Ice Elemental

Ice Elementals are also known as Winter Spirits, Winter Fey, Ice Beings, and other more local names. These beings are made almost entirely of ice and snow and can vary from region to region. Like most elementals they embody the element that they are made of.

Physical Attributes:

An Ice Elemental is a type of elemental being that lives in the furthest reaches of the cold arctic of the North and South or in High Altitudes. They embody the pure raw natural power of ice and snow.

Natural Appearance:
The Ice Elementals' bodies are made up of solid ice and snow. As such, their bodies temperatures are always that of subfreezing temperatures. They appear humanoid to most people, walking upright on two legs and having a humanoid shape to them. They can stand at their tallest up to 8 feet tall for full-grown males and 7 feet for full-grown females. However this humanoid appearance is marred by the monstrous appearance of an elemental being with fierce facial features and otherworldly properties.

Male Ice Elementals tend to be made more often of hard ice, they will be more willing to appear in their natural forms than female Ice Elementals. Meanwhile female Ice Elementals will appear in their illusionary forms more often than not. Female Ice Elementals in their natural form are often are made of snow and softer clearer ice lending them a more feminine appearance to which they often use to lull victims into unawareness.

Illusory Appearance:
Ice Elementals like some of their Elemental cousins are well adept at illusions. They can take on various appearances and will often fool human victims into a false sense of security. Some well-known Ice Elementals are known for the illusions they often wear (See: Yuki Onna below). An Ice elemental illusion however will always have pale to grayish skin, and cool colored eyes (such as blue, green, silver, grey, or white). They are unable to mask their body temperatures so another warning will be the cold touch of the elemental.

Racial Abilities:

Like their cousins Ice Elementals wield nearly full power over the element they are made of, with the elders wielding complete and total control over their respective natural powers. Ice Elementals are adept at advanced Ice and Snow Manipulation techniques as well as Illusionary Techniques.

Ice Elemental illusions are often very powerful, they are able to mask their true appearances and appear as they will in front of other beings as well as create visions in the snow and frost.

Ice Elementals in lore are known for their ability of bringing ice and snowstorms as well as the winter season. They can gain strength from the cold and environment and as such be severely weakened by fire and warm environments. Ice Elementals are immortal as long as they are not killed by another elemental or they leave their environment into a hostile or warmer one. They are able to heal and regenerate their wounds using the snow and ice.


Like their Element, the Ice Elementals are notoriously cruel and heartless. They are cold and uncaring willing to kill without reason. They enjoy seeing suffering as well as the process of tricking humans and other supernaturals, lulling them into a false sense of security before striking. They prefer to stay hidden, often choosing to not interact with the world outside theirs, but if they do come in contact with other beings or step out, it is well known that misfortune and ugliness will follow.

Like most Elementals, Ice Elementals have a particular disdain for development and urbanization. They often retreat to the most inhabitable areas offered to them and concentrate their devastating environmental powers on large urban areas or agricultural centers as punishment for violating the natural domain. As such, Ice Elementals are particularly harsh against humans rather than other supernatural beings due to their inherent distance between themselves and nature.

However anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in the path of an Ice Elemental or near a society of Ice Elementals would discover that these beings are hostile to anyone outside their own society, occasionally including other Ice Elementals.


Ice Elementals have uniform social structures regardless of what area of the world they are from often acting in the same manner with some exceptions in some lone Ice Elementals who have chosen to forsake a society in favor or being on their own.

The Ice Elemental Society is largely age-based in terms of Hierarchy with gender being nearly excluded in terms of social status. The elders of the society are more advanced in abilities and thus are more powerful earning their rank as the highest respected members. Because of their near immortality Ice Elementals can have a great range of ages and often reproduce slowly if ever. At most there will often be one 'youngling' in an Ice Elemental Society. A youngling can be an Ice Elemental anywhere from a newborn to at least 200 years old. If the youngling in question has proven themselves in a manner well received in society they might be more willingly accepted into the adult ranks of society.

An alliance or grouping of Ice Elemental societies are known as circles. These alliances are often fragile and held together merely by old laws and rules of nature.

The North Arctic Circle of Elementals is often considered the most powerful circle of Ice Elemental societies as well as the most peaceful in terms of interaction between their societies. The Southern Arctic Circle while rumored to exist has not been established enough as truth. The few Ice Elemental encounters of Antarctica while hinting at a possible society also seem consistent with a possible couple of lone Ice Elementals that have banded together in their own form of circle.

The Ice Elementals practice no form of religion and do not hold any allegiance to a God. Being a force of nature themselves they are more interested in their own abilities than that of a divine creator or creators. In terms of relations with other Elementals, the Ice Elementals are more inclined to get along with their Air and Water cousins and fight with their Earth and Fire cousins.


Ice Elementals are said to have originated with the creation of nature. While it is said in Ice Elemental societies they are the oldest, it is likely the Air Elementals are older than the Ice Elementals. However it is well-known that the Ice Elementals are amongst the oldest likely being the second oldest after Air Elementals. Their history goes back thousands upon thousands of years and no known mythology of Ice Elementals are said to exist amongst their own societies. However, human and Ice Elemental interactions are well documented in the human mythology and lore surrounding the Ice Elementals often in the Northern and more Winter centered areas of the world.

Ice Elementals are one of the strongest and most influential Elemental groups having been able to successfully take over the Earth's environment multiple times in the history of the Earth. These times were known as Ice Ages to Humans and other supernatural beings. In some instances such as the Little Ice Age the grip the Ice Elementals had on the Earth was weakened by the work of other Elementals.

Currently there is a possible ongoing war between the Air Elementals and the Ice Elementals. Ice Elementals have been increasingly losing territory of the north and south their lands melting and giving way to the territory of Water Elementals and Earth Elementals. Despite usually being on good relations with the Air Elementals there is possible evidence that the disappearance of Ice Elemental territory is the Air Elementals' doing.

Ice Elementals were often attributed for the change of seasons by early humans who saw the Ice Elementals often bringing their storms and weather changes. As the humans advanced and became more separated from the Supernatural world the Elementals were less talked about until they were mere superstition and legend in the eyes of humans.

Cross-breeding between Ice Elementals and other beings is rare but occasionally happens. The most documented cross-over is that of humans and Ice Elementals. Most Half-Elementals or beings with Ice Elemental blood in them will eventually be taken over by the Ice Elemental blood becoming full-fledged Ice Elementals.

Well-Known Ice Elementals:

There are many well known Ice Elementals often referred to in various human myths and legends. Here are a couple examples of such Ice Elementals.

Old Man Winter (Father Frost):
Old Man Winter is a lone Ice Elemental who was once credited with bringing the winter season throughout Western Europe and Scandinavia. He was even at one point to be thought of as the God Woden, a major Angelo-Saxon deity who also played an important role in Continental Germanic Polytheism and was even the counterpart to the Norse God Odin.

Old Man Winter in the beginning seemed mostly content with bringing the harsh winter and receiving praise from people all over the European areas to the point where he would often travel from place to place to further ingrain his presence. BSA Agent Jacob Grimm reported that an ancient tradition praising Woden had died out around 1835 or perhaps fifty years prior.

It is likely that during the separation of humans and nature, Woden lost many of his followers or people who believed in him. Woden becoming dissatisfied with this has for the most part proceeded to continue to travel from place to place occasionally appearing in front of travelers in snowstorms.


Yuki-Onna [雪女]:
Yuki-Onna is an Ice Elemental who resides in the mountains of Japan, during the wintertime she traverses the area to other mountains to reside there for a short period of time. It has yet to be seen if Japan contains more Ice Elementals but she is by far the most well-known appearing in Japanese folklore and consequentially: literature, animation, and manga.

She goes by many names in Japanese Legend sometimes depending on what reigon she is in amongst them are:

  • Yuki-musume (雪娘), meaning "snow girl".
  • yuki-onago (雪女子), meaning "snow wench".
  • yukijorō (雪女郎), "snow harlot".
  • yuki anesa (雪姉さ), meaning "snow sis'".
  • yuki-omba (雪乳母), meaning "snow granny or snow nanny".
  • yukinba (雪んば), meaning "snow hag" this name is used in Ehime Prefecture.
  • yukifuri-baba (雪降り婆), meaning "snowfall hag" this name is more commonly used in the Nagano Prefecture.

She appears mostly in illusion to other beings on snowy nights that she brings and causes in the mountains. She tends to favor a single illusion of a Japanese Woman with black hair, appearing tall, with pale skin or transparent skin, and blue lips. She is known to wear a white kimono or appear nude in front of travelers. Yuki-Onna concentrates her illusion on appearing the most beautiful to travelers stunning them with her inhuman beauty. She will sometimes keep her Ice Elemental eyes, allowing her to completely stun her victims with fear. She will not leave any footprints in the snow unless she wants to guide a victim to her.

Yuki-Onna enjoys the attention she gets as being not only a lone Ice Elemental but as one of the most famous Ice Elementals on the planet. During early Japan she concentrated efforts on making her name well-known, whispering it to travelers and taking many victims. She even adopted certain behaviors and appearances that meshed well with other supernatural beings in Japanese Legend allowing her to easily take rank among it. An example of this behavior is her appearing occasionally without feet, something that is a feature of Japanese ghosts.

Up until the 18th Century, Yuki-Onna killed indiscriminately in a variety of ways such as leading people astray and letting them die of exposure, freezing them after tricking them with an illusionary child she begged them to take, invading houses and killing all the occupants inside, creating an illusion of a lost child to give to parents searching for their own child before taking their lives, and sometimes engaging in sexual intercourse with men and freezing them to death draining them slowly of their life.

According to many legends aound the 18th Century, Yuki-Onna met a man whom she was planning to kill however was struck by his beauty and spared him making him promise to not speak of her to anyone. Afraid of the damage to her reputation she disguised herself and married the man giving birth to several children and fostering one of the more powerful and volatile lines of half-ice elementals (due to the Ice Elemental actually physically giving birth to the children). Some legends say she actually developed feelings for the man, however late one night he revealed his secret of meeting the Yuki-Onna and how she spared him. Enraged at him breaking his promise she revealed her identity threating to kill him until the thought of her children made her spare him saying if he mistreat them she would return.

Since then most legends have painted her as a sympathetic character rather than an evil one. However hardened by the actions of this man, Yuki-Onna has been known to kill those who cross her path, yet she no longer actively searches for victims.

Snow Queen:
The Snow Queen is an Ice Elemental who gained fame after being written about by BSA Agent Hans Christian Anderson who in his life often wrote about the supernatural beings he encountered as Fairy Tales. His version of the story and legend was published in 1845. It became widely popular and spread to other media throughout time.

The facts of the story is, the Snow Queen is an lone Ice Elemental who lives far north in possibly what may be Spitsbergen. She abducted a boy by the name of Kai in hopes of gaining a child to convert into a full Ice Elemental youngling. His heart had been corrupted by the Troll Mirror, and was very close to having his heart completely frozen over a process that was sped up by the Snow Queen. His playmate Gerda went on a quest to rescue him and met with many other Supernaturals who helped her along her way. She was able to help Kai to remember his humanity thus repelling the Ice Elemental's attempts to push back the Elemental blood that had been slowly seeping into his veins.

Kai's blood remained infected however and he passed it onto his children and ancestors creating a minor line of potential half elementals in Denmark. However due to the small amount of suppressed blood there has been no reports of the blood of the Ice Elementals surfacing in his descendants.

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