Hestia is the Goddess of the Hearth and also goes by the name of Vesta. She was one of the 12 Olympians before giving up her place to appease Dionysus.

Hestia is the eldest sister to Hera, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Demeter. And while she was the firstborn of Cronus and Rhea she was the last to be saved by her brother Zeus, making her both the youngest and oldest and paving way to the tradition of "Hestia comes first." in terms of Sacrifices where she receives both the first and last sacrifices. Although they do not tend to be grand they are still important none-the-less.

While being a major goddess, she is also rather humble and often times overlooked. However her spot in the Grecian Pantheon is not to be easily forgotten. In Ancient Greek and Roman times keeping the Hearth of the home and community was of upmost importance and failure to do so was regarded as a failure to guard one's home and a failure to care for their domestic and religious lives. Hearths guarded by Hestia and her followers are found not only in homes and communities but in temples even to other Gods, most notably the Apollo's Temple of Delphi.

Hestia's flame represents family and domestically in the safety of one's home or community as well as a light of religion. Because of this she is the guardian of the Olympian flame which she has contained and tended to since the Pantheon was established. Every couple of years she will give part of the flame for the Mortal Olympics which the Pantheon is a big fan of.

She takes the form of a plain woman who is beautiful by mortal standards. With long dark brown hair and warm brown eyes that are said to shimmer like the embers of a warm fire.

Hestia is a virgin and has not had any romantic affairs since her birth. She was pursued for romances both Apollo and Poseidon, both of which were rejected. Despite being a virgin, she has taken women under her wing to teach them the ways of the house and home. She calls them her children and as such they are treated as a member of the Olympian family through adoption. Her current favored daughter is Minaye whom she found wandering in the wilderness after being abandoned by her family. Hestia raised Minaye herself and taught her to not let the flame of love and family die. Since then, Minaye has moved away from her adoptive mother and began to raise Clara as the guardian of the young demigoddess.

Hestia maintains good relationships with a majority of the Olympians and greek gods and goddesses including Dionysus. She shares a special sisterly relationship with Hera. And mothers and cares for the other Gods and Goddesses. She is the peacekeeper and often finds herself trying to calm the other gods and goddesses down when tempers flare. She is one of the few greek deities with authority over everyone including Zeus although her passive and non-confrontational ways do not openly suggest this authority that she holds. Nor will she wield it openly preferring to keep the peace by any means necessary.

Hestia lives in a quiet, modest home in the mountains of Switzerland. She cares for animals and a large garden in her spare time as hobbies. She will often give gifts to her daughters and the other Demi-gods and Demi-goddesses and encourages her daughter to also distribute gifts when she sees fit.

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