John Renshaw




Dr. John Renshaw


Fast-Acting Medic

Brief Physical Description:

With short, brown hair and blue eyes, John stands at 5'7 and is generally dressed casually, with his bag never far from him in case something goes wrong.



Physical 3 Mental 5 Social 4
Strength 1 Intelligence 5 Presence 2
Dexterity 3 Wits 3 Manipulation 2
Stamina 2 Resolve 2 Composure 3


Physical Skills 4 Mental Skills 11 Social Skills 7
Athletics 2 Academics 41 Animal Ken
Brawl Computers 3 Empathy 4
Firearm Crafts Expression
Larceny Investigation Intimidation
Stealth Medicine 2 5 Socialize
Survival Occult Persuasion 53
Weaponry Science 1 Subterfuge
Drive 3 Politics Streetwise


I'll just fix you. Dr. Renshaw is experienced in the field of medicine, and as of such is very efficient in healing.

Sir, Please calm down. Experience with erratic patients has taught John to be calming and comforting to people who are panicking.

Sympathetic John understands more then basic bedside manner, and genuinely cares about his patients as people.


Hippocratic Oath: Dr.John Renshaw took the Hippocratic Oath, and upholds this beyond all else, and will maintain it's chief tenant of "Do no harm" even at the risk of death.


The Babbage
All Access Pass
Faerie Ring Spray a.k.a. "Time Sneeze"
Cerebral Bluetooth Headset


Rod of Ascleptius: A foot long wooden rod with a silver snake curling up it, with its head on the very top. It has a curl out about midway, as a grip.
Ability: Closes even the gravest wound, to the point of seamlessly reattaching limbs.
Catch: Causes intense pain proportionally to the wound healed, with the possibly of lasting hours after healing, and ignores pain killing effects.


Laptop Computer
iPod Touch with headphones
Notebook and pen

  • Bag including-
    • Bottles of Morphine
    • Bottles of Penicillin
    • Surgical needles
    • Surgical threads
    • Scalpel
    • Several EPI pens
    • Syringes
    • Sterile gauze bandages
    • Surgical gloves
    • Surgical mask
    • Rod of Ascleptius

Personal History

Dr. John Renshaw's medical career began when he was 18, when he was accepted to Harvard Medical. He was, for the most part, completely unimportant. He went through his college years quietly, and graduated in the class of 2014. He was in his residency, which was to take 4 years, at the Boston General Hospital. However, after two years, when one of his professors passed the Rod of Asclepius on to him before he died.

After his professor died, John put the rod on a up on his fireplace, and mostly forgot about it. A month passed. John's home was broken into, and during the robbery, John was shot three times in the chest. He fell in his living room, but didn't die. He felt excruciating pain as the effects of the Rod acted on him, healing the gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital after being found in a puddle of his blood, with no evident cause. He returned home to find two men sitting at his coffee table, sipping tea, with the Rod in front of them. They offered him a job, and he took it.


Has a deep-seated fear of fire.
Enjoys classical music.

XP:Total 6

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