Like a good neighbor, Hermes is there! -Hermes

Hermes is the messenger of the Gods and the Emissary of Olympus. He is the guide to the afterlife, and the protector and patron God of Travelers, Herdsmen, and Thieves. That being said he is also the God of many things including but not limited to:

  • Athletes and Sports
  • Trade/Commerce
  • Invention
  • Wit/Orators
  • Literature and Poetry

He is also a renowned Trickster, who despite his hijinks has managed to keep his position in Olympus. His Roman nickname was Mercury. He is also one of the 12 Olympians.

Hermes is the second youngest Olympian being slightly older than Dionysus. Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia. For more information on Hermes Mythos please visit this page Here

Hermes has spent a lot of time around mortals and as such is one of the more relatable Gods. He does not often have intimate relationships with Mortals, instead for the time being having devoted himself to an unknown woman with whom he has sired a child. This child has been chosen as his Avatar however has not inherited any powers due to the young age.

This does not stop Hermes from looking, he is bisexual and will comment often on how he thinks a person looks. He is regarded as the world's best personal assistant and in his scarce down time he occasionally free-lances for various people. He is often seen in a suit and tie with a PDA, Smartphone, Pager, and Bluetooth.

Other times he is in a Postage outfit or in a more casual outfit. He is very fashion forward and is up to date on all the trends. However he quite likes his hat.

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