The God-Queen of Mount Olympus, wife (and sister) of Zeus, and goddess of women and marriage. She also goes by the name of Juno.

She is both majestic and solemn as well as envious of her husband's lovers and offspring. She is the sister of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hestia, and a few other minor gods. She, by Zeus, gave birth to Ares, Hephaestus, and a few other minor gods. She takes the form of an elegant, red haired woman that embodies all of the characteristics of a mother. She usually dresses in dark colors (black and navy blue are the most common).

Her and Zeus are happily married, though Hera is regularly offended by her husband's countless affairs. She also has a sour relationship with Aphrodite because Hera is both unwilling to forgive Aphrodite for sleeping with Zeus and she is exceptionally jealous of how beautiful Aphrodite is (Although she will never admit it).

She is also known for being very spiteful towards any of Zeus' children that are not hers (the most famous example of this is Hercules). She does however, care deeply for all of her children, and is especially fond of mothering Ares, her eldest son. She also enjoys a solid relationship with Artemis despite the conflict with Artemis and Apollo's Mother. Hera often says that Artemis is a shining example of womanhood. She is also fond of Apollo, however doesn't approve of his playboy attitudes.

She has few demi-god children whom she adopts and bestows blessings upon them. She refuses to have an affair against her Husband Zeus, even though he has often said he wouldn't mind. Her current favored child is Rhinoa, who was adopted at a young age and raised solely by Hera and is one of the few Demigoddesses who was raised by her divine parent.

Hera resides on Mount Olympus in a huge palace with Zeus despite their strained marriage. She spends a great deal of time enjoying a plethora of hobbies, chief among them sculpting. It's rumored that she spends a great deal of time in both Canada and Japan because she likes both those countries. She drives a silver Volvo XC90.

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