and until the Bureau discovered him had adjusted to living on the streets. His ability to keep cool in the face of certain death is one of his most useful talents, along with being self-sufficient and utterly determined in his cause. He's not much for teamwork, though.
  • Bound by blood to the demonic weapons Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, Elliot's stamina and endurance are pushed into the superhuman territory. Capable of shrugging off wounds that would put a grown man into shock, his boosted vitality lets him even the odds with the forces of darkness. However, this same life link that sustains this vitality gives them a degree of influence on Elliot's mind, and recovering from any staggering wounds is an extremely painful process.
  • The Fourth: During the events of Die Glocke, Elliot's inner demon was awakened fully for the first time, causing him to absorb the other three bound demons in his possession at his time. Elliot is forced to use drastic measures in the form of angelic technology to contain his innate power, otherwise the demonic nature of his possessors would overwhelm him. However, this reserve of power, as unpredictable as it is, can be called upon to great effect, including crafting new demonic weapons and absorbing additional demons.


"Wolfsbane" and "Mistletoe"

  • Power Source: Each operates as a power source for the other, thus making the rifles impossible to use but in tandem. The weapons themselves are bound demons, long since twisted into use by the Hawthorne family for their uses, and thus do not use standard ammunition.
  • Ability: Wolfsbane and Mistletoe are a pair of long rifles, used in tandem to hunt and kill demons, vampires, and other predatory supernaturals. As they are themselves born from another world, they are capable of harming creatures that would otherwise be immune to firearms. The bullets fired from either rifle ignore standard ballistic physics, being projected at speeds and forces far greater than simple combustion.
  • Catch: The ammunition used by the rifles requires a number of rare or precious components. These include holy water, silver, blood(both his own, and those of his quarry), platinum, palladium, and a variety of plants and roots. As the rifles are in fact bound demons, it requires intense willpower to keep them from usurping his control.


  • Power Source: Similar to Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, Silver maintains itself upon the shared demonic power source that exists inside Elliot's body, but unlike the rifles can be used on it's own.
  • Ability: Silver is an ancient bound demon, predating any other known in history, with the capability of cutting through supernatural materials with ease. Having been used by a number of the greatest hunters and heroes throughout history, it imparts the ability to strike directly at a monster's heart. It's capable of giving off a blast of light that can temporarily blind foes as well, but at the expense of it's heartpotential for a day afterwards.
  • Catch: Silver, unlike the other weapons, has no great familiarity with it's host, and thus can be difficult to use when not in the immediate presence of a supernatural threat.

Update: Due to the events of Die Glocke, the weapons themselves were destroyed. Instead, Elliot materializes the demons themselves into their old shapes, and are otherwise stored within his person. All drawbacks still apply except for ammunition, and additionally cannot be used while not using the Martyr's Cloak.

Martyr's Cloak

  • Power Source: The cloak is charged on the demonic energy inside of Elliot, with a backup battery capable of lasting a century on low containment settings.
  • Ability: The Martyr's cloak is not in fact a true cloak, but a high tech bodysuit developed by the Metatron as a stopgap to prevent his unstable form from breaking under the pressure of the four demons inside him after the events of Die Glocke. Made of unknown material, much like Hawthorne's late firearms it is fueled by his own emotional energy, normally running rampant inside him but now regulated and suppressed by the cloak's function. Similarly, it counteracts the crippling weakness to the sun while preserving freedom of movement and vision, along with allowing safe use of unbound demons in combat.
  • Catch: While wearing the suit, Elliot's emotions are heavily controlled by the setting of it's Limiter. When it's at maximum, his behavior becomes very muted in nature, whereas further releases on the limiter simply allow him to focus his emotions instead of experiencing them, usually in violent or impatient ways due to the nature of the pressure caused by the suit.

Eighth Seal

  • Power Source: The power source of the Seal is unknown at this time, but it's presumed to be the same that maintains the other seven.
  • Ability: The only known function of the seal placed on Elliot is to keep the demons safely within their vessel without constant use of the Martyr's Cloak. Demanded as part of the terms for Elliot's continued watch under the Angelic council, its sheer power is an unsettling portent for anyone it is placed upon.
  • Catch: At this time, there is no known 'catch' for using the seal, except that it cannot be removed by any mortal means.


Personal Equipment

  • Silver cross chained necklace.
  • Silver dagger
  • A journal, bound with a lock keyed to his bloodline.
  • Lightweight silver chainmail.

At the Bureau

  • A personal library including subjects from Archliches to Zephr Beasts, stored in audio-book form on a set of old cassettes, along with a portable cassette player.
  • A large collection of glass, corked sample bottles, numbering in the hundreds, containing various fluids and tissues collected from his hunts.
  • A metalworking bench and ammunition press.

Personal History

Born to the once illustrious Hawthorne family, Elliot's young life was one of wonder. The world was a dark place, filled with terrors few truly understood, yet it was all utter fascination to his young mind. He lived idyllically, a life won by the blood and sacrifice of his family, and the pride in his family's accomplishments was unrivaled. It was only a year before he would have been initiated into their ancient rites, but his introduction to the world of terrors came sooner than he had hoped. Taking advantage of the lull, an overwhelming force lead by an unknown entity brought utter destruction to the Hawthorne house, and left nothing in its wake but a burned down manor, a ruined family, and a broken child.

Until he was discovered by The Bureau, Elliot spent 7 years alone in the city, surviving off what he could steal, and pursuing nothing but his own vengeance. Killing those that resembled those who tore apart his life only lead him further into his solitude, until finally the Bureau stepped in to prevent an attempt on his life. Since then, he has taken up the family name as a brand against the wicked and predatory, and renewed their ancient hunt once more.


Daylight causes debilitating pain to Elliot, disabling him if anything more than a small amount of skin is exposed.


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