Klaara Saari

Klaara Saari was born in late March of 1993 to Dr. Katariina Saari when she was just 16, in Turku. Klaara's father had already left the picture by the time she was born and thus, Klaara was raised by her grandparents as well as Dr. Saari. She moved to the UK with her mother in 1995 when her mother began studying at Oxford. Klaara graduated from a private, all girls high school a semester early, heavily focused in the sciences, just like her mother. Klaara was accepted into the University of Oxford, studying astrophysics. As of 2016, started work on her Master's in the same field. Klaara Saari is aware of her mother's line of work and has even been seen around the Bureau on occasion.

Agent Raine Virtanen of Team 2 and the young astro-physicist are a couple. Dr. Saari's daughter has been allowed by the Director to spend extended periods of time (staying overnight) with Raine by the Director. Klaara drives a white BMW i3 and holds citizenship in both the New British Empire and the Nordic League. Her middle name is Tarja.

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