Once the first and most favoured of the Archangels, Lucifer was cast out of Heaven when it was discovered that he held beliefs that were contrary to those of God. Initially Lucifer was bitter about losing his Archangel status and so he sought to be contrary to God in anyway possible. It is said that his bitterness was most noticeable during the Age of Deific Befuddlement1, when he orchestrated the events surrounding the temper tantrum that led to the destruction of Dinosaurs. As well, in a display of his cruel nature (and ignorance of the Apathy Accord), Lucifer spent a great deal of time interfering in the writing of the Bible (both testaments) and thus everything in the famed book is wrong.

After being chastised for his involvement, Lucifer vanished for quite some time. During this time he was still involved in life on Earth. Through various agents he began to collect vast numbers of souls from dead humans. During this time he also entered into an agreement with all other gods of death, creating the Interdeific Banking Network2 which brought currency to all deities allowing them to engage in a most meaningful past time - gambling.

While he was founding the IBN, he also created the Antediluvia - a gambling establishment open to deities of all religions and select immortals. This is also discussed on the Hell in further detail.

The modern day Lucifer is equal parts imposing and menacing with a fun-loving and mischievous side to him as well. Always clad in the finest Italian suits and the most expensive shoes, Lucifer is man of style. He travels in a chauffeur driven, jet black Jaguar XJ with personalized British Empire plates that read: 'MEAN 1' and unlike his white-clad counterparts, he never has a retinue. He is friendly with all of the gods (save the Abrahamic one) and is the dealer at all of their poker nights.

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