Ilse Wilke

Agent Ilse Wilke, Director of the Hatbox (Swedish Branch Office), is a decidedly odd woman - odd even by the Bureau's standards. She has few powers which sort of make her unclassifiable, however the Bureau just calls her as a psychic because it's easier1. Agent Wilke's first and far more commonly scene power is a unique pseudo-psychic ability called History Reading. Agent Wilke comes in contact with a person or object and is immediate flooded with information about that subjects past. When reading people she usually remarks that she 'remembers' that person having a certain object or experience as if she was there. She doesn't comment to object as nine out of ten times, objects aren't great for conversation. Her second power branch consists of two related abilities. The Danish woman can see through objects for miles in all directions. She can see through walls, she can see through the ground - it's very strange. Related to this, she can also co-locate herself to anywhere she can see. At anyone time, she can have two co-locations (meaning three Ilses) going.

She was born in 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark and her powers went completely unnoticed for the first 22 years of her life. It was just assumed by her parents, peers, and teachers that she was exceptionally perceptive, smart, and extremely good at multitasking. Agent Wilke claims that though she had her history reading powers all her life, the vision and co-location powers didn't actually present themselves until she was 15. Three years after they presented, she came to the attention of the Bureau when she managed to attend two of Denmark's most difficult university entrance exams at once. She aced both of them. She was allowed to attend university (studying Ancient History and World History at the University of Oslo) before she was hired by the Bureau. She spent some time working in London and was eventually promoted to the position of Branch Office Director in Sweden.

She has also been scene at the London HQ of the Bureau on a few locations. She drives a white Tesla Model S and is generally a very cheery, friendly person.

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